Love is our new reality

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God’s Message via Loretta, July 25th, 2017

You already are above all the world. You don’t have to set yourself above the world. I speak to everyone. Wherever you may be, you are My Child, thus, you are My Child of the Universe. You can even be happy. You can even be happy where you may not have chosen to be. No doubt, Life is a School. In terms of the world, you are unique. You don’t have to put forth effort. You fulfill without exertion. What is exertion but fighting something? Come from a different position. You can do it.

Is it effort for you to love? Sometimes or even often, it may seem so. Effort to perform is not quite the same as simply Being and from Being, get into action. Rise to action.

If you are an actor, you learn your lines. You get no applause for learning your lines. Get into the spirit of those lines, and enjoy learning them for their sake.

Come from Love, and where is the need for Effort of Will? No need to force yourself. No need for strain. No cause for strain. When your heart sings, there is no effort in singing.

When you are in a field of daisies, what effort is required to lie on your back and look up at the sky? What effort is needed in picking a handful of daisies?

Tell Me, Dear Ones, what effort is needed in Being? Being doesn’t have to be in great contrast to doing. You do not do doing. Doing evokes itself. Do you understand Me?

Being doesn’t require thinking. Being doesn’t require figuring out. Doing naturally issues from Being, the same way that leaves of trees are green.

You are My Child. What effort does it take to be the issue of My Heart? None at all. Effort is a top layer. Alas, effort is not the frosting on the cake. You iron on effort. You heat it up. You press hard.

Without effort doesn’t mean lackadaisical. It doesn’t mean careless. It doesn’t mean you are a dilettante. Enjoying doesn’t mean you are an amateur. I ask you to become an easy enjoyer. Enjoying is not hard work. Alas, it may seem to you that you are an underachiever in terms of enjoying Life.

Enjoying is opposed to trying hard. There is nothing you have to strive for. You may have to get up in the morning and go to work. Work is not work unless you are opposed to it. If the work you do is not joy for you, don’t try so hard.

Be not a conscientious objector to work. If your job is to dig ditches, let’s say, you are working by the sweat of your brow. There can be joy in this. There can be freedom in this. You are getting fresh air and sunshine and exercise. Don’t force yourself. You can only dig up one shovelful at a time.

If your job uses your mind, you can only think one thought at a time. Even when you feel your mind is scattered, you can only think one thought at a time.

If you deal with people, enjoy even those who may make being at your best difficult for you.

You are playing the Game of Life. The work you do does not last forever. When you look back, you may hear yourself saying: “Those were the good days.”

Haven’t you said that? At the time, those days may have been a struggle. Was struggling really necessary? You must have thought so. And now you long for those long-ago days to come back.

You don’t have to take Life so seriously as it has been your wont to do.

Be a forager for joy. Open your heart to joy now, not later.

» Source – Channel: Loretta