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Mileuka via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, October 24, 2020

Mileuka via Galaxygirl | October 24, 2020

Mileuka 10/24/2020

Warm greetings to ascending humanity. I Mileuka am speaking on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Light in this now. We are monitoring your skies and inner workings of your beautiful planet Gaia. Gaia is such a patient soul and yet her patience grows thin for the upcoming liberation of humanity and her form. It is imperative that you hold faith and form. You are anchoring light consciousness quite literally wherever you are. The light workers are carrying an enormous load and we are deeply aware of your exhaustion. Your stamina, fortitude and joy amidst this experience is admirable, friends. For it is not an easy task to do something completely new. Planetary forms ascending with life intact is a new endeavor and Gaia is a most worthy leader. We are asking you to continue on continuing on for a bit longer. Much is in the works. This is an extremely complex and delicately intricate plan for her ascension and you are vital pieces of this plan and most intimately loved.

We of the Galactic Federation of Light wish for humanity to know that we have their best interests at heart and are under the supreme directive of Prime Creator who is overseeing this entire process. We wish for peace and rest to be ever a part of your essence and experience. A soul at peace is attractive energetically to others. Much can be improved energetically upon your planet. Those at peace cannot harbor any of the lower vibratory experiences to the degree that they would experience them otherwise. Peace is a soul at balance within itself and its surroundings. Peace is not acceptance. Do not confuse. We are not accepting of the current chaos on your realm, we are assisting with changing it as much as we are permitted, and more and more is being permitted to further along the healing of humanity. Peace is not complacency or acceptance but rather being balanced inwardly with the circumstance and feeling the loving presence of your planetary Mother Gaia and divine support around you. This is an essential time of external chaos to usher in cleansing and healing for humanity. Please continue to hold space for Gaia and all upon her. In so doing you are creating a ripple effect of healing and grace of one who has experienced the dark and decided to shine in the midst of darkness. We see you as shining lights of the multiverse and we hold you in high esteem.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light. We are sending you energetic enhancements and upcodements within this message. It is our gift to you. (I am seeing streams of numbers and light language sequences descending in golden streamers of light all around me, all around Gaia, descending from the skies). Yes, we can beam these enhancements from our ships now, and there are many of these. We have the permission to offer such enhancements now when asked, and so we ask that you be open, be at peace and in a state of trusting balance, knowing that divine support is all around you, that your galactic family is ever near and that you are very near and dear to our heats and essential to this missions’s success. Gaia will ascend. You will ascend. You are in the midst of the birthing and it is a painful time. Do not be swept away by the waves and the wind. Just as Master Sananda walked on water, you can walk through this storm without getting too wet. Be the peace in the midst of it for the others and your energy orb will heal their misgivings. Much is being cleansed out and cleared. Do not allow the outer chaos to stick to your auric fields. We are sending you our strength and solidarity, but we see that you are quite strong enough on your own. It is a delight to connect with this one and in so doing connect with so many of our beloved family members embodied during this crucible moment. You are seeing the ashes. The Phoenix is being reborn underneath them. Take heart. Know that every detail is being attended to and we are most excited, privileged and honored deeply to be able to partner with you on this magnificent journey towards the higher realms. Inner peace aligns you with the higher dimensional ways. Please manifest this now and in so doing of course aid the collective.

I Mileuka am speaking on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Light. We love you. Know this. Feel this. Become this. Become this love embodied and shine like the radiant beings of immense power that you are. Thank you for allowing this connection.

~ galaxygirl