Love is our new reality

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Grandmother Anna and Andrew via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, October 25, 2020

Grandmother Anna and Andrew via Galaxygirl | October 25, 2020

Grandmother Anna & Andrew 10/25/2020

Goodmorning children, this is your Grandmother Anna. I feel so proud of each and every one of you for all of your hard work and personal transformation. You are having more and more opportunities to choose love and you are doing it. We see you leading more with your hearts which is most encouraging. You have cleared much of your ancestral lines which is a tremendous service not only to yourselves but to your future generations. Gaia is undergoing a similar state of total transformation. Your world is transforming before your eyes and it can be unsettling. But know children, know that all things work out for those who hold the flame of hope high and bright in their hearts. Faith is not for the weak. Faith is for the strong, for it takes great faith to trust that the inner nudges of your heart are the truths to be followed when surrounded by such an egoic cacophony in your external world. The ego has been so wounded and has wounded so many. The ego is of the lower dimensional ways and you will not be needing it as you transcend – I almost said the physical! But you will not be doing this, you will be transforming your physical and taking it with you, just as my grandson did. Oh, this is really quite exciting! We are all cheering you on. Do you have enough food and water? Are you caring for you physical vessel in the ways that you should? Nurturing is essential at this time. We Magdalenes often would retreat for 40 days into a solitary cave for contemplation. Quarantine has been such a cave time for many. It is essential that even quarantined from your regular routine you do not yet find more distractions but that you find the blessing in the burden. Find the hidden gem in the rubble. That gem is you. Find yourselves in this time of the cave. Who are you? Really? That is likely who you were. Now who are you becoming? What foods does your new body like? What does this new you who is evolving and transmuting every second, what brings you joy? Are you joyful? If not, how can you create more joy for yourselves? It will likely not be found on your devices but perhaps journaling, working with your hands, something that will give your mind occupation so you can start to listen to your heart.

I am your Grandmother Anna. Children need to be cared for. Are you caring for your own inner child? What did you love to do as a child? Perhaps revisit that. Build something. Walk in nature. The greatest mystery I see from this interestingly challenging time period you find yourselves immersed in is that you have previously been in quarantine from your heart but could not see because the mind was so busy, busy always busy! This shock of a stop has created the opportunity for people to look within. Children, are you looking ? What do you see? Do you see what I see? A beloved child of God? I love you so much!

I am your Grandmother Anna. You bring so much joy to me. I am so tremendously proud of you. Now care for yourselves. Stay warm, button up. Do not let your heart become chilled with the news. Now is the time for you to shine bravely. And the others will see and their fear will be more easily melted away. Now is the time of the emergence of the heart. It is a lovely time approaching on the very near horizon. This one does NOT want me to say that this is a lovely time now. But dear, lovely is how you look at things. You are growing. That is lovely in itself, is it not? And if you could see yourselves as we see you from above in the realms of light and love, where yes, your higher self is very involved in your success, you would see how lovely you all are. Tremendous beings of love, light and service. I love you so much. Please, continue to care and nurture yourselves as I would for you. You are the leaders now. Your hands and feet will serve many, this I see. For the collective is finally – finally! – coming together and when this happens the galactic human collective on ascended Gaia will be truly a gem of collectives.

I am your Grandmother Anna. Care for yourselves. Eat your soup, drink your tea. Meditate and hug your loved ones. You are rising as one, in stages, but as one, another great mystery. Trust the process and listen to the voice of truth within you. It will not mislead. It is your lifeline home to your true self that is emerging moment by moment. Do not be afraid of the silence of the cave for when you are still and quiet enough you can hear its whisperings. The divine feminine is rising, and we can see this all around working the glowing fabric of energies with which you are weaving. Now the current thread in this weaving is trust. Shortly comes the dark thread of disclosure. All is a tapestry of eventual beauty. Remember you are seeing the threads of the tapestry beneath. Be at peace with the process. We are busy assisting with weaving from above while you are weaving beneath. A lovely cocreative process. I love you. I am you Grandmother Anna. Bring yourself some joy today. You bring me joy in every moment! I love you, precious ones.

I Andrew would like to add a word if I may have a chance. Earth has been under quarantine for thousands of years. Quarantined from light forces who wished to assist, quarantined from the hearts of those embodied. It has been a bleak dark chapter for humanity and this is ending now. Do not become low of faith for even the term quarantine is being transmuted and upgraded. It will be known as the catalyst for the great awakening. It signifies the ending of the old age and the birthing of the divine feminine which had been quarantined from its true expression. This moment in history is assisting with this process. We Magdalenes are working from this side of the veil. We hold you in high esteem. It is an honor to assist you.

~ galaxygirl