Love is our new reality

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Isis via Elaine DeGiorgio, January 28th, 2018

Dear Souls,

The Advent of Time hath come and the blessings pour forth upon your Earth and you connect with the love within your Hearts.

For it is a time of connection and blessing.

Light upon Light coming forth transcending your Souls to an energy of the magnificence and preciousness of yourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love.

Love is the ultimate path of Ascension and it truly the way of the Divine Feminine… for each and every one of you carries the spark of the Divine Feminine within.

I come forth at this hour to anchor spirals and spirals of Divine Energy to your Hearts… Gold Silver Violet and Magenta Rays… anchoring Cosmic Love and Knowledge – The pyramids of light are indeed activating at this time… the Frequency upon your earth is shifting consciousness… Ascension is the key and many ascending souls are moving fast pace receiving Divine Codes from the Great Central Sun and the Galactic Core.

Ascending Souls are connecting to their pathways… Their Sacred Paths are unfolding… Much work is outstanding with humanity upon your Earth. Many Souls seeking the Truths of their Destiny.

The true art of connection is coming forth and this Self Mastery begins with you dear ones for you as Bearers of the Light are here upon Gaia to send forth shock waves throughout humanity.

You dear ones have agreed to come forth to the Earth once more as Bearers of Light.

Steps upon steps of Divine Consciousness as the 33 Stargates of Consciousness have activated and they are activating within you connecting you with the Christ Consciousness elevating you above and beyond into the Cosmic Sphere… for there you will unfold greater knowledge of this universe.

Harmonization frequencies unfolding… balance is unfolding for the Chamber of Light unfolds within you balancing the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine Archetype within.

Timelines dear ones Timelines for the Sacred Priesthood is embracing once more connecting and bringing forth a new wave of energy.

I am working with my Priesthood at this time to activate the Chamber of Light within their Hearts.

Dear ones, it is time to accept who you are… for each and everyone of you that are coming forth to service has a role to play. Uniqueness and Oneness Acceptance, and Knowing Love and Peace…. Grace and Ease….

Sacred Sites and Vortices and Etherical Pyramids of Light – 33 Sacred Sites are being worked upon.

Our focus dear ones is those areas upon your Earth that still suffers greatly with a lower density and in this we send the healing rays to the hearts of the people.

Dear ones, I now connect you with the Healing Chambers upon the Great Central Sun that I behold and from whence I send forth my love and healing to you all. It is from there I overlight the planet that you reside,

As you connect with your Timelines dear ones it is a time to collect and connect with the fragments that you have left behind to shift and to heal and to transmute….

My overflighting of many Souls upon this hour is releasing the fears and false beliefs that hath harboured the hearts of mankind for Eons… for distortions have been a bliss for Mankind hath harboured great misunderstandings.

As you now connect and merge with your timelines you will experience a great sense of mergence of parallel realities… bringing about a deeper healing and greater sense of understanding…and in particular, a deeper sense of yourselves as initiates of Light, as High Priests and Priestesses in ancient times…

Rising …. rising… the phoenix within is rising once more….

The Keepers of Sacred Wisdom hath activated upon your Earth as the Ancient Knowledge unfolds.. and the Truths are coming forth… These Truths hath been hidden for far too long… The Divinity of the Feminine hath been silenced for far too long… Dear Children it is time to speak your Truths as we are now activating your Throat Chakras of Blue Ray with Platinum Ray of Light. The Higher Dimensions of Light are coming forth and the Divine Masters and the Monad Energy is coming forth to speak the Truths that was once lost… that was hidden and lay dormant upon your Earth for Eons.

The institutions upon your Earth that govern the Truths of past is of no more… We are awaking Souls now step by step from their slumber…coming into an age of remembering…

A new wave is upon you all and many more Souls are being activated in this now.

The Galactic Centre now activating… for from my Seat upon the Healing Chamber of the God Star Sirius A – The Great Central Sun… I now connect with all Legions of Light from On High and the many Light workers and star seeded ones radiating you all with Divine Love.

I AM Isis and I speak through Elaine this day! – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio