Love is our new reality

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God & Gabriel message via Suzanne Spooner, October 17


Love & Light

October 18, 2015

God & Gabriel

[Hello God & Gabriel.] Hello Suzy. The topic today is on the increase of light to better illuminate truth and love on the earth plane. 

You just saw a vision of two couples in close proximity to each other. One couple was engaged in a quiet but unkind argument. The other was deeply involved in a love based conversation with each other. Both couples sitting less than a foot away. Both couples having a completely different energetic exchange while literally sharing the same space. In the energetic field, if you could (and you can, if you believe) see the experiences as denseness you would notice the expansion and light around the couple who are in synch. The couple in conflict you would notice a pulling in of energy that is thick and more solid. The feelings of these two separate experiences are the literal colors of their energetic field. 

So, as has been spoken before about there being an overlay of dimensions on earth, this example demonstrates how easily and often a human shifts between the higher and lower dimensions. That shifting is significant for a human as part of the soul growth they wished to experience. 

You understand the difference of being in conflict and being in love.  When a human realizes that they control the scale of this shift, then they master one of the core elements of the human experience; the ability to choose love over conflict. This doesn’t mean that there would no longer be differences of opinions. This means there would be kind consideration for thought processes that differ from your own. A respect, if you will. 

There are an infinite array of possible experiences in each soul’s existence. Going back to the example of the two couples now, in the birds eye view of both conflict and love it wasn’t noticeable that both couples were “in love”. Both were actually having similar conversations. The difference was how they choose to relate to each other about the differences. 

This is the lesson we wish to share with your readers today. When you have an experience of conflict or disharmony, allow your heart to open and shift the energy. Life is experienced in a much lighter and lovelier place when you do so.

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