Love is our new reality

Isis via Ann Dahlberg, July 9th, 2018


Monday, July 9th, 2018

Channeled via Ann Dahlberg

I am Isis, a goddess from ancient Egypt. It was a time when there was more peace on Earth than today. We were a bit closer to our hearts, but they were closing more and more as the centuries went by. Power and wealth were ensconced in the hearts of many people and they forgot to nurture the love that was there. They did not understand that they could have both love and wealth as for he/she who has a large loving heart nothing is lacking. They are pleased with life as it is and enjoy the riches that already exist on Mother Earth. When greediness and power over others take over the minds of people, it is when the heart, the heart of love, pulls back into a corner to protect itself. It tries to get heard now and then, but is mostly drowned out by the noisy mind.

This has now turned around my dear people on Earth. You have turned the page and started to honor the heart of light that shines within you. A new song of love is now being sung on Earth. It is a song of oneness and freedom for each one who lives here. The power over others is loosing its hold over people and wealth in the form of greediness has not giving them any happiness. Happiness can be found in the quite moments of harmony and love to the things around you. It is the love to your fellow man/woman, to a new born baby or a small bunny. Whatever it is that gets your face to shine for just a few moments is the happiness that you now long for and want to have more of. It is in the insight that in small things you find the large, which gives your life meaning – it changes your attitude towards life. Your life is now being shaped according to your new insights and the old paradigm that has been built up during a long time is now starting to fall apart. A new paradigm is starting to be built up with completely new conditions where life itself, as pure loving energy, gets to be the new building material.

There are many who have started this process now – they have found what is valuable in them selves and their own life. They are no longer ruled by the old paradigm and have no interest in contributing to it. The contributions are put into what is valuable for themselves and the life they live. More and more are drawn to this loving energy and the new paradigm of love to life itself and all its life forms becomes stronger and stronger. One could say you have made a 180-degree turn my dear friends on Earth. My eyes fill with tears of joy when I see how you march forward in oneness and love for life and the plurality of life on our Earth.

All of us are with you in this grand moment on Earth and we know the love that now shines out from our beloved Mother Earth – Our Mother who always have supported and taken care of us as well as possible. Now she can feel how love flows from your hearts again and her strength is multiplied by your strength, just as your strength is multiplied of hers. You strengthen each other in this aurora of love and light. It is a beautiful time that you are entering and you have just past through the portal with big roses of love. Your entry into the new era is here. Many have passed through this portal and opened it to new vistas – Vistas that gives you the love and the harmony that your heart so long has waited for. They are within you. They are all around you. They are everywhere where you focus your loving gaze. Continue to see and feel love for everything that you meet in your life and your life will be based in a loving embrace where nothing that you encounter can alter the balance of your mind. Your feet will follow an easy path where the resistance will crumble facing the love it meets.

This was some of what I wanted to convey to you today.

Go in peace, go in love.

My love follows you on your path towards your own completion.

I am Isis and my love is your love.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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