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Galactic Federation of Light via Lynne Rondell, October 25th, 2020

A December to Remember! | Galactic Federation of Light via Lynne Rondell


Channel Lynne Rondell


I’m coming back to you this beautiful Friday with another channeling.

This channeling is going to be from the galactic federation of light and they’re calling this one « a December to remember »

So here we go


We are the galactic federation of light, we are so very eager and happy coming through this channel again for all of you. We’d like to talk about a few things, the main thing we’d like to talk about is what everyone is speaking about, talking about, wondering about what is going to happen in December.

We’re titling this one a December to remember. We’re going to lay out exactly what is going to happen this December, why it’s going to happen, who brought this about and sort of how you’re going to feel after December is over.

December is a big month, December 20th, December 21st you have a lot of things going on, you have a conjunction of three planets that are going to be aligned December 21st but you have another, we’re going to say, you have four or five other very big events that are going to be happening this December. We’re going to talk about the energies now that are going to be running through from the end of October, November and into December. We’re going to tell you a little bit about those energies and what they’re doing and why.

December has been a month that was marked a long time ago by the higher councils of light that if the collective, if humanity did not get ready in time, did not reach a vibratory frequency so that means if your vibration as a collective which means all of you together if your vibration as a collective was not high enough there was going to be a very large solar flash or solar flare that would jolt your bodies upward and force your bodies to actually receive a huge burst, we’re going to say an outburst of energy.

The solar flare or solar flash, it is just a burst of energy that is coming from the sun and it’s coming toward this planet and it’s really going to look at it as just a burst of light. It’s just a burst of energy and light that is hitting the planet at a certain day and time, it’s going to be between December 20th, 21st, 22nd around in there along with the conjunction of the planets. This burst of energy from the sun this solar blast and solar flare was designed originally to give all of you, a real boost up in your vibratory field, which means in your vibration to get you up higher on your in your vibration, your frequency, we’re going to say if you had not achieved a certain point that you had to achieve.

Now this solar blast and flare it’s coming anyhow but you have achieved the vibratory, you’re holding it the vibration and the frequency that is far above what those a long time ago had thought this planet would be able to do. You are ascending for a multitude of reasons. Mother Earth has put this in a very long time ago, we’re going to say the call went out 60, 70, 80 years ago. She’s been planning this for a long time.

A fail-safe method was put in if you had not achieved this vibration, this frequency to carry you to the fifth dimension, this solar flare would have some effect, a drastic effect. It would push all of your vibrations and your frequencies in your body and around your body and along with everything on the planet, it would push it up two or three notches not just a notch.

Well we’re happy to say that you have achieved, you have far achieved where you are holding now as far above, where they anyone’s in the higher councils thought a very long time ago you would get to say with all the energies in light and all the work all of you are doing, you’re far above where you’re not supposed to be but where we thought you were going to be.

This solar event that those of you on your planet are talking about is not going to be anything more than a burst of energy that is going to rush at you, a burst of light that is going to come at you and it’s just going to do a little help, it’s just going to do a little work. It may awaken some that are not awakened, it may push some of you up a notch in your vibration. This solar flare this solar blast is designed to lift your vibration, to lift you up a notch, two notches, three notches. It also can be used to further your development and further your journey to the fifth dimension.

It can be used as a manifestation tool with this burst of energy coming, we’re gonna say it’s like a grid or portal. It’s almost we’re going to say a gateway has opened up. So this energy is going to hit Mother Earth and it’s going to be like this gateway has opened up, this portal has burst wide open and really it’s just energy coming through it, but it’s energy that you can use, to manifest, to get yourself closer to the fifth dimension, to work on purging your chakras, to align with your higher power. Those can use it that are not awakened to awaken. It’s not going to be anything more than a burst of energy, a burst of light that was designed a very long time ago to really jump start all of you we’re going to say.

This was designed a long time ago as the great awakening, this was designed a long time ago as the first huge jolt and jump to get you on your road to the fifth dimension. You are all way past that, what is going to come in for you though is a remembrance, what is going to come in for all of you is more of an enlightenment, is gonna help each and every one of you with what is needed.

We are hoping some of the collective that is sleeping will get a little bit of jolt.It’s just energy rushing at you. You might feel we’re going to say if you feel anything you’re going to feel elated, you’re going to feel like you’ve left your body and you’re up higher. You’re not going to feel bad at all, this is going to have no effect really in a bad way on any of you because you’re already holding on such a high vibration but it’s going to come in and allow you to sort of gain some more momentum for your journey to the fifth dimension.

The conjunction with the planets on December 21st is also helping with this alignment but it’s going to do another thing, it’s going to help you with your remembrance of who you are. Your remembrance of where you’ve been, like who you are in your soul’s journey. You’re going to start to have flashbacks of past lives on this planet and other planets. It’s going to open you up more to who you have been in the past.

So we’re calling this, you know this December, we’re calling it a great awakening in the sense that it’s going to be a remembrance for all of you. We’re calling it a great awakening of December to remember in the sense that you can use this energy this sort of gateway or portal that’s opened up for all of, you you can use it to help with your ascension, you can use it to manifest, you can use it to further align your higher power for that needs to be aligned.

Your angels and your guides are going to know when this energy burst comes in, they’re going to know what to help you with and they’re going to help each and every one of you as you all have guides and angels to further yourself along on your ascension.

What originally was going to be the awakening, really the awakening out of huge slumber and we mean out of a no conscious level of third dimension to really jolt humanity is going to be no more than a wonderful burst of energy and light that the sun and she’s been sending them all the time, every few days to help all of you go up and up and up. This burst of energy, this solar flare is going to be nothing more than a tool to help all of you on your ascension journey. It is nothing to fear a lot of you won’t feel the thing, some of you just feel like you’ve lifted up in your vibration, your frequency gets higher, you may feel a little out of your body, you may feel like you’re very high up on a high vibration.

This burst of energy was originally designed to awaken and lift the collective from their lower vibration up a notch two notches and three notches. This was set up some 40 or 50 years ago. So it is not needed, it’s still going to come but it’s not going to be at that level at all. It’s just going to be at a level to help all of you with the tools that you need to continue on your ascension.

We’re going to call this a December to remember. You’re all going to feel it, you’re all going to shift in some way and by feeling it it may be just that you come into a knowing more of who you are. You align with your higher power, you have a sense of remembrance of who you are, you can do more manifesting with this energy in life. This is a high frequency energy in light.

There’s different frequencies of energy and light that come in. This frequency, this energy in light is a higher frequency of energy and light, so it’s much more accessible to all of you, to really use it for what you want as it was really just designed to jolt the former humanity was down very low into some sort of awakening.

This is going to be a December to remember. You have a lot of wonderful things coming in for you, we’ll talk about. We’re going to wait and talk about the other energies. We’ll do another one with the energies that are coming in November but this is a way to ring in the new year, this is a way to really elevate, shift and lift yourself to that of a higher consciousness, to align, to purge, to manifest, to do whatever is needed and your guides and angels will tell you what is needed.

Everyone is going to get helped when this gateway and portal opens of energy, everyone is going to get help from this high energy field in light, everyone is going to change, everyone is going to have sort of the betterment of themselves, everyone is going to be able to use this gateway and portal full of high vibrating light for what is needed and as you say your guides and angels will direct you to what that is but it’s going to help you with this new year 2021 coming up. There’s a lot more things going on first and second waves are getting very near.

We’re going to do another channeling through this channel and talk about the energies coming from now until the end of December and what that holds and really when the first wave is getting ready to come. It is not determined yet because it as see and as no thing. Mother Earth is really pushing and pushing and pushing to get up. There’s a lot of other reasons for that which we’ll go into it another time but there’s enough and there’s enough ready for the first wave. So it could be coming very soon, it could be coming in December it could be coming in January.

We’re going to let you know about that as it gets closer, the second wave will follow, three to five months out the second wave is going to follow which is going to be tens of millions of you. So we’re very excited at all that’s happening, we’re very excited that all of you are really processing well. We’re really excited that you’re really shifting into that, of oneness, of unity. You’re really shifting up to that of love, fairness, compassion and equality and to really center yourself in your heart.

It is going to be a December to remember, nothing bad is happening, you’re going to get a huge burst of very, very high frequency energy coming from the sun. As we say she’s getting very excited, she’s setting bursts out now every two to three days, little burst of energies to help you raise your frequency and vibration. This one for some of you is going to be a huge of vibratory rays but each one of you is going to use this energy in a different way.

It’s very exciting for all of us, it’s not going to do anything bad, it will not be felt by a lot of the collective but it will still be used by them and some of you will just feel you’re up in the ethers almost and then you’ll settle back down.

The main thing we’re going to tell you that this energy was designed a long time ago when it was put into its order, it was to raise the collective of humanity’s frequency, it was to raise them up, raise the vibration to take them out of their slumber. Well all of you are far out of your slumber now and you’re holding on a very high vibration, so it’s just coming in to add to whatever you need.

We are the galactic federation of light, we’re going to be coming through this channel with a lot more messages on just what exactly is happening. We look forward to seeing how all of you do processes energy and light.

We are nine of the 12 councils and we’re on the 12th dimension.

We’re sending all of you such love, we’re sending all of you such blessings and light.


Thank you galactic federation of light. Well i’ve been hearing a lot about that myself. I did do a channeling back on it, i think saying the same thing a month or two ago but it is a chance for us to manifest and sort of use this high frequency energy for whatever we need to use it for. It won’t be anything more than just a burst of energy but something to think about, something to think about how you would like to use. It it’ll be like a gateway or portal is opened up and huge stream of energy will come through. Nothing bad will happen, it’s all good, it’s just going to help us all on our journey. I look forward to channeling many more of the messages from the galactic federation of light am sending you such love, light and blessings.

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