Love is our new reality

Goding via Kerstin Eriksson, January 30th, 2022

Sunday, 30 January 2022

Goding: I am a creator.

I am Goding but some used to call me gODINg, and in recent days you call me only God.

I am because I actually lived once on your beautiful planet Gaia.

I am a creator, yes, I am, I was in the beginning, before the big bang, together with many other creators. We melted together, like an intercourse.

We wished to create a beautiful world where multitude and abundance of colors, patterns, rhythms would be playing a perfect tune, where everyone joins in this magnificent orchestra.

Everyone is needed! Everyone plays their own instrument! Everyone of you are unique!

No one can replace YOU!

The meaning of living on this planet is embracing all colors and understanding them for who they are!

You are one tribe of many different nyances in the spectra of love.

When you separate, rather than embracing, then you are still very young.

The significanse of being older when you tend to love all, embrace all, knowing that there are much more similarities, than differences.

As an older person I am also knowing about all of your problems and hinders.

You grow when you go through hinders in your life.

But remember that fear hinders the love that is constantly emerging from the source.

Make sure that you remember this, talk to me everyday, and you emmediately clear the space surrounding you. Fear lingers around you like a grey cloth, and when you pray for love and goodness it clears this up!

I am a creator, and my ray is goodness. The other creators have other rays, like faith, hope, love, grace, music, rhythm, patience, gratefulness and even more wonderful positive energies.

You are created of these energies, and when you understand this, you also feel that you can not live without them.

You also detect when other people don´t live according to these energies, you feel something is not right, it is not sound.

If you want to feel good, and feel truly complete, whole, you need to love yoursef, embrace yourself, and then you can embrace others as well, so start always with yourself.

I love you and I am always by your side, I know exactly what happens,


(2022-01-30 I am Kerstin Eriksson and I am the channeler of this message from Goding also known as Odin, and God)