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Mother/Father God via Ann Dahlberg, June 24, 2017

Mother/Father God

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am your Father/Mother God and today I want to spread the message of Love. I am Love. You are Love. Everything that lives and moves is Love. Everything that comes from my hands is Love and will always consist of Love. Seek in your heart and you will find love there. The essence of your soul is pure love. When you have opened up yourself inside you will find the truth there – your soul’s truth, which knows that you are light. It is pure, white and shining and full of love to everything that exists.

Yes, the creation is light and loving, your illusion is very different. You can at any time come back to the light and the love that you are. You have however chosen to have the experience and a greater understanding of the contrasts that can exist in life. This time you chose to go deep down in the world of contrasts. You forgot the light in your heart, but the light did not forget about you. It has come now to bring you back home again – Home to the light and the love that you belong to. There were many cries for help and of desperation that reached the light. I, your Father/Mother God, will now bring the light back to you. My arms are open and welcoming.

I have waited for a long time for your return and it is a day of joy for me and all the beings of light to whom you now return home to. It will be a festivity of the light in the sign of love. It is great day for the heavenly light and the heavenly portals are wide open. Many welcoming hands are ready to receive you. They have waited a long time, longed for and sent love to remind you of your place of birth, which is in the light. You were born in pure love and light. You return as pure, light and loving beings. Perhaps you may think that life in the dark world of contrasts has made you less loving, but that is also just an illusion. Nothing can destroy your inner essence. It is only an understanding of what separation can create through anguish and fear that you now take back with you. This understanding can help others that struggle with the same separation anguish to be able to bring themselves back to the light and understand that they always are loved and welcome whenever they return home.

Yes, my dearest children, I can only love you and I follow you daily and hourly. Your will is my will and your will is now to return home and it fills my heart with great love and joy. Preparations have been made for your return and it will not take so long before we have the children of the Light with us again. The Angels play and sing in joy and love in praise of the great event that is now happening on Earth.

I, your Father/Mother God, give the guiding hand for all that is happening on Earth today, so that you securely can wander back home again. I have waited for you dear children – I have waited for you. It is a great joy for me to see all my children walk home again. It is an indescribable feeling that cannot be put in words. My love for you cannot be explained, be described or be felt in the dimension you are in. One day you will understand how much you are loved. Know and understand that you are awaited and loved far beyond your understanding.

My love is with you all the time for each step you take in this or next life… all the way until you stand by my side as a pure and loving light.

I am with you,

Father/Mother God





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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