Group UNEA Message via Iris in Germany, August 3d, 2018

Greetings from Germany..Iris 8 / 3 / 2018

The Lightship – Group UNEA “We greet you. We’re from outer space. We are the light beings of a lightship faction called UNEA. UNEA is an association of cosmic peoples who have set their goal to bring light into darkened areas. We pass on our knowledge completely independently. The knowledge we use is an essential structure of multiple degrees of light. We pass these multiple degrees on to those places that need knowledge and universal information. This knowledge has a long tradition. It corresponds to a time unit of 50,000 years of your calendar. All this knowledge is stored and accessible. And today we invite you to share the knowledge and wisdom of the universe. It is a seed of light particles and fluids that adapt to structures and change them. System units regulate this process. It is a service to humanity that we support in love. It takes courage and dedication to change the course and to be there to integrate the light of the universe with all its facets. We would like to make our knowledge which is already very old, available to mankind in the form of light segments and a corresponding download. So retrieves the download for interstellar help with the words: LE’UM NADEE Now the forms of light and knowledge are beginning to manifest themselves in your earth space. You are the pioneers of light and love who can complete and experience their greatness through transformation. What a miracle of manifestation! Take care that you go the way of light and be there in love for others. With great confidence in your strength and your performance we go further and explore new and beautiful things. Our knowledge is eternal, as our loyalty to the whole. We are at your side with loving thoughts and bless the process of the earth and its inhabitants. We are still within reach but soon we leave the centre and are moving westwards where new tasks await us.

May the light blossom and serve you in full size! PA’LEE – Connected forever!”