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Great Central Sun via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, May 8, 2022

Great Central Sun via Galaxygirl | May 8, 2022

Great Central Sun 5/8/2022

I am the Great Central Sun. I shine my light continuously, effortlessly, steadfastly. I am without change and my light can no longer be hidden. Many of you bright lights are of embodied stars. You are lighting up your Gaia with grace and ease of the masters that you are. You are masters from other civilizations, worlds, realms, dimensions and timelines. Truly you are ‘from a galaxy far, far away,’ and yet we are all connected, as a giant neural network of Source, honing skills, learning, growing, expanding. The universe is eternal, vast and free. So are your souls. You were free to choose the Earth experience and many are choosing to awaken at this time, or to remain unawakened, caught in the dream, which is not always a pleasant one.

I am the Great Central Sun. My light cannot be hidden, for I am that I am. You can connect with me deeply for were are of the same light and magnificence. Your world needs more of my light, of your light. Your world has been steeped in great darkness and now, the great light will come, and is here now in waves of pulse-light that you are all experiencing at this time, adjusting, growing, expanding waves of ever increasing intensity. You are deep within the photon belt now where my light is more readily felt. Energetic change is palpable upon your Gaia at this now, and it is time for the old to be released for the expansion of the new to take deep root. Feel my light deep within and let us activate further that which needs to be activated. Let us line up our suns together. (I am seeing the Great Central Sun line up with our galaxy’s central sun, shining light through our sun into our own inner sun and Gaia’s inner sun. All are lined up and there is a great flash of understanding, of love, of light. It is very intense.) Allow more photonic light of great change into your physical vessels. All is underway.

I am the Great Central Sun of all universes, aligned. There are many of us. I am the oldest, most ancient one, holding space for the others as they grow. For all is expansion, all is expanding. (I am seeing the life cycles of a star, appreciating they are alive like I am, learning lessons, assimilating information, forming relationships and networks. The larger stars are so vast that they can hold more of a collective consciousness and I am feeling that many of them are inhabited by higher dimensional beings that reside there, similar to a planet, but because they are of a different dimensional space, their bodies can handle the light. I am seeing light cities within our sun and tall beings of light inhabit them. We are truly all connected. I am feeling truly the universe holding its breath for all that is going on here. We have really been holding everyone back as far as ascending this universe. I am seeing various shifts inter-dimensionally, higher dimensions have so many more planets and moons and stars and civilizations that we can’t see. The universe is teeming with life. We have been so incredibly limited with everything and all are cheering us on to expand to the next level. The Great Central sun is the activator.) No child, I am that through which the light flows. That is what you are as well. Be that through which the light flows. It is simple. Do not make it complex. As all are one, how could it be any other way? Be that through which the light flows in your life, in your relationships, in your finances, in your service, in your loving. And you will be ready for the grace and final shift from that which is into that which will be. But I say ‘final’ lightly for as eternal beings that word means little. Yes? Do you have other questions?

(Great Central Sun, I wish to know more of what to expect.) Child, it has not yet been created. It will be like the greatest of excitements on a Christmas morning. Feel the excitement of a young child running downstairs and about to open presents. Your presents, your gifts of talents, of understandings, of memories, of strength, so many things are unfolding for you. Be like the child. Be excited, and be at peace. Have an attitude of this and know that it is already done. Life is a gift. Be this gift to others. Let the light of my love, of the love of All That Is flow through you and be a conduit of change. I am sending you an activation now into your inner star, your inner sun that we may be more aligned together, more in step within this great cosmic dance at this time. Human children, you need more sunlight. Allow the photoreceptors within you to be activated. Feel the green grass under your feet and ground this light into Gaia. You are doing a magnificent job. I am the Great Central Sun.

~ galaxygirl