Love is our new reality

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Gratitude, Love and Happy Holidays, November 23d, 2023

Dear Readers,

It is customary for us at the end of the year to wish you Happy Holidays. Most major religions have holy days, all the way up to the New Year Celebration. We wholeheartedly wish you a loving and peaceful in Gratitude of all that has been given to you in terms of wisdom an experiences as we move ever closer to major changes in the world.

We also ask that you keep us in mind, us here at the We are full of Gratitude for the year that has just about finished. We do need your continued support just as we try to support you with knowledge.

We know that economic conditions are hard in most countries and it is not easy for many of you. However, this is what we have to live for the time being, but not for very much longer.

We ask that those of you who are able to send as a generous donation, large or small, at the end of the year. It will aid our work and allow us to continue it into the critical year of 2024.

Blessings to all of you,

Per Staffan