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“Hardball” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Sunday – June 25, 2017

“Hardball” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Sunday – June 25, 2017


We’re on an hour by hour trigger starting @ 4pm EDT today.

Military sources say they were wheels up by noon Saturday ready for the fireworks. Unsure as to what happened to abort mission.

Diplomatic sources think Obama / Elders want peace in the Middle East and want Qatar / Saudi Arabia matter settled before starting.

Saudi’s pulled a last second change up on Elders, new Crown Prince not the leader both sides had agreed to.


Told any nation still boycotting Qatar by the end of Ramadan (in Saudi Arabia that is now Sunday not Saturday) will not have access to AIIB trade platforms.

Hearing all but Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have pulled out of supporting Qatari sanctions.

New deadline rumored to be Monday midnight in Saudi Arabia as a back wall for elimination of all future oil sales contracts with China (4pm EDT Sunday).

Saudi Arabia believes the potential volume of disruption for crude oil gives them leverage over the Elders / China to set Qatar straight pre RV.

However, this has more to do with USA and Turkey military bases in Qatar potentially blocking Saudi oil freighters passing through the Persian Gulf.

Same can be said for Saudi Arabia attacking Yemen as to ensure safe oil freighter passage through the Red Sea.

But we’re told there’s long been a plan in place by China to use Iran, Iraq, Russia and even Alaska oil as replacement suppliers for Saudi Arabia–which would send the House of Saud back to the Stone Age in less than a decade as pro China nations would also stop buying Saudi Arabia crude oil.

No different than what Russia did to Ukraine by building another pipeline into Europe (Nordstream 2) and circumventing Ukraine’s revenue stream long term.

Mess with the Elders and you’ll be financially reduced to ruble because they play poker with the largest stack always.

This means Saudi Arabia must back down from Qatar sanctions or eliminate their one and only revenue source which would be self induced suicide.

Hardball is right now being played by the Elders who are pitching inside with that weird illuminating orb.

Everything we are told is 100% set here in USA. This week is Trump’s final as President. Republic White Knights won’t let him see a 4th of July.

God is with us.