Love is our new reality

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Godess Isis via Elaine DeGiorgio, August 19th, 2017

isis eraoflightSitting in the Sacred I AM PRESENCE connecting with my Higher Self, My Beloved Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message coming forth:

Greetings dear Children, I, Isis come forth to greet thee with love and with compassion for there are many shifts adorn the universe at this time.

I, Isis am the representation of many names across this universe and the omniverse many of which names are known upon your Earth.

I come forth to bless you all at this hour for I am pleased with the efforts of many at this time.

I come forth with grand news the Portals of the Lions Gate hath now closed once more and many Lightworkers have received Light Codes all hath been accomplished.

Many will have been feeling a denser energy at this time and it hath been of greater challenge for we have hit a stage of change and there are major planetary alignments taking place at this time.

Two major changes are affecting the Virgo and Leo Signs For the Grand Shifts foretold over Eons are affecting these Astrological Constellations. These are indeed significant for the the final anchoring of the Divine Feminine once more and the Healing and peace of the Divine Masculine.

Mercury is in Retrograde with Virgo until beginning of September Time upon your Earth when it will then align with Leo.

Two major eclipses the Lunar recently eclipsed and the Solar is about to eclipse this is about the releasing of the Shadows of the Divine Masculine Energy and the Divine Feminine Energy.

Virgo, a representation of my Sacredness will align with Jupiter of whom is an aspect of my Sacred Masculine and the Union complete with the Sun shining forth and the Moon at my Feet. I am the Queen of the Stars and I am the Goddess of Orion and Sirius.

There are alignments with Leo which is a representation of an incarnation that I took as Mother Sekhmet and it is a representation of the strength and courage of the Lion Energy the representation of IS RA EL and of Judah.

It is a Representation of the Solar Energy and of Fire. Alignment of Regulus with Leo is taking place. Regulus is the very aspect of my Divine Masculine in the form of many names one being Lord Vishnu whom many of you know him to be The Preserver. Regulus regulates the Time and Space within this System of Worlds. It brings forth Order. It brings forth Love and Harmony in the Time of Great Chaos. For Leo and Regulus to align at this time signifies the end of the great purge and entering the stages of Order and Harmony. The handing over of Kali Yuga to Kalki. The handing over of Sekhmet to Heru and so forth to prepare for the coming of Heaven on Earth – The New Golden Age.

The Twelve Stars that adorn Virgo at this time are the representation of the Twelve Planets of this Universe and many of them will align with Leo.

This is the turning point as we are in the Year of One on your Earth. We are entering a new. And it is indeed a blessing that this takes place upon Autumn Equinox. For the changing of the Season brings forth changes.

This signifies the entering of the new paradigm where the 144,000 Bearers of Light are now anchored here on the Earth once more to shift to embrace to enlighten to heal.

Great progress is being made at this time for many lightworkers and the ripple effects are indeed taking place.

The alignments and connections with your Higher Selves will become clearer over the coming months for the connections through the dimensions will unlock bringing forth a wave of multi-dimensional working.

Many will have visions and dreams as the keys to the doors of the Halls of Amenti unlock the 7 levels of consciousness.

Past Lives, Ancestral Lives and Cellular Memory will come to the forefront of which you will acknowledge heal and shift.

There is a grand work and plan taking place and that is to unlock the Truths that hath been hidden and distorted by Mankind.

Many misunderstandings are coming to the forefront now. Many are working inside this energy now bringing forth love and understanding.

Many will come and many will leave… Many will understand and many will not. Many will drop out.

It is a time to prepare your journeys and to equip you all for the journeys and paths ahead.

It is a time of love and healing. In the light of the confusion we invite you into a space of love and of healing and of meditation.

We have come forth to enlighten and overlight your pathways.

It is a time to connect with your Hearts…. Connect with your Souls and to connect with the evolution of your Souls.

We are interested at this time in the Evolution of your Souls. We are interested in your Ascension.

A time dear ones to embrace and connect with your Hearts for we are now embarking on The Greater Plan – As we embark on the joining of Hearts we come into full union of Service and One.

Blessings be upon you all.

I AM Isis and I speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio