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Carina channels Her Higher Self, July 7, 2018

Carina channels Her Higher Self

July 7, 2018

Channel: Carina

I choose to be of the light. I choose to grow and to be a large and visible light on Earth in order to be seen and to quietly share the light. To just stand here in my light and be calm gives the upper hand to the light side, which is more important than all words and actions combined. The dark loves conflicts. The dark loves arguments, but the light is not interested. The light wants to live quietly and in harmony and it is in stillness that the light conquers the dark, without a war of words and grim actions. The dark cannot survive in the light. I choose consciously to be in the light. I am the light.

The light stands still – the light stands quietly and lets the dark destroy itself. Let go of all the conflicts that are going on around you. See these conflicts as obstinate three-year-old children that do not understand better than to butt until they get too tired. See them as a teenager’s outburst towards its parents when he/she wants to test their own limits and the limits of their parents in order to know how to push the boundaries one step forward next time. In your heart you know that these children and teenagers are divine beings and you love them in spite of their outbursts. As a grown-up you know that this is a phase that children and teenagers must go through. However, you also know that it is for their own good that you just stand there in your grown-up loving consciousness and choose your calm collected attitude so that the child will understand that they do not gain any terrain by screaming, threaten, rule and manipulate.

Look at what is happening around you right now in the same way, even if it is grown-up people that carry out these actions. See them as small defiant children, who do not know any better right now, but who will learn from you if you only remain there in the calmness of your light and consistently choose your path of peace and love. You are a grown up and they are children. You do not like their actions and earlier it made you angry, but now you know better. You are the one who must lead by example, if we are to get any change in who will lead and direct this Earth. When you counter darkness with darkness the conflict never ends, but when you counter darkness with light the conflict cannot survive. It actually cannot even develop. It requires two dark of different views in order to have a conflict. The light is a winner already from the beginning. Do not yield to the dark, but do not enter into conflict. Just look at the small obstinate child who wants to impose its will and smile with your mouth, eyes and heart. Smile! Start where you are right now!

Let your inner light now have the rightful place that it in truth has come here to regain. Let your life be recreated from this light and accept what comes out of it. Meet your own darkness, your own conflicts, in the same way that you meet others’. In truth you want to live in quietness and love. In truth you want to be who you are at a higher level then before on Earth. Let go of all the feelings not in harmony with your soul’s quietness and let your heart take its place of new leadership on Earth. Turn towards your own inner child and smile in love.

In quietness and calm I wish you a loving life on Earth!




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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