Love is our new reality

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Source via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, October 26, 2020

Source via Galaxygirl | October 26, 2020

Source 10/26/2020

I am Source. I am that I am. I am the in-breath and the out-breath and the space in between. My spark is present within all life, even anti-matter life who denies me. Out of my will and my direction all life is birthed. Spark-lights of me in form are present throughout the multiverse, as well as creations of creations with light further diluted. But all life originally begins with me. (I am seeing Elohim and Archangels being given tools of creation and them each having their own projects. I am seeing barren planets being planned and protected, seedlings created and crafted with care for the unique environment per planetary form. I am seeing how each planet has a plan, its own life path and the intentions of the colonizers are an intricate part of this. I am seeing that Gaia has been heavily influenced by negative colonizers which changed her direction and stunted her growth for a long while). This is being remedied.

I am Source. I see and feel your angst and pain. I also feel your joys and excitements. For I am within you. I am experiencing this alongside you. We are together in this grand experiment. The dark ones are being removed. Those who do not chose the light are being repurposed by it, by myself and recycled into yet more light. This project is ending so that a new one can emerge, resplendent and beautiful, victorious in the light. Do not despair, but be courageous of heart. The tide is turning rapidly for humanity. No more shall Gaia be abused. My fingerprints are on each of your hearts. You are my own selves and you are well protected and loved. (I am seeing geometric shapes of all sizes and colors being intricately placed and fit together into an enormous puzzle. Each has sacred geometry and is unique and beautiful in itself). You are unique and beautiful to me. You are my creation. You are not forgotten or alone. (I am feeling the tremendous sense of community and joy when a puzzle piece is reunited with the neighboring shapes. I am seeing this is an infinite living cosmic breath of creation, a moving stream of solid and yet very fluid energy fabric that bathes the universe in light. The puzzle pieces feel alone when they do not feel connected but they glow with light when they realize their connection). You are all connected to me. The cosmic photon belt which you are deep within is having tremendous positive effects. You are deep within this positively charged space quadrant. (I am seeing half of Gaia begin to glow and the glow is spreading all across her. I am seeing that solar systems are like tiny gears in a gigantic clock of the Milky Way which is yet another tiny gear in the universal clock. It is infinitely organized down to the tiniest detail, mathematical and exceptionally precise). Yes, just as you are seeing the mechanics of the larger picture, know that such care is equally being made within your inner body systems as they transmute forms from the lower carbon based into the higher crystalline form. Breathe in and in so doing you will be moving deeply more energy into your forms.

I am Source. You are all aspects of myself. You can never be divorced from your origin. We are one. Gaia’s liberation is being meticulously orchestrated. You have been immersed within chaos where rules serve the few not the many. Universal law is fair and just, reliable and true. This is being returned into your realm. The disharmony will be replaced with harmony for creation is harmony in its truest form. Balance will be restored. Just as intricately as the cells in a flower petal orchestrate its color, so too has everything been meticulously planned for your joy and freedom. Do not lose hope. Feel my strength within you. We are of the same light, the same essence. You are immeasurably loved. I am love. I am light. I am restoring this realm into love and light. Just as each planetary rotation and spin is mathematically precise to continue order in the heavens, so too are my angels and higher dimensional galactics who are aligned with me, so too does everyone have a purpose, a duty within certain frameworks. It is a delicate operation, a delicate task and I am immeasurably proud of them and of all of you. I am so delighted in my aspects, who are choosing the light of their own true being to shine most brightly in these harrowing times upon your world. They need not be harrowing. (I am hearing the hallelujah chorus). The dawn is upon you now. The sky is being filled with rosy light of a new era. Feel this rosy dawn within you and be at peace in this moment of rebirth and renewal.

I am Source. Your rebirth, planetary and personal alignments are in the process of tremendous upgrades. I am here with you always. We are together, one. I love you as myself. We are growing exponentially through this experience which will create a ripple effect of blessing for all future planetary creations and ascension processes. Just as you love and value your own children so too do I treasure you. Thank you for being a part of the liberation of Gaia.

I am Source. I applaud your efforts and I solidify you with strength, hope and love. Breathe me in and feel our oneness. There is nothing you cannot do. Feel the hope in these words and be at peace. Be comforted. You are a critical cog in the wheel of this divine plan unfolding. Shine your light as the divine star beings of love-light that you are. Stars in the sky are surrounded by darkness so that their light can shine most radiantly. You are shining radiantly. I am Source. Let us shine through this time together as one.

~ galaxygirl