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Hathor via Ann Dahlberg, July 1st


Friday, July 1, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Hathor and I am glad to come down to talk with you today. It has been a turbulent time for many of you, some of you feel frustrated and others live on hope. It is a hope that they keep up with a spark from the Light. Some feel they need more time, so they follow what is happening with some more calm. They feel that they slowly grow with their task. We are all different and we all have a place in the unity whole. We need to be different for various things need to be done in different places at different times. We all have a task and when it is time for it to be revealed it will be. Most of you have chosen that it will be so, but everything is happening with free will.

The people on Earth are now longing for peace and freedom. All the thousands of years of war and fighting have worn on them. They long to come back to the Light and the peace and love that exist there. All nuances that can be found from their time on the Earth exist in their bodies, emotions, senses and has been documented in plenty of books. They feel it is enough now, they want back to the riches in the Light and take with them all experiences from this lower dimension so that they can be helpful to other people that also exist in this lower dimension.

It is a large step that humanity is taking by ascending together with its planet. It is an equally large step for the Universe. Many interested parties from other solar systems follow developments, yes, even from other galaxies. It is a light and anticipatory time that you now move into. Let the Light shine in your hearts. Let it light up your whole inner being and understand that you also are a divine being created by All That Is. The highest Fire has created all that is in the Universe and we are a part of it. A very small spark can keep everything alive, but if you let the spark grow you change your whole world. Everything suddenly becomes lighter and more beautiful and you see love in all that surrounds you. Also, everything is Love, since the Almighty is only Love and wishes only Love for you. We lost this in the illusion, but we are now on our way to bringing it back into our Hearts, into our lives, into the very air that we brief.

Yes, consider yourselves lucky people down there on Earth, you are moving towards a tumultuous euphoric time and is putting a mark in the Universe that forever will be remain as one of the most historical events. There are many who would like to be part of this event right now on Earth, but you are the chosen and we have much confidence that you will pull it all off. Latest developments on Earth have also shown that you are up to this task. It has not been easy, but you have shown proof of both determination and courage. We are so proud and happy up here. What you do, we also do. We are all “one” and we support you and send you as much Light and Love that we can.

Ask for help dear ones, and you will have the help next to you. We have the bigger perspective and can see when the help fit in best so that your task or development can continue.

There is much that will be cleansed now on Earth and it is in both Earth and your bodies. Everything must be raised to a higher vibration so that the air and the water become clearer. You live under the same conditions and this goes for all that grow and flourish on your Earth.

It is a large job that you have in front of you, but we are here and support you the whole time. We believe in you and love you so very much. With these words I say farewell.

You have all my hope and love.

Lovingly, Hathor.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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