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Isis via Pamela Kribbe: The Spirit of Freedom, October 13, 2022 

Isis Through Pamela Kribbe: The Spirit of Freedom

by Pamela Kribbe

The Spirit of Freedom 

I am Isis. I am the free spirit in you all. You can see me in the movement of a bird, flying through the sky, or in water running through a river channel. I am always flowing and moving. My energy cannot get stuck in limitations based on fear and the need for control. I am a female energy, free of limitation.

I am here today because the female energy on Earth is awakening to a higher level of itself. The female energy has been suppressed for a long time, but there was a reason for this happening. There are big cycles of development in your human history and the male and the female energies are both developing themselves, trying to get to a point of balance within human beings. You are neither male nor female, you are both. And you are not dependent on either of them; you are a free spirit with no limitations. If you get caught up in the idea that you are only male or only female, you get imprisoned by limiting thought-forms which have been passed on to you by the traditions of your society. To be a free spirit, you need the element of play in your life: playfulness, joy, freedom from limiting structures, as well as both the male and the female energies available to you, whether you are a man or a woman. Tradition has forced you into limited images of what it is like to be male or female and you are all suffering from those images.

Now, as a start, if you are a man, I would like you to imagine that you have a female body, or if you are a woman, imagine that you have a male body. Travel with your awareness into your body, into your heart, and feel that you are free inside yourself. Imagine, just for fun, what it would be like to have a body of the opposite sex. You have actually lived lives as the opposite gender, so it is not as hard as you might think. Notice the difference in energies when you are in the body of the opposite sex. What would change for you if you were in this body? Would you do things differently; would some things feel easier for you? Just play with this image and welcome the energy of the opposite sex – it is part of you.

The energy of sexuality has been completely perverted by human traditions of fear and limitation. Sexuality and the soul, the free spirit, belong together, but most religions tell you otherwise. They state that the human passions, such as sexual desire, are of a “lower” nature, whereas the energy of discipline and rules, and focus on the “higher” nature, is supposed to be good and pure. However, when you make a division such as that, you sever yourself. The energy of sexuality is not just about sex, it is really about life. All life comes forth from the sexual energy in humans and in nature, and the dance of male and female energies is at the core of life itself. The energy of sexuality is badly in need of healing and of a different perspective.

Now, I ask that you connect to your second chakra which is in the middle of your abdomen. Sense how the source of creativity inside you is located there. True creativity comes from the soul and is free of limitation, and although it is also sexual in nature, it is not limited by the narrow definition of sexuality. True creativity is vibrant and alive; it wants to explore and express itself in a passionate way, and this is what happens when the soul connects to the physical plane. When the soul gets embodied as a human, the body can provide you with joy and pleasure, and there is nothing wrong with that.

The reason why sexuality was considered suspect, and was suppressed by religious traditions, was that there was a great fear of the female energy. In male-dominated societies or communities, the female energy became a threat because it breaks down rigid power structures and opens up to feelings. There is a paradox inside the male energy: at some level it yearns for sexual union, but at the same time it has an immense fear of sexuality in the wider sense of the word. The fear is not so much of the physical act, but sexuality as aliveness, creativity, exploration, going beyond limits.

For example, when you fall in love with someone, you lose your sense of boundaries and you enter into unknown territory, and this feels magical to you. But the energy of falling in love is not just about the relationship between a particular man and woman, it is more universal than that. It is about the joy of exploration, of moving beyond the known into the unknown, of feeling the magic and the miracle of life. This very free energy of moving beyond yourself, of transcending your boundaries, is at the heart of the female energy, but it was a threat to the ruling powers, and especially to the male power structures.

When you suppress and make suspect the true meaning and vitality of sexual energy, you create many problems for yourself; you become neurotic by suppressing a vital part of yourself. You miss the freedom of living life joyfully, of feeling whole unto yourself. You become divided against yourself and you think you need to obey rules and disciplines that do not come from within yourself, but are imposed from without. You alienate yourself from the source of life and this is what has actually happened in human society. Because the powers of life and true creativity were feared, the energy of control and suppression took over and it killed the human spirit.

Things are changing now but you can still see the effects everywhere around you. Most people are depressed, perhaps not in the clinical sense, but they use only a small part of their true potential and only have a limited connection with their free spirit, their soul. They are blocked by judgments and rules and principles which they think they should obey in order to feel alright, but these laws are not coming from a true spiritual source.

I now ask that you invite my energy into the whole of your body, to welcome back the spirit of joy and freedom and lust for life. You are whole, you are not divided into good and bad parts. This idea is nonsense; every part of you is alive, and the life inside you is looking for a heartfelt expression. All parts of you can and do desire to participate in this expression. Even the dark emotions or passions have a core of light inside them; they just need to be transformed by a spirit of kindness and understanding, and not be held captive by fear and suppression.

So invite my spirit into your heart and feel that it is your own. I am not outside you, I am present in every cell of your body – I am life itself. I am the part of your soul’s energy that loves life, that wants to enjoy it and to have adventures. I am the part of you that is not afraid of change, of moving on, and of accepting the new. Allow me to flow into your body and regard me as your friend – you can fly with me.

Imagine that you have wings and fly upward, and, for awhile, you leave the heavy energy of Earth below you. You see the suffering on Earth, the physical suffering, but most of all you see the emotional pain. Most people on Earth feel very imprisoned inside themselves. They cannot get out of themselves because their thoughts limit and restrict them. And as you look down upon this suffering when you are up in the sky, you feel free because you know youdo not have to change anything; you do not have to do anything to save humanity. You know that when you embody your own free spirit – when your trust your own desires, your passions, your true creativity – you then become your own best friend and you start to radiate an energy that is helpful to the people around you.

It is important to realize that when you express this energy of freedom, it might be frightening to some people because you are knocking on the doors of their prison cell, and doing this can sometimes feel as a threat to them. They may think you are too wild, too different, too free; but just let them be and do not argue with them, do not waste your energy by doing that. You need all your awareness and energy to stay focused on yourself, to preserve that energy of freedom, and to hear your own soul’s guidance.

When you embody the spirit of freedom, of love, life, and joy, you also need to be very perceptive of the energies around you. Feel from your heart where your unique soul’s energy is welcome and can flow easily. Whenever you feel exhausted around someone or in a particular situation – when you feel drained – just leave. Do not exert yourself trying to change things because change happens in ways you cannot predict. So you do not have to focus your attention on creating change or working for it, and you do not need to convince other people of what to do. If you keep attuned to your own heart and to the source of life in your abdomen, then you will know what to do: you simply follow the flow of joy. What makes you feel alive and vibrant and inspired is where you are meant to go.

There may be times in your life when you feel you cannot go anywhere with this energy. It seems there is a lack of people or situations which allow you to fully express yourself, but this is just a part of your journey. In order to learn to respect yourself, even when you feel alone and misunderstood, go out into nature. Feel the energies of nature in places where it is wild and free, and you will feel at home there. You must respect yourself and, to some extent, you need to be solitary to do this.

You are here to create a new kind of consciousness and you do this by staying true to yourself by not trying to change anything outside yourself, by listening to the voice of your heart, and by not getting too upset by people or energies that might resist you. Just leave them be; you do not need to be involved with them. Fly up high in the sky, again and again, to remember who you truly are: a being free of limitations, and your energy will change and affect the people around you. However, changing others should not be your primary concern, it will just happen. You are here to find joy in life, even in the midst of heavy and dense energy. And by preserving the spirit of joy, you will give hope to other people.

Take good care of yourself; you are much more cherished than you think. There are angels around you all the time; you are never alone, even in the midst of darkness. You are always connected to the source of life, the life that transcends all boundaries.

Thank you for receiving my spirit within you.

Goddess Isis via Pita, August 28, 2020

Goddess Isis via Pita | August 28, 2020

~ Isis thru Pita ~

Friday, August 28, 2020

After the Angel sings:

Isis: How do you feel?

Fran: We feel wonderful.

Isis: Wonderful, a beautiful word to express what you will feel about what is coming. First of all, you have to prepare yourselves because we are coming to reveal ourselves. Maybe it will be strange when seeing bright lights in the sky in the day or at night.

You will not understand quickly [right away] what’s happened and when you see that light coming closer and closer to you, your first reaction is maybe panic, but you will feel in your entire body and your heart a very powerful peace. Peace will be the language that we use.

I will talk first about Trump. You know that your President is doing all that he can with the help he has with a special group, groups from the Stars, Star Beings. You know that Ashtar is in on this. You will understand and maybe will receive codes on the ships, or maybe on your cell phones, seven messages, or more than seven, to announce to you all that has arrived to those people who continue to do evil things against children, against people, against this vaccine. You know that this vaccine is very dangerous for your DNA.

Now, you have to stay in your heart in everything you feel, in everything you hear about the situation on the news.

Maybe you don’t know everything about Trump, but you know now that the Democrats want to put him aside because he is going to reveal all the truth to all the world. Even as the Democrats know about the things that Trump will do, and all the help he has, they haven’t stopped because they want to rule the world, to rule everyone, but to impose this rule about the children.

Maybe you heard about pedophiles. Maybe you don’t really believe it, but you know inside of you that it is correct [true]. They are having a discussion about how to reveal the truth because they know that all the true [Human] people can’t accept it because it would be too hard for them to accept that those things really happen to children.

So we expect that in this weekend the truth will begin to be revealed. It is important for all of you to hold this message in your heart and under [inner]stand how you can share all this news, all the subjects that will appear in those revelations.

And now you will be close to the Light Beings. They are coming closer and closer to you, and you will see now that the energy, the vibration is going to be working on you now. Those vibrations, those energies will give you all the codes, all the access you need to your DNA to let your Higher Selves develop another level of consciousness.

It will begin inside of you in your tiny cells, and tonight or maybe afterward, you will feel those vibrations growing and growing all over your body. Maybe you will sense or feel some discomfort in your body because the vibration is working to transform and heal yourself and your entire body.

So maybe tomorrow you will be a new person, maybe tonight when you are sleeping you will rest very well, but at times you may see some light in your brain, like sparkling light which will connect your two hemispheres. It will connect them as if they are one. When you feel that you will reconnect all your capacities, your powers, and you will understand that something is going to transform your entire life.

You will feel a very great joy in your heart. You will feel lighter and lighter in your feelings. And it will be a great change for you. You will say, what has happened? And you will understand that something new is coming to renew and make your body reborn.

But your brains have to be cleaned first because your old thoughts, your matter, maybe your human intellect will try to hide from yourself and tell you that you are not changing and transforming. But you know in yourself that there’s something happening. It’s a great rejoicing and you will feel much better and better, finally. It’s great news that I tell you now.

And everyone in the Earth, every Being, not only Human but Beings in the Earth will understand now that something great is coming. Like they say, no one can stop the storm, the storm of consciousness, the storm of light, of liberty, of freedom.

Nobody can stop that now, because the First Creator, if I can name it/him as that, has decided to begin the revelation, all the revelations, because all [most of] the governments are normally ready to reveal. But there are some governments that are still scared.

They are scared because of those evil Beings. But we don’t see them as evil Beings, because normally for them it is their way to be, to live. And they have no consideration for the Human Being. They consider the Human Being to be like, excuse the word, shit. Like food, but like shit really, like animals but less than animals. They consider the Human Being nothing.

And for you the Human Being it is really dangerous because they have no consciousness that you can have a high consciousness of freedom, of a light being. But they know who we are, and they prepare to fight against us, not against Human beings, but if they had to use you against us, that’s what they would try to do.

But with this group organization [the Alliance] that can lead, with Human Beings, with Beings of Light, with Beings of the Inner Earth, groups of different Beings, they are working to get all the children to freedom. So now maybe you question in your mind, or haven’t listened to news of the Queen, of this person or that person, you will know [learn] big news about the singers, actors who sell their soul to those people, and they call them demons or maybe Satan.

And you all know that Satan is not really a Human being. It’s a group, a consciousness, an evil consciousness who begins 7,000 years or more ago to try to control the world, especially Human beings, because when they understood that Human beings can be their slaves, their plan was to do all their achievements to make all the things to serve themselves.

So you know now that everything is about serving those Beings. And now they have a calendar, a time limit, and this time limit is really, really close. So they will try to accelerate their plan to achieve their goal.

And I know you are wise and intelligent and have confidence in yourselves, and this confidence is going to grow around the world and it is still important that you be confident in yourself, because we are all connected, and this confidence you feel will be shared to everyone.

It is important when those events, those news, those revelations are coming that you are still connected in yourself, because those adversaries are doing their best to shut you down.

But you have the strength in you. It is a long time. You deserve your life. You deserve this beautiful life that is coming to you, because you give so much strength, so much effort, so much love, you share so much of yourself, and still stand up to fight and to reveal the truth.

And you know that a very big wave is going to clean all the Earth, not Mother Earth, but all the things people have believed all their lives. And now it is time for everybody to reconnect with themselves, to their Divine Light inside, their Inner Light, their Inner Being.

I share with you all this Love, because all is about Unconditional Love. It is not emotions, it is what you are. You are Unconditional Love, and people will understand this in their Inner Light so Peace can begin to grow in the Earth.

All of your mind will change. All your abilities, all your actions, your words, your way to talk will change, because a great Love will grow. And the seed [of Love] that you gather in yourself is going to be a beautiful flower, maybe a beautiful tree. I don’t know, only you know what is going to grow in yourself.

Fran: So this weekend more revelations will come from the Administration, but the problem is not everyone hears it, because only certain people listen to him. So you want us to make sure people know, or just to be Light, to keep our energy high so that it balances the reaction?

Isis: Yes, because you will feel in your body some Love. All the people will receive all the news in their phone. They’ll receive a message telling them what to do and to connect with the TV because all TV in the world will be one channel. All on the TV will translate into your local language all over the world.

Beverly: This will happen this weekend?

Isis: We hope it will be this weekend because we can’t wait. We can’t wait.

Fran: Who is going to make these announcements?

Isis: The White House. I’m not sure that President Trump will give an announcement to all the world on all channels. Or maybe he will talk first, and it will be a very great storm created in every house, because not everyone believes that Trump is a good person.

You know that Trump was chosen because of his character, of his strength, and the way that he is running his life. And it was important to have a person like him. We thought that maybe a woman would be a good choice, but finally the Council decided to put in a man. And then we had to choose which country can influence the world, a President that can attract the attention of all the world. And finally we made the right choice.

Fran: Yes, we agree. There is concern about this talk about execution of traitors in this country, and a lot of people feel that that is not the way to go in the end, because these people do not have a conscience, as you said.

Isis: You know in yourself that the executions will happen, but we decided not to show the world the executions, but a list of all those persons, and many are Human beings because they accepted to sell their soul to them. So it is important in the law of being Human to have an execution. It is not what we wanted, but we understand that we cannot change that. Do you understand that?

Fran: Yes, we do. The thing that concerns everybody is that people that will be so shocked and so angry that it will cause huge fights and unrest. That is the concern, and so I understand that we are asked to feel peaceful, stay high and try to calm people, but there is a limit, isn’t there?

Isis: Yes, I understand. So it’s why I asked you to send the most powerful Love you can have in yourself to touch and connect with everybody. Maybe some people with a lovely face and lovely words will be executed, and people don’t understand why this person who is so charming and beautiful. But you know now that behind the face and their way of talking they are like a devil.

Fran: We understand that. Most people have no idea.

Isis: Of course. We can’t explain to all the world because we don’t have time now. This happened today because you really understand that the consciousness is transforming and changing and a very big change is coming. And we want all of Humanity to shift to the next level of consciousness.

And you know that those [Reptilaian] Beings want to kill 90% of Humanity. We can’t accept that they kill all the people and keep the rest of the Humans as slaves, to begin again what they did thousands of years ago.

In May I told people that the revelations would begin and now we are in August and the revelation just begins now. We [allowed] time, but not so long as three months, it is not possible [to wait longer].

And you will see our spaceships above your house or in the clouds. Maybe you’ve noticed the clouds take very strange forms, and inside those clouds are small space ships, depending on the light or wind, may be blue or gold. All those little ships are now around you because when the revelations begin, their goal is to protect you. All these little ships are all over the world to protect the people of Humanity. So don’t be scared.

Your mission will always be who you are. Don’t forget where you came from to this Earth. You decided to come to the Earth to promote the Light consciousness. You are very high Masters of Light.

But in the consciousness of a human being you don’t realize who you are and that is correct. Because if you kept all your consciousness now, it would arrive [go back] to your centuries of years ago [when] you were killed for your faith, your belief. And now we don’t want you to be killed.

Isis: The vaccine is going to transform who you are and you will lose your connection with the Light.

Fran: We know that, and we hear that the Trump Administration is making sure the vaccine will not be mandatory and will be purified, so it is not what they planned.

Isis: It is what we are trying to do, because we stopped the effect of the 5G and we stopped the effect of the HAARP, and it’s why many winds blow to affect the clouds. When it rains, the rains purify the chemicals they put in the air. The water holds those chemicals and put it on the Earth.

We have technology to purify the Earth, because you certainly know there are many minerals and we use those minerals to transform those chemicals to be more natural. The constitution of the earth, the ground, the sand, the land is able to transform all the chemicals because when the chemicals fall on the land they continue down because of the water, and the water goes to the inner lake. We stop the chemicals before they enter the water on the lake because if they reach the lake, all humans would be poisoned.

We know you have been waiting a long time. I am here now to tell you what has happened because I know you are connected to many people and maybe people on the mainland will call you personally to ask if you have news.

You can put our conversation in your newsletter and your site of Ashtar on the Road. It was very important to tell you all this news. I stimulated the channel to have this meeting with you. You don’t know how happy we are that he responded.

Fran: Is there going to be an election this year or is it going to be postponed?

Isis: Well, the election will be very different. I can’t really tell you what is going to happen, because Trump will finish his mandate, so he doesn’t want to continue. So there will be a council, a group of persons who will rule, not the world; every country will have a council to rule. All the borders will disappear.

Fran: Well, that sounds like one world order.

Isis: Not really, because there will not be [evil] ETs now. The different countries will connect with the same language and the same way of life and you can call the country as you do now.

Fran: So what I’m getting is that consciousness will rise so much that everyone will have integrity and a conscience, and there will be no need for a government really.

Isis: It will take time, you understand. Because like you said, there are many people who don’t agree with that because they are in the third dimension of perception. They want to keep money and they don’t want to lose what they have now.

Fran: So what happens to them?

Isis: They have no choice because many people want that change. Many people are waiting for that change for so long.

Fran: About the children rescued from underground, who is taking care of them? They are not used to living in sunlight,

Bev: and they are wounded.

Isis: There are some people who are taking care of them. They are prepared by their information [training] to keep those children. It will be difficult at first, because there are so many who are scared. Those children are very scared of the adults, scared of the uniform, scared of the way people are, so they cannot contact quickly with the entire world. They will adjust, but they will take some time to reclaim their life.

Some of them don’t have names because they were stolen from their parents when they were a newborn baby. It would be easy for those [evil] beings to do what they want with those children because they have no identity. We have technology to help them heal.

Fran: I ran out of memory here on my recorder. The rest was mainly thank you’s for this information and good-by’s. Isis was very pleased that her message was received and will be shared as appropriate. The Angel sang again at the end.

Please use your discernment in how and with whom you share this important message.

Given in a private message by Pita, 8-28-20

Recorded, transcribed, and edited by Fran

August 28, 2020

Isis via Ann Dahlberg, July 9th, 2018


Monday, July 9th, 2018

Channeled via Ann Dahlberg

I am Isis, a goddess from ancient Egypt. It was a time when there was more peace on Earth than today. We were a bit closer to our hearts, but they were closing more and more as the centuries went by. Power and wealth were ensconced in the hearts of many people and they forgot to nurture the love that was there. They did not understand that they could have both love and wealth as for he/she who has a large loving heart nothing is lacking. They are pleased with life as it is and enjoy the riches that already exist on Mother Earth. When greediness and power over others take over the minds of people, it is when the heart, the heart of love, pulls back into a corner to protect itself. It tries to get heard now and then, but is mostly drowned out by the noisy mind.

This has now turned around my dear people on Earth. You have turned the page and started to honor the heart of light that shines within you. A new song of love is now being sung on Earth. It is a song of oneness and freedom for each one who lives here. The power over others is loosing its hold over people and wealth in the form of greediness has not giving them any happiness. Happiness can be found in the quite moments of harmony and love to the things around you. It is the love to your fellow man/woman, to a new born baby or a small bunny. Whatever it is that gets your face to shine for just a few moments is the happiness that you now long for and want to have more of. It is in the insight that in small things you find the large, which gives your life meaning – it changes your attitude towards life. Your life is now being shaped according to your new insights and the old paradigm that has been built up during a long time is now starting to fall apart. A new paradigm is starting to be built up with completely new conditions where life itself, as pure loving energy, gets to be the new building material.

There are many who have started this process now – they have found what is valuable in them selves and their own life. They are no longer ruled by the old paradigm and have no interest in contributing to it. The contributions are put into what is valuable for themselves and the life they live. More and more are drawn to this loving energy and the new paradigm of love to life itself and all its life forms becomes stronger and stronger. One could say you have made a 180-degree turn my dear friends on Earth. My eyes fill with tears of joy when I see how you march forward in oneness and love for life and the plurality of life on our Earth.

All of us are with you in this grand moment on Earth and we know the love that now shines out from our beloved Mother Earth – Our Mother who always have supported and taken care of us as well as possible. Now she can feel how love flows from your hearts again and her strength is multiplied by your strength, just as your strength is multiplied of hers. You strengthen each other in this aurora of love and light. It is a beautiful time that you are entering and you have just past through the portal with big roses of love. Your entry into the new era is here. Many have passed through this portal and opened it to new vistas – Vistas that gives you the love and the harmony that your heart so long has waited for. They are within you. They are all around you. They are everywhere where you focus your loving gaze. Continue to see and feel love for everything that you meet in your life and your life will be based in a loving embrace where nothing that you encounter can alter the balance of your mind. Your feet will follow an easy path where the resistance will crumble facing the love it meets.

This was some of what I wanted to convey to you today.

Go in peace, go in love.

My love follows you on your path towards your own completion.

I am Isis and my love is your love.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.

Isis via Elaine DeGiorgio, January 28th, 2018

Dear Souls,

The Advent of Time hath come and the blessings pour forth upon your Earth and you connect with the love within your Hearts.

For it is a time of connection and blessing.

Light upon Light coming forth transcending your Souls to an energy of the magnificence and preciousness of yourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love.

Love is the ultimate path of Ascension and it truly the way of the Divine Feminine… for each and every one of you carries the spark of the Divine Feminine within.

I come forth at this hour to anchor spirals and spirals of Divine Energy to your Hearts… Gold Silver Violet and Magenta Rays… anchoring Cosmic Love and Knowledge – The pyramids of light are indeed activating at this time… the Frequency upon your earth is shifting consciousness… Ascension is the key and many ascending souls are moving fast pace receiving Divine Codes from the Great Central Sun and the Galactic Core.

Ascending Souls are connecting to their pathways… Their Sacred Paths are unfolding… Much work is outstanding with humanity upon your Earth. Many Souls seeking the Truths of their Destiny.

The true art of connection is coming forth and this Self Mastery begins with you dear ones for you as Bearers of the Light are here upon Gaia to send forth shock waves throughout humanity.

You dear ones have agreed to come forth to the Earth once more as Bearers of Light.

Steps upon steps of Divine Consciousness as the 33 Stargates of Consciousness have activated and they are activating within you connecting you with the Christ Consciousness elevating you above and beyond into the Cosmic Sphere… for there you will unfold greater knowledge of this universe.

Harmonization frequencies unfolding… balance is unfolding for the Chamber of Light unfolds within you balancing the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine Archetype within.

Timelines dear ones Timelines for the Sacred Priesthood is embracing once more connecting and bringing forth a new wave of energy.

I am working with my Priesthood at this time to activate the Chamber of Light within their Hearts.

Dear ones, it is time to accept who you are… for each and everyone of you that are coming forth to service has a role to play. Uniqueness and Oneness Acceptance, and Knowing Love and Peace…. Grace and Ease….

Sacred Sites and Vortices and Etherical Pyramids of Light – 33 Sacred Sites are being worked upon.

Our focus dear ones is those areas upon your Earth that still suffers greatly with a lower density and in this we send the healing rays to the hearts of the people.

Dear ones, I now connect you with the Healing Chambers upon the Great Central Sun that I behold and from whence I send forth my love and healing to you all. It is from there I overlight the planet that you reside,

As you connect with your Timelines dear ones it is a time to collect and connect with the fragments that you have left behind to shift and to heal and to transmute….

My overflighting of many Souls upon this hour is releasing the fears and false beliefs that hath harboured the hearts of mankind for Eons… for distortions have been a bliss for Mankind hath harboured great misunderstandings.

As you now connect and merge with your timelines you will experience a great sense of mergence of parallel realities… bringing about a deeper healing and greater sense of understanding…and in particular, a deeper sense of yourselves as initiates of Light, as High Priests and Priestesses in ancient times…

Rising …. rising… the phoenix within is rising once more….

The Keepers of Sacred Wisdom hath activated upon your Earth as the Ancient Knowledge unfolds.. and the Truths are coming forth… These Truths hath been hidden for far too long… The Divinity of the Feminine hath been silenced for far too long… Dear Children it is time to speak your Truths as we are now activating your Throat Chakras of Blue Ray with Platinum Ray of Light. The Higher Dimensions of Light are coming forth and the Divine Masters and the Monad Energy is coming forth to speak the Truths that was once lost… that was hidden and lay dormant upon your Earth for Eons.

The institutions upon your Earth that govern the Truths of past is of no more… We are awaking Souls now step by step from their slumber…coming into an age of remembering…

A new wave is upon you all and many more Souls are being activated in this now.

The Galactic Centre now activating… for from my Seat upon the Healing Chamber of the God Star Sirius A – The Great Central Sun… I now connect with all Legions of Light from On High and the many Light workers and star seeded ones radiating you all with Divine Love.

I AM Isis and I speak through Elaine this day! – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio

Isis via Elaine DeGiorgio, November 28th, 2017

Dear Children,

I Isis, come forth in this hour for I delight in the rise of the Divine Feminine Energy once more! Like a Phoenix rising from the Ashes The Feminine has reclaimed her right to speak to the hearts of you all.

For in the land of Egypt many Eons ago, the way of the Feminine was of great importance. It was only the way of mankind throughout time and significant events that brought about the inferiority of the Feminine role in society.

It is now time for the Feminine across the Omniverse to rise once more and indeed this is now coming forth now as she now speaks for in times past her lips hath been sealed and her work upon Gaia went unannounced.

It gives me great joy to hear of the great success of the feminine that are working tirelessly at this time to bring forth love, to bring forth healing, and to bring forth the messages of the Divine at this time.

The Feminine is now bringing forth the Children of the Sun at this hour for the Children of the Sun hath come once more to anchor the Divine Energy upon your Earth to connect the Earth with the Golden Energy of the Great Central Sun – The God Star Sirius. They work in the Energy of 7777 Sirius and 8888 The Lions Gate 144th Degree Cosmic Consciousness bringing forth the balance of the Solar and the Lunar Energy to your Earth.

For now the Earth at this time is undergoing great balance as she shifts now forth into the Golden Age of Light.

Dear Children of the Light we have now embarked on an exciting time upon your earth for many of you are now moving forward in your Ascension Process.

We are now moving forward into the Energy of the Divine Love.

It is now time dear ones to embody unconditional love…

It is time dear ones to connect and work with the higher realms, where you have always belonged, and let go of those densities, those situations that have kept you in the state of slumber for a very long time.

Now is the restoration of the Divine Plan. For the Divine Plan is now unfolding. And it is time for you to be the embodiment of love. It is you, each of you, bright angels, lightbearers, starseeds, gatekeepers, humans, Earth-keepers, to have a physical experience of being that embodiment of love.

This was part of the plan, the part that involved you and this planet and the ripple effect out to the multiverse of your star brothers and sisters. Why do you think they wish to participate, to witness? This is highly unique. The 144,000 that have agreed to come forth to your Earth are going to be trans-dimensional in form, after all this time. They are going to embody love and the Divine Qualities. It will be with this that they will create a ripple effect of love and harmony towards humanity upon your Earth. Like Angels coming forth to heal your planet once more. It is an exciting time to be upon Gaia.

For we are moving forth anchoring the new energy of love and harmony. We will be moving forth in this energy that your Earth has not seen before. For this Energy will harness a more multi-dimensional way of working.

We magnetize Light from out the Great Central Sun.

Children of the One the world around, hear our call and answer.

The universal Light of Alpha and Omega, the universal Light of twin flames descends now for the completion of thy life, for the mighty circle of fire and the U-magnet that forms the one Above completed by the heart’s union below. We are now entering a time of the calling of all Twin Flames to come forth for the forthcoming year upon your Earth to complete the Divine Plan as intended.

For those whom hath come forth in the Light and Love have agreed to the Divine Plan prior to incarnating upon the Earth Plane to bring for the Love Energy and to connect Gaia to the Love that she once knew of Eons past.

Dear children as the Timeline shifts unfold and you connect and reconnect with your self and with each other you will understand the process of the initiations of the Halls of Amenti as these are truly unfolding now during these great timeline shifts.

Many of you may have been feeling stuck and faced with a Monumental Time Shift…. For many of you your blueprints have been introduced thus causing a great confusion. For many that have been introduced through awakening…. Your blueprints indicate your origin…. the blueprints of your etheric selves, the blueprints of your journeys on this planet. Blueprints also indicate your source from the Divine Creator Gods and the Prime Creator. Many are working in Orders, Priesthoods, Brotherhoods, Sisterhoods Knighthoods and so forth.

As the energy begins to settle you will gradually attain consciousness of your being…

Many shifts are indeed taking place at this time – Winter Solstice is the new year the new beginning where we will send forth our light from the God Star Sirius and my beloved’s Orion will adorn your skies once more….

We now focus on the shifting of the polarity that exists on your earth plane for this creates a division within the hearts of many.

It is the time of union, a time of joining together, a time of balance and the focus now is the healing and integration of polarity that is the lesson of the Twin Flame energy in this life cycle. We will bring about this healing energy as I shine the Divine Light of the Ascension Temple in Luxor among all my children and people of the earth at this time…

As we draw close to the energy of Solstice where you are called to reflect and to release all that is not of service to you and to shift and transmute, and to bring in the new, and to focus on the journey of the Soul.

As you come to a closure of this year and many of you Souls celebrate the closure of this year and the coming forth of the new year ahead – a further shift will be taking place on your earth… a great number of souls on your earth shall enter a frequency bandwidth which is of joy, of happiness, of ecstasy, of cheer and of positive energy which will allow many of you working with various timelines to once again utilize said energy in order to make a giant leap in consciousness happen again for so many on your planet. It is at that moment if you shall connect to the energetic pool of happiness and anticipation of new beginnings that you shall, as a collective consciousness be able to shift your present reality onto a new pathway.

Many of you will be able to utilize the energies coming forth especially those of you that work in the various time lines and shifts, time frequencies and for those travelling alongside various dimensions are able to jump through time and space.

Said souls shall already be aware of how to utilize such energies, but for those of you who are novices to said information we propose two “juncture in time frequency modification attunements” if you will.

Following said attunement of the frequencies mentioned therein, we propose a grid line work in which you shall select various time shifts, by simply writing down that which you wish to occur in your personal and overall reality structure. On the night of said unity, you shall find yourselves in the meditative state, and when you do, you shall be asked to merge with the energetic frequency of all who are celebrating that which is known in your world as a New Year.

Many blessings are coming forth into your new year as it will be a year of love abundance and manifestation.

Take the blessings, healing and abundance that is being poured out to many at this time.

For I AM Isis and I speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio

Godess Isis via Elaine DeGiorgio, August 19th, 2017

isis eraoflightSitting in the Sacred I AM PRESENCE connecting with my Higher Self, My Beloved Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message coming forth:

Greetings dear Children, I, Isis come forth to greet thee with love and with compassion for there are many shifts adorn the universe at this time.

I, Isis am the representation of many names across this universe and the omniverse many of which names are known upon your Earth.

I come forth to bless you all at this hour for I am pleased with the efforts of many at this time.

I come forth with grand news the Portals of the Lions Gate hath now closed once more and many Lightworkers have received Light Codes all hath been accomplished.

Many will have been feeling a denser energy at this time and it hath been of greater challenge for we have hit a stage of change and there are major planetary alignments taking place at this time.

Two major changes are affecting the Virgo and Leo Signs For the Grand Shifts foretold over Eons are affecting these Astrological Constellations. These are indeed significant for the the final anchoring of the Divine Feminine once more and the Healing and peace of the Divine Masculine.

Mercury is in Retrograde with Virgo until beginning of September Time upon your Earth when it will then align with Leo.

Two major eclipses the Lunar recently eclipsed and the Solar is about to eclipse this is about the releasing of the Shadows of the Divine Masculine Energy and the Divine Feminine Energy.

Virgo, a representation of my Sacredness will align with Jupiter of whom is an aspect of my Sacred Masculine and the Union complete with the Sun shining forth and the Moon at my Feet. I am the Queen of the Stars and I am the Goddess of Orion and Sirius.

There are alignments with Leo which is a representation of an incarnation that I took as Mother Sekhmet and it is a representation of the strength and courage of the Lion Energy the representation of IS RA EL and of Judah.

It is a Representation of the Solar Energy and of Fire. Alignment of Regulus with Leo is taking place. Regulus is the very aspect of my Divine Masculine in the form of many names one being Lord Vishnu whom many of you know him to be The Preserver. Regulus regulates the Time and Space within this System of Worlds. It brings forth Order. It brings forth Love and Harmony in the Time of Great Chaos. For Leo and Regulus to align at this time signifies the end of the great purge and entering the stages of Order and Harmony. The handing over of Kali Yuga to Kalki. The handing over of Sekhmet to Heru and so forth to prepare for the coming of Heaven on Earth – The New Golden Age.

The Twelve Stars that adorn Virgo at this time are the representation of the Twelve Planets of this Universe and many of them will align with Leo.

This is the turning point as we are in the Year of One on your Earth. We are entering a new. And it is indeed a blessing that this takes place upon Autumn Equinox. For the changing of the Season brings forth changes.

This signifies the entering of the new paradigm where the 144,000 Bearers of Light are now anchored here on the Earth once more to shift to embrace to enlighten to heal.

Great progress is being made at this time for many lightworkers and the ripple effects are indeed taking place.

The alignments and connections with your Higher Selves will become clearer over the coming months for the connections through the dimensions will unlock bringing forth a wave of multi-dimensional working.

Many will have visions and dreams as the keys to the doors of the Halls of Amenti unlock the 7 levels of consciousness.

Past Lives, Ancestral Lives and Cellular Memory will come to the forefront of which you will acknowledge heal and shift.

There is a grand work and plan taking place and that is to unlock the Truths that hath been hidden and distorted by Mankind.

Many misunderstandings are coming to the forefront now. Many are working inside this energy now bringing forth love and understanding.

Many will come and many will leave… Many will understand and many will not. Many will drop out.

It is a time to prepare your journeys and to equip you all for the journeys and paths ahead.

It is a time of love and healing. In the light of the confusion we invite you into a space of love and of healing and of meditation.

We have come forth to enlighten and overlight your pathways.

It is a time to connect with your Hearts…. Connect with your Souls and to connect with the evolution of your Souls.

We are interested at this time in the Evolution of your Souls. We are interested in your Ascension.

A time dear ones to embrace and connect with your Hearts for we are now embarking on The Greater Plan – As we embark on the joining of Hearts we come into full union of Service and One.

Blessings be upon you all.

I AM Isis and I speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio

Isis via Pamela Kribbe, July 27th, 2017

Dear friends, dear lovers of life, I am Isis. I am the bird that flies freely in the sky, enjoying both the energies of Heaven and of Earth. I am inside you all, so one day you will fly free of this body and be like a bird, traveling elsewhere in the universe.

Wherever you go, you have two energies inside you. One is the energy of joy, which keeps you moving forward, always finding new ways of expressing yourself, always seeking life and adventure. The energy of joy is the light inside you; it is truly what Creation is made of. When you feel the energy of joy, truly feel it and become fulfilled; know there is nothing outside it that you are looking for. The energy of joy is a purpose in itself. It is the expression of life in its freest form and therefore you cannot capture it – joy is the essence of life.

But, as I said, there are two energies which you take with you. The energy of joy is one and the energy of darkness or pain is the other. Where there is darkness or pain, there is no joy, only its absence. It is the part of you that feels stuck, separated, and lonely. Nonetheless, it has a meaningful role to play within Creation. The energy of joy and the energy of pain or darkness deeply belong together. Inside the darkness is always a craving for liberation, for life. Darkness yearns to be released, and when the energy of joy embraces it with acceptance and lightness, the darkness cannot resist and will open up. Everything that is dark, both within you and within the world, longs for life, longs for liberation.

I ask you to now connect with your own darkness and to not see it as an enemy. It is a part of Creation, it has meaning. As the joyful part of you seeks expression during many lifetimes throughout  the universe, it crosses boundaries and discovers unknown territories. This very movement will create the energies of fear, insecurity, and ignorance, and you are then confronted with pain and suffering. Nonetheless, somewhere behind this suffering is the energy of joy. There is such a lust for life in your heart and your soul that at a deep level you are willing to engage with the suffering. Because you are so full of love, the joy enables you to explore life deeply and always go beyond boundaries and into new adventures.

I now ask that you connect inside your body with the dark areas which cause you trouble, or where you feel a heavy energy, or where you connect with an emotion that is continually  bothering you and that you consider to be negative and blocking you. And now imagine that you see this particular area or emotion as an energy that is waiting to be released. You can look at it in this way: this dark energy inside you is a pioneer of consciousness; it is the part of you that is moving beyond what you consider safe. It is exploring something new that you do not yet understand and therefore gives you confusion and perhaps sadness or struggle. But it is because you are such an adventurous spirit that you are willing to accept the darkness and to deal with it.

So I ask that you see the darkest part of yourself – the part that is struggling – as your most revolutionary part that is uncovering new experiential territory. I invite you to visualize this part – this difficult emotion or that physical problem – as a warrior. Visualize this part as a warrior in whatever way you like. See it as a male presence, and look at the fire in his eyes. He is wounded, but at the same time he is a deeply creative part of you.

Now imagine or visualize the joyful part of you and see it in the shape of a female figure, a woman. She is dancing, singing, feeling free and light, but she wants to join the warrior. She has a deep yearning to be with him and to embrace him, because she knows that he is the adventurer and will open up new territories to explore. And she will follow him and embrace him with her healing powers and her spirit of joy and laughter. So imagine the two of them coming together: the hurt and wounded part of you and the joyful and free part. Imagine them embracing; you can feel that they deeply love each other.

The words “light” and “dark” have become associated with good and bad, with judgment, but these energies are much more playful and far-reaching than such a narrow framework would allow. Both these energies are full of life and together form the essence of Creation. So imagine these energies merging and feel this in your heart and in your abdomen. The heart is the seat of love and joy, while the abdomen is the seat of passion and emotion, and, therefore, also of emotional pain. The heart desires to descend and to embrace the energy in the abdomen and this is what true healing means: that you embrace the dark emotions and desires within yourself and recognize them as your partners in Creation, and not as an energy you need to get rid of, but as an essential part of you.

Darkness plays a vital role in your lives, and exploring that role is why you are here, why you have incarnated in this flesh. When the emotions – the so-called lower nature of yourself as a human – become inspired by the energy of the heart, the energy of joy and fearlessness, then true creativity arises. By that I mean you will experience a kind of creativity within you that is grounded and real and that you can truly express in your everyday life.

Some people have a lot of loving energy in their hearts and so they are able to connect with the energy of joy at those times when they feel inspired. But because the emotions of the lower region of their abdomen feel stuck or blocked, and because they do not know how to deal with these emotions, these people are unable to fully release and express their joy and inspiration in practical ways. They start to feel disconnected from this world, from Earth, and from human society.

The key to overcoming this lack of connection is to really address the parts of yourself that are in need of emotional healing. Inspiration alone is not enough; you need to recognize the darkness within yourself as your partner and not as a block that needs to be eliminated. It is by embracing and working with your own darkness that spiritual alchemy takes place: true transformation.

Often when you “work on yourself” – for example, in therapy or different modes of healing – you are still struggling with your darkness, because you are very eager to find ways to get rid of it. But behind this eagerness is a disrespect for the vital role that darkness fulfills in the universe. You are not playing or dancing with these energies; instead, you are struggling with them and, in the end, this can exhaust you because it takes a lot of energy to struggle with yourself.

To genuinely start the healing process, you need to release the notion of a struggle or a battle between light and dark within yourself. Really respect the dark parts; even your violent, aggressive parts are not intrinsically bad. If you address these parts with compassion and the sincere yearning to reach into their essence in order to fully understand what they are really about, they will listen to you; they will come to you as would a child. It is the energy of judgment and resistance that intensifies darkness, whereas it is the energy of acceptance and joy that always creates unification.

This dynamic process is something that is unfolding, not only at the level of your personal lives, you can also witness it in the world at large in which you are living. Throughout your religious traditions, there has been an immense fear of darkness, passion, creativity, and free self-expression. Out of fear, there has developed a need to control the human spirit. And the sad thing is that, as a result, there has been not only a fear of darkness, but also a fear of joy.The energy of joy has not been welcome in human societies for a very long time.

It may seem strange to say this, because everyone on Earth agrees that all human beings want to be happy, but your notions of happiness have become so restricted, so narrow, that they leave no space for the energy of joy. Joy is ever flowing, it cannot live inside rigid structures and hierarchies, or obey false authorities; joy is a truly revolutionary energy. Joy has often been expressed in the arts: in literature, poetry, and music, and most people who surrender to the flow of joy in their life will become outsiders. They will feel that they are different and do not fit in with mainstream consciousness.

There are certain definitions of happiness in your society, but most of them are to some extent controlling. For instance, earning money is supposed to make you happy, having a successful career is supposed to make you happy, getting married and having a family is a goal that many people pursue, but as you all know and observe around you, all these things do not guarantee happiness. You can find happiness in all these things, but the essential part of that happiness is something inside you. Nothing outside you can make it happen. True happiness means that you feel you are embodying the spirit of joy; that you have become friends with the dark parts of yourself and are free to explore life.

The theme of our gathering, here and now, is the return of Isis, and I am waiting for you to open up to my spirit and to find the fountain of joy inside your heart and, at the same time, to embrace the darkness within. And that is actually one movement, one flow. Dance with life; dance with whatever life is bringing to you. Try not to judge it, to label it as good or bad; life is far too rich and mysterious to be approached in that way. You really liberate yourself if you stop doing that.

Very briefly put, there are two ways of opening up to the Isis energy, and this is what is now happening all around the world. Either you decide to open up to this energy consciously and freely or you get so caught up in crisis and suffering that you go through a really difficult time or become ill, and then you will have to open up to the spirit of life, either in this lifetime or in another one.

At this moment on Earth, things are intensifying. There is a huge need for liberation, for releasing the heavy energies inside people. Energies always move, they are dynamic, and there is such an accumulation of pain and suffering in humanity that this energy has to rise to the surface and express itself. It is like something explosive: it needs expression at some point. The more conscious people become, the more this healing process of release can happen in a balanced way. The more you address darkness with deep understanding, the milder its expression will be. But this will not be possible all round the world. There will be expressions of deep pain and aggression that can be really hurtful to others.

I am asking you, even in the face of very violent expressions of pain, to remain in the space of compassion. Compassion does not judge, it simply observes. You may feel sad about the lack of awareness in the world, the presence of fear and misunderstanding and the lack of communication; but I am asking of you: if you want to preserve my spirit, if you want to pass it on to others, do not judge the darkness; be still and keep the space inside your heart open.

What holds you all together as living beings is your humanness. You all are made up of light and darkness, of joy and pain. And when we deeply understand this about each other, and dare to communicate freely about it with one another, then true healing will arise. It is unavoidable, because things cannot stay as they are.

Please travel lightly, do not hold on to the burdens of the past. You are an explorer of the new, you are an adventurer. Work together with the warrior inside you. It is a wounded warrior, but a brave one, and he is yearning for my embrace, the embrace of joy and light and laughter. I am Isis, I am inside you.

» Source – Pamela Kribbe

Godess Isis via Debora Faith, May 16th, 2017

The Goddess ISIS steps forward today for this Energy Reading and her overall message is this: “There is no holding yourself back anymore!”

You have such strength within you. It is time to trust in your old boldness and courage and take risks that feel true to your heart. Engage in practices that make you feel truly and genuinely alive, embodied and more of yourself, even if not always comfortable so that you begin to live the life you were born to live. There is no room for procrastination, self-doubt or turning back. Isis urges you onto your high destiny, calling you to believe, to keep going, to reach higher and expand wider.  You can do so knowing that the Temple of Carnelian will bring you warm strength, encouragement and deep trust in your own wisdom to guide you through any situation or relationship that may arise so you can grow into more of your magnificent being. Have courage and faith. Be fearless as you are assured victory!

The Key of Life portends new life being born through you at this time. See it through, Beloved. Don’t let it struggle from lack of attention or care, or a belief that it will not be enough, or too hard to handle. The Ankh says that your creation will come to life and your creation will come to pass. Do not give up!  Stay with it, you are flowing in the right direction and you have all the spiritual support you need from the unseen worlds.

The dark phase of struggle is over Beloved and a new phase is upon you. One of hope, glory, light and triumph. It is won through boldness and persistence. Even if you have felt like giving up sometimes, you always choose to stay, to surrender the Divine and continue along your path. You have been through much and now victory is upon you. For the Divine Solar Child, a new consciousness within you, is born.


I love you.