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Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, October 7th, 2018

You all saw how good triumphed over evil in America on the 6 October 2018 when Mr Kavanaugh was finally elected to become a Supreme Court Judge, so that the takedown of the Cabal can commence. What the Democrats did to try prevent this, should be a lesson to all of you. They tried to prevent truth and justice. It shocked many of you to see how far they were prepared to go to hold on to power. I have stated, many times, that Mr Trump was chosen to lead America out of the dark control of the Cabal. He is doing a good job. When humanity is free, and it will be, you will realise it could not have been done without the sacrifice made by Donald Trump. He gave up a wonderful, relaxed life with his family, to serve you. Pray for him and his family. One day, the world will realise how much you owe him.

The swamp must be drained. Mr Kavanaugh had to be put in place to achieve this. You are aware of all that was done to prevent his appointment. What you saw was how desperate the Deep State is to hold on to power. This told you a lot. Never forget the dangerous chemicals they put in your food and water, the drug-based medicines, and the air you breathe. This is criminal, but they get away with it. What they fail to realise is that they are only on the Earth for a short time, then they have to face eternity, where everything they did on Earth to hurt, destroy, or inflict suffering, will have to be faced and dealt with. Are they really willing to suffer on this side of life for eternity, for their crimes against humanity?

Nothing can be hidden on this side of life. Do not compare it to life on Earth. It is nothing like it. It is more wondrous than you could possibly imagine. Veronica has recordings of my great excitement when I first arrived in the afterlife. It was all that I could possibly imagine or wished for. It was more, much more.

John Mack confirmed all this, when he came to Spirit. His joy and excitement was good for all to share. Life on Earth is but a moment of existence and should be seen as such. You each chose to experience it. Life on Earth matters not, it is the afterlife that matters. You enter the world with nothing, and you will leave it with nothing, except a record of how you lived your life. Everything is noted, nothing can be hidden. Everyone that you have wronged while on Earth, you will stand before and plead forgiveness, on this side of life. There is no escape from this, so be prepared to confess your transgressions and seek forgiveness. You remain on the lower levels until you do this. Very few make it to the higher levels when they pass over. Though they may give the impression of being holier that thou on Earth, when they pass over to the afterlife, all is revealed and exposed for all to see. They will have to work to improve and seek forgiveness before they can enjoy the higher levels. Money and fame count for nothing here. Your humanity and how you lived your life is all that matters. Race, colour or creed, are of no consequence here: we are all SOULS.


Note from Veronica
Please forgive me, I am going through many physical changes to my body that force me to sleep without warning. I cannot control it. I could not complete Monty’s message.


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He is in need of your prayers and good wishes at this time. He thanks you for your kindness to him.

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