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Hathors (channeled messages)

A Hathor Planetary Message: The Cave of Altruin, via Tom Kenyon, May 16th, 2022

A Hathor Planetary Message: The Cave of Altruin | Tom Kenyon

by Tom Kenyon

You and your Earth are undergoing massive transformations along with all of its sentient beings.

You have clearly entered the Sixth Mass Extinction. And the relative stability of the Holocene era has given way to the Anthropocene (i.e., human-induced changes to the ecosystem).

Increasing instability of the ecosystem will continue to generate abnormal weather patterns. And increased global warming will put undue stress on all biological life. Indeed, the very underpinnings of life itself, the vast complex networks of botanical lifeforms are being and will continue to be stressed to their breaking point. This will obviously have ominous effects on agriculture. But botanical stress includes not just plant forms you eat or feed to your beasts, but also includes other land-based and aquatic plants that are indispensable for the survival of most animal species.

Extinction events have happened to lifeforms on your planet before, but in this instance, it has been harbingered by human activity.

To be clear here, by Mass Extinction we do not mean the eradication of all lifeforms. Rather we are referring to the high probability that all species will be detrimentally affected and many of these (but not all of them) will become extinct.

Viewing the probable timeline of your planet from our perspective, we predict that as a whole, humanity will survive but a massive loss of human life will be unavoidable (unless a miracle of international cooperation arises in a quick and effective manner).

From the standpoint of higher dimensions and certainly from our bias as light beings, the purpose of human life is not biological survival. Rather human life offers a unique niche within the Multiverse to rapidly evolve spiritually by experiencing the crosshairs of time and space whereby one directly perceives the dynamic flux of the cosmos. This hyper state of constant change within the cosmos is nothing less than the eternal transformations of energy-into-light-into-matter and then back again like an infinite Mobius strip that turns back upon itself like a serpent swallowing its tail.

From a distance, this dance of existence is marvelous to behold. But if you are in the middle of it, it can be something altogether—quite distressing actually, unless you have learned how to reside in a state of consciousness that transcends all phenomena.

The pressures upon an embodied being (especially now) are immense. And while this metaphor borders on being cliché, it is nonetheless valid. A human being is much like a lump of coal. And like coal, when pressure is exerted upon the psyche of a human, he or she will either shatter or be transformed into a diamond.

As you move deeper into the 21st Century with all of its attendant technological advances, you are at the same time confronted by growing evidence of the Sixth Mass Extinction.

How odd and ironic!

It is certainly possible (and even probable) that highly creative individuals and groups of thought-tribes (a collection of persons who share similar perspectives and passions) will create new technologies that will help to mitigate many of the devastating effects of the Sixth Mass Extinction. From a practical standpoint, this is what is needed. And we see this unfolding in surprising ways as humanity wakes up to its existential dilemma.

This time in human history, while fraught with dire difficulties, need not spell the end of human history, rather, it can usher in a new renaissance of creativity and cooperation as humanity rises to the occasion and meets the challenges head-on. Indeed, despite itself, humanity has a tremendous reserve of creativity and adaptability under stress.

One key to flourishing under duress is the art of increasing both your outer awareness (what is actually going on around you) and your inner awareness (what you are holding in consciousness— i.e., your thought-creation-patterns, the emotional patterns that you are creating in yourself and how you project these into your “external environments”). We put the words external environment in quotes because from our perspective there is no real inner versus outer. Your perceived outer reality is actually a projection and a magical display of energy-light-matter that originates from the deepest levels of your own consciousness.


There are innumerable ways to enhance awareness. And with increased awareness (both outer awareness and inner awareness) you can accomplish great things.

We have, in the past, offered various means to attain many types of internal awareness. And we would refer you to the Archives to read about them, many of which include the use of sound—for we are Sound Crafters who use sound and vibration for the purpose of affecting positive outcomes.

In this message, we are sharing a new sound meditation for attaining increased inner awareness, while providing you with energetic restoration through the flow of subtle light energies. We call this sound meditation The Cave of Altruin, which is a kind of pun as in All-True-In.

The sound field is only 11 minutes in length, but in this short time it can profoundly alter your consciousness and open to you a vast world of magical transformations.

There are a few elements to consider when engaging The Cave of Altruin.

The sound field is a rotating acoustic vortex that will alter your consciousness if you focus your relaxed attention on the sounds themselves. When your mind wanders simply and gently, bring your focus back to the constantly changing architecture of the sound patterns.

A deeper level of healing and transformation is available to you if you listen to the sounds while resting in The Cave of Altruin, which you create in the imaginal realms of your mind.

Imagine and feel that you are in a beautiful spacious cave. The walls are lapis lazuli, a deep dark blue. And embedded throughout the walls, ceiling, and floor of the cave are innumerable precious jewels, semi-precious stones, and Wish-Fulfilling Gems. These types of Wish-Fulfilling Gems are nowhere to be found in your 3D reality rather they reside in the subtle realms of light. By the term Wish-Fulfilling Gems, we are not implying that they grant your mundane wishes. Rather, their emanations bring forward your higher attributes and qualities. It is these higher aspects of your nature that need to be brought forward for your own good and for the good of all beings, including the great being—the Goddess Gaia—who now needs your help as much as you need her help to survive and thrive.

All of these jewels, semi-precious stones, and gems are from another timeline than yours. They are from a far distant future Earth that has passed through The Great Turmoil, and her ecology has been healed and restored with new vibrational realities in the mineral kingdom.

When you conjoin your focus of attention on the sounds and relax into a self-created sensory experience of the Cave, you will enter a potent transformational field of subtle energy. The minerals embedded within the lapis lazuli walls of the Cave will then spontaneously, without any effort on your part, project to you their extraordinary healing and transformational potencies.

Release yourself from the malaise of striving and grasping. Don’t try to make anything happen. Don’t try to direct the subtle energies that flow to you from the light realms. Let them come into you of their own accord. Surrender to the child-like innocence of relaxed curiosity.

The Cave of Altruin is a multidimensional oasis for restoration and a sanctuary for receiving high vibrational energies. The energies that emanate from the Cave can enliven you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Rest in the Cave whenever you feel the need for deep restoration and magical transformation.

From the deepest space within our collective hearts and minds, we send to you—our currently Earth-bound brothers and sisters—a multifaceted gemstone of clear-white luminous light. This gemstone is nothing less than the innate clear awareness, that although often hidden by grasping and striving, is always present in the heart/minds of all beings throughout the Multiverse.

It is time to wake up and embrace the extraordinary opportunities that exist upon your planet as the Great Goddess Gaia shifts into new vibrational realities. And may The Cave of Altruin be a true sanctuary for you.

The Hathors
May 15, 2022
Orcas Island

The Team via Peggy Black, June 19th, 2021

Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ Now is the Portal

June 18, 2021, via email

We are here offering you our support and our words to invite you to step into your true magnificence. Your reality is beginning to return to more normal activities as well as a sense of normal pace. We are inviting you to pause and become aware of how you want to create your experience.

We know it feels like the flood gates have opened and there is a surge of energy and a surge of desires coming forth. There has been such a buildup of energies while your planet was in the shut down. We can sense your eagerness to rush ahead and fill your time.

However we invite you to wait just a bit before you fill your days with activities and groups of people. You had the opportunity to quiet yourself and reflect during the past months. You have a new awareness because of this quiet time, which gives you the opportunity to create a different reality from the one you left behind.

You are stepping into a new field of energy that is super charged and awaiting your impressions and intentions of just what it is you want to co-create with the universe. Take your time with this process.

You have the power to truly create. You can draw on all your past experiences to call forth a reality that supports your magnificence and well being. The important thing is that you need to experience the feelings of being alive.

We observe that most humans live from their beliefs, their thoughts, their concepts of what it means to be alive. So we are suggesting that you allow yourself to experience each moment, without the trappings of your mind, or thoughts of should and shouldn’t.

Just be in the moment, be in the now. Whatever you are doing bring your full attention to that moment. Allow yourself to feel the experience of washing the dishes, driving your automobile, doing your work without being in the mind. The contents of the mind will always distract you from the now, from the moment.

It is in the moment fully experienced that you create. Your focused attention on what you are experiencing is your true power. If you are washing your dishes, bring your full attention to the task. Feel the temperature of the water, notice how the water feels on your skin, notice how your legs feel as you stand doing this task. Bring your attention to all the details of the moment. Be in this experience.

As you practice giving your full attention to any task as you practice giving your full attention to your interaction with others, you will begin to notice a richness and a fullness within yourself. You will honor yourself as the divine being that you are, here on this planet to experience sensations and feelings, not thoughts or concepts about the feelings.

It is your experience that defines your reality, not your thoughts about reality, or your concepts or your beliefs about reality. It is your experience.

The more you practice being in the moment, being in the now, the more you will be shifting from your 3D existence to a 5D expression. Realize that you have energetic sovereignty of your reality. This means that you control all of the energy you receive, you give and everything that it creates.

You are responsible for everything in your reality. You create your challenges, your problems. You also have the power and ability to change them. We are inviting you to focus your attention to the moment, to the sensation and the feeling of the experience, for this is where your power lies.

Being in the now you are activating 5D creativity. You are choosing to create a new reality that serves you and your highest qualities to thrive. Remember that ascension to the higher dimensions is a shift in consciousness.

Your 3D reality offers your conflicts, chaos, and challenges. Remember this experience is a game. It is a hologame and you have been playing it your whole life. You have been playing this game from the limited beliefs and misinformation and disinformation given to you in the beginning.

The shutdown of your entire planet afforded you the opportunity to review these limited beliefs. While you stopped your normal activities and spent time in reflection, you got in touch with a quality within yourself that feels like true power.

Now as you begin to be more active and social, be aware of any old limited beliefs that return to your consciousness. Notice when you get activated by some quality that feels false. You are stepping into a new energy.

This is an exciting time to be present on this planet. This is what you came here for, to be a part of this evolution of consciousness, to support and anchor this energy of ascension. The galactic energies are offering tremendous downloads which have been triggering the awakening of all earthwalkers.

Individuals are responding differently to these intense energies. The body sensations, the fluctuations of emotions, the old insecurities that are coming up for many, are causing difficulty for those that resist the invitation to shift to a higher consciousness.

As we have stated, the best way to ride these waves of energy, to move through these intense energies is to stay in the moment. Stay in the now. As you know this is your only point of power.

You are always creating. That is who you are as divine multidimensional beings. You are creators. The quantum field of energy awaits your impressions and your intentions. Most humans use their creative ability upside down and backwards. They focus on what they don’t like, what they don’t want and what they don’t have and then they just get more of that.

Most humans create from their limited beliefs and misinformation. They allow their physical consciousness, their ego, to run the show. They are unaware that their physical consciousness has been programmed with limitation from parents, schools, religion.

Now is the time to step away from those limiting patterns and step into your true magnificence. When you bring your full attention and consciousness to the moment, you are fully in the experience. You are creating from the powerful moment of now. The now is the portal of all creation.

We are honored to welcome you to a new reality that you are creating and calling forth by your presence of staying in the moment of now. Invite us to support and guide you in this process. You are truly loved and respected for the courage of being in this experience. the ‘team’

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The Hathors via Peggy Black, February 14th, 2020

Peggy Black ~ The Hathors: What Makes You Unique?

February 14, 2020,

We are here offering our words of encouragement and empowerment. We know that you are feeling the intense energy shifts that are taking place in the world as well as within your body. These rising frequencies are vibrating and pulsing with quicker intensity.

Many individuals feel like closing off or shutting down, feeling overwhelmed, while others who are observing this energy flow increasing just tighten their grip on what they believe is real. Those of you who are sensitive are experiencing a struggle to handle the intensity and the chaos. We invite you to be gentle with yourself and begin to allow yourself to integrate this new energy a little at a time.

Remember, when you feel fear or panic it is normal to be cautious of the unknown, it is a part of your 3D survival. Remember to take several deep breaths. Remind yourself that you are fully embodied, anchored to this planet, that you are your divine self in physical form. These simple steps will assist you to relax, and when you relax you can and will integrate this new energy with more grace and ease.

There are those who realize that they are here to anchor the energy flowing in and are open to the increase. These individuals realize and remember this energy. Their awareness of these intense frequencies is familiar to them as Starbeings. Even though they have a physical form playing in this dense 3D reality, they remember that this kind of vibration opens and awakens.

This frequency, this vibration being felt, is a higher intensity energy and a galactic gift. This higher frequency can certainly cause a disturbance in the field. You are witnessing what is being played out on your planet, with the disharmony, the intense division, the intense weather/emotional reactions.

This galactic energy is offering the opportunity for dramatic shifts. This energy is opening up the possibility beyond anything that you have ever experienced in your physical reality.

This is all a part of the ascension process. As you match these higher energies, you realize this is truly the next step. You are becoming aware of your part in this ascension process. You recognize your part, your passion and your gift in this process.

Your body has slowly been transforming so that you can make this ascension with your physical form. Remember, you need to support your 3D body as it releases all the old programs and energy and is upgraded with new light programs and codes.

Also a part of this process is that many are receiving divine inspirations and a calling to move, or dramatically change some aspect of their life. We invite you to stay open to the ideas and guidance you are receiving. Relax into the truth of your knowing.

You are also becoming aware of your galactic contract. You know yourself as a light worker, a spiritual teacher or mentor. However you have unique gifts that you have been expressing or feel called to express. So ask yourself just how your unique gifts come forward in your life.

Are you a grid worker or gatekeeper for the planet, connected and called to travel to sacred sites and to open spiritual doorways on this earth? Are you a light keeper someone who embodies the light no matter the circumstances, a lighthouse for humanity? Are you a transmuter or uplifter who works on behalf of and for the collective consciousness of humanity? Are you a healer, a seer, a way-shower? Are you a divine blueprint holder, activating the templates and codes of awakening? Are you a messenger, who receives guidance from the divine, from angels, or ascended masters?

These gifts and abilities are coming forth. We invite you to step into your personal power. Now is the time to share your unique gifts. Remember it is all energy. You are connected to the collective consciousness, and with loving intentions you can offer your gifts to this energy field of the collective.

If you feel you are a grid keeper and are unable to physically travel to various places on the planet, remember that you can sit quietly and envision yourself energetically at that place. Imagine that you open the portal or doorway, or add more conscious loving light to this dark place. You can do this work easily in this manner. You can invite divine beings, and angels to join you.

If you feel you are a light keeper or transmuter or uplifter you can also envision yourself sitting quietly and radiating light and love from your heart out to some person or group of people. Realize that in the claiming of your unique gifts you will be inspired in ways to offer this gift.

There are no limitations. You are pure divine energy. How you translate that divine energy and use that divine energy is what makes you unique. We are just empowering you to step up and be active with your intentions and focus.

Now is the time, while this energy is so intense, grab it, anchor it, use it to transform this reality. It is only through the human heart and consciousness that transformation takes place. You have the key to assist in transforming the misqualified energies of this planet. You are divine light and energy manifest.

We acknowledge you as well as empower you. Stabilize any wobble in your personal energy field and use this divine energy gift to its full potential. We are available to support and assist you at all times.
the ‘team’

Thought for the Month

“This galactic energy is offering the opportunity for dramatic shifts. This energy is opening up the possibility beyond anything that you have ever experienced in your physical reality.

This is all a part of the ascension process. As you match these higher energies, you realize this is truly the next step. You are becoming aware of your part in this ascension process. You recognize your part, your passion and your gift in this process.” the ‘team’

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Hathor via Elaine DeGiorgio, November 6th, 2017

In connecting with my Higher Self and my Main Guide Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message….

I come forth this day to bring you into a greater awareness of the Cosmic Shifts that are unfolding.

The Divine Feminine Energy is now anchoring on your Earth in this now bringing together now the Priestesses of long past back into the Light back into the Heart of the Divine Mother Energy.

The Krystos Energy is now unfolding to Beloved Gaia Krystos for she is rising once more.

Behold the many Cosmic Shifts coming forth for this is to enlighten and to brighten your paths that you have come forth to this Earth to manifest the Light and the Love once more.

I bring forth a magnitude of blessing and prosperity to the hearts of you all as you move forward into the new and as you prepare for Solstice once more I impart blessing upon you all as we bring forth Sirius and Orion to align with our Pyramids upon your Earth.

The gateways of Light open once more as I anchor the Pink Flame of Unconditional Love upon you all.

It is a grand time to reflect on the blessings and the challenges past and come forth into your now moment. For it is now that you need to bring forth all that you have learnt and place this into action.

Connect and Reconnect dear Children of Light for there are many Sounds and Lightwaves coming forth from the Higher Dimensions of Light.

I bring you forth Sound…. I speak of Sound…. Connect with Sound…For I, Goddess Hathor, send one sacred sound to you to express my truth, my ONE sound is composed of seven goddess beings, and we resonate in harmony with Venus.

Although we are seven goddess beings we exist as ONE, like aspects of the ONE soul.

This information is shared with you so you may recognise and remember that one sound vibration, light frequency, energy vibration is an abundant expression which creates the impression of one.

You are one human form upon the Earth, and yet you are composed of an abundance of light, sound and energy vibrations. When you allow yourself to look deeper, beyond your human body you can recognise the great abundance of the Creator which supports your form and existence.

This I, Goddess Hathor, label as Divine Abundance.

Yes. I would like to convey the absolute and complete joy in my heart for the advent and the Return of the Light, the Return of the Divine Feminine, the Mother Goddess to the Hearts of you all and the reclamation of all Beings large and small in this Universe.

And I would also extend my hand to any who read this, who hear my message of Love, that I make myself available for help and protection. For this next little while may be somewhat trying, and sometimes a comforting hand in a dark corridor can make all the difference. I extend my hand to all.

I also bring to you the message of hope beyond hope. It is certainty; it is really beyond words to convey to you the incredible magnitude of the Change that is at hand and very near. For those of you who are reading this, who are listening to this message of love. ask for help in any time of doubt and despair, to be given a vision of how close indeed we are to the point at which Humans on this Earth will be able to perceive that in reality the Great Change is happening. And this Great Change is the blessed return of all Light.

I speak to you today and bring you words of Love words of Wisdom and words of Peace. Connect with your hearts dear children for you are loved and cherished.

I AM Het Heru (Hathor) and I speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio

Hathor via Elaine DeGiorgio, July 1st, 2017

Hathor: Crystaline Bodies

hathorsDear Children

Be blessed for many blessings are upon thee, for I Hathor come forth with great joy in my heart for many events are forthcoming within this universe. As you are entering the stages of bliss that we experienced in the Golden Age of Atlantis you are now entering into a new paradigm of Light and Love now.

Many of you are now aligning into new crystaline bodies and those of you that have already achieved this will have fully activated the Diamond Light Codes within your DNA Blueprint with this you will be a shining light for all to see.

You are shifting and transitioning to the ability to utilize the dimensionally superior skills of telepathy, bilocation, teleportation, and all the skills we have talked about in the past.

Sounds glorious sounds of the universe is abundant now as many of you have been attuned to these frequencies.

Everything is manifesting, including your talents as a dimensionally superior telepathic artist and receiver, Golden Light … notice that your telepathy is increasing, now you can hear conversations among people about you: You can listen to them because you can tune in to the sound waves to capture their thoughts and words

Hu-mans are now anchoring the God/Goddess Energy within again.

Golden Light is coming forth the Golden Ray Children of the Sun. We are now anchoring the Golden Diamond Light Codes of Unity Consciousness – 144th Degree Lion Cosmic Consciousness this Blessed Lions Gate Event forth-coming.

Ray 3 Golden Ray of the Great Central Sun hath been fully activated and aligned with the Diamond Light Energy bringing forth a wave of love, transmutation and a bringing forth of Unity Consciousness to your earth.

This is now needed for the next wave of events taking place on your earth. For there is much work to be done. Many are still remaining inside the matrix of their making and many efforts are being done at this time to pull forward those whom remain stuck.

The tasks of you my beloved children is to create and co-create a ripple effect like it has not been seen before and this it to shine your light and love to all.

Be of great discernment at this time for there is much confusion that still exists, as the energy on your earth is now amplifying and many have entered the final stages of purging. Be strong now. It is all as intended.

The Feminine hath finally aligned and anchored on your Earth this Solstice just past bringing forth waves of love and compassion.

The Masculine hath now entered the stages of great healing and alignment now.

The Sirius Star and the Orion hath aligned paving the way of the Sacred Union to come forth on the Earth as the Sisterhood and the Brotherhood are coming forth to pave the way of the collective 144th Degree Cosmic Consciousness and the 144,000 that are currently anchored on your earth.

Many of you have been tasked to enter into great works to align the earth, to grid, to activate, to heal. Remember humanity at this time dear ones as there are many that are in need of your assistance and love and healing.

I come forth this day to bring you love, to bring you healing, to bring you peace.

I AM HATHOR (HET HERU) and I speak through Elaine this day.

» – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio

Hathor via Ann Dahlberg, July 1st


Friday, July 1, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Hathor and I am glad to come down to talk with you today. It has been a turbulent time for many of you, some of you feel frustrated and others live on hope. It is a hope that they keep up with a spark from the Light. Some feel they need more time, so they follow what is happening with some more calm. They feel that they slowly grow with their task. We are all different and we all have a place in the unity whole. We need to be different for various things need to be done in different places at different times. We all have a task and when it is time for it to be revealed it will be. Most of you have chosen that it will be so, but everything is happening with free will.

The people on Earth are now longing for peace and freedom. All the thousands of years of war and fighting have worn on them. They long to come back to the Light and the peace and love that exist there. All nuances that can be found from their time on the Earth exist in their bodies, emotions, senses and has been documented in plenty of books. They feel it is enough now, they want back to the riches in the Light and take with them all experiences from this lower dimension so that they can be helpful to other people that also exist in this lower dimension.

It is a large step that humanity is taking by ascending together with its planet. It is an equally large step for the Universe. Many interested parties from other solar systems follow developments, yes, even from other galaxies. It is a light and anticipatory time that you now move into. Let the Light shine in your hearts. Let it light up your whole inner being and understand that you also are a divine being created by All That Is. The highest Fire has created all that is in the Universe and we are a part of it. A very small spark can keep everything alive, but if you let the spark grow you change your whole world. Everything suddenly becomes lighter and more beautiful and you see love in all that surrounds you. Also, everything is Love, since the Almighty is only Love and wishes only Love for you. We lost this in the illusion, but we are now on our way to bringing it back into our Hearts, into our lives, into the very air that we brief.

Yes, consider yourselves lucky people down there on Earth, you are moving towards a tumultuous euphoric time and is putting a mark in the Universe that forever will be remain as one of the most historical events. There are many who would like to be part of this event right now on Earth, but you are the chosen and we have much confidence that you will pull it all off. Latest developments on Earth have also shown that you are up to this task. It has not been easy, but you have shown proof of both determination and courage. We are so proud and happy up here. What you do, we also do. We are all “one” and we support you and send you as much Light and Love that we can.

Ask for help dear ones, and you will have the help next to you. We have the bigger perspective and can see when the help fit in best so that your task or development can continue.

There is much that will be cleansed now on Earth and it is in both Earth and your bodies. Everything must be raised to a higher vibration so that the air and the water become clearer. You live under the same conditions and this goes for all that grow and flourish on your Earth.

It is a large job that you have in front of you, but we are here and support you the whole time. We believe in you and love you so very much. With these words I say farewell.

You have all my hope and love.

Lovingly, Hathor.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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Goddess Hathor via Natalie Glasson, June 24th

Awakening Divine Abundance by Goddess Hathor

Channelled through Natalie Glasson  24th June 2016 Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

When love and consciousness bind unity is created, unity is the truth of every soul; it is the truth of the Creator and the Goddess. I am Goddess Hathor. It is through sound that I communicate with you now. Invite yourself to listen deeply, not with your ears, with every cell of your being. The sound emanating from the core of my being vibrates through your being allowing us to connect in harmony and at a new level of understanding. The universe is composed of and with sound. The Creator communicates with you through sacred sound vibrations, some resonate deeply with you, these are sacred sounds already in realisation within your being. Other sacred sounds from the Creator inspire remembrance, or even resistance, which is a blessing as it signifies you are ready to make a big leap within the source of your being; your soul and the Creator.

Take time to be silent and listen with every part of your being to my sound vibrations flowing through your being. What do you experience?

Take time to be silent and listen with every part of your being to the sacred sound of your own being, recognise the sound your entire being creates. Hold the intention of connecting with the sound of your core. What do you experience? How does it differ to my energies, Goddess Hathor?

Take time to be silent and listen with every part of your being to the sacred sound vibration of the Universe of the Creator. What do you experience?  The Universe of the Creator is expansive and holds so many aspects of the Creator, each are expressions of the Creator, creating their own sacred sound vibrations. When tuning into the sound of the Universe of the Creator, a united, harmonious sound can be experienced. The sound of every soul and aspect of the Creator is different and diverse, yet creates a whole and complete sacred sound which is full, healing and beautiful. You are a sacred choir member generating through your unique sound the united sound of the Creator found throughout the Universe of the Creator and within the core of the Creator. With this understanding, you can easily acknowledge your importance in the Universe of the Creator and your equal unity with all aspects of the Creator.

When listening to sound frequencies and vibrations, you may not hear the sound; there are numerous ways for you to experience the sacred sound. It may be as an energy moving over your being, as a feeling or emotion within you. Imagine that you were present before an orchestra, even if you were deaf and unable to hear any sound, you would still experience the impact, energy, and power the orchestra creates. It is the same within the Universe of the Creator. Often the frequencies expressed, for example from my being, Goddess Hathor, are so high that they are beyond the range of your physical body’s hearing. This does not matter because your soul hears everything and will deliver the messages to your conscious awareness.

I, Goddess Hathor, send one sacred sound to you to express my truth, my one sound is composed of seven goddess beings, and we resonate in harmony with Venus. Although we are seven goddess beings we exist as one, like a family united, we are from the same source, like aspects of the one soul. This information is shared with you so you may recognise and remember that one sound vibration, light frequency, energy vibration is an abundant expression which creates the impression of one. You are one human form upon the Earth, and yet you are composed of an abundance of light, sound and energy vibrations. When you allow yourself to look deeper, beyond your human body you can recognise the great abundance of the Creator which supports your form and existence. This I, Goddess Hathor, label as Divine Abundance.

Divine Abundance is not one energy; it is the creation of numerous aspects of the Creator existing and vibrating in harmony to present a manifestation, form or creation. Divine Abundance has the power to manifest anything at any level or dimension of the Creator’s Universe. Anything is possible. Divine Abundance manifests through intention, belief, acceptance and embodiment. It is available to every soul and flows through every soul. Divine Abundance supports each soul in creating a reality upon the Earth or the inner planes which offer the greatest experience of fulfilment. When you begin to understand or remember the truth of Divine Abundance, then you will understand the key to unlocking the presence of Divine Abundance within you and expressing the same into your reality.

Allow yourself to sit peacefully accessing a meditative state of being. Say the statements below one at a time and allow yourself to experience the great source of energy and truth they each hold and activate within your being. Take time to embody the statement even if it is only with the support of your imagination.

‘I am united in oneness with all aspects of the Creator, divine sound and energy flows to and from me.’

(Experience the energy of this statement until you feel an embodiment and activation of the words within you.)

‘I am composed of so many different vibrations of light, love, consciousness, sound and energy, each are an expression of the Creator and harmoniously create my current body and self.’

(Experience the energy of this statement until you feel an embodiment and activation of the words within you.)

‘Harmoniously I express the Creator as an individual expression and as a vital aspect of the wholeness and fullness of the Creator.’

(Experience the energy of this statement until you feel an embodiment and activation of the words within you.)

‘Every part of my life is my creation; each part is composed of numerous aspects of the Creator and yet appears as one object, one situation, one person or one experience.’

(Experience the energy of this statement until you feel an embodiment and activation of the words within you.)

‘I now honour all the aspects of the Creator, which harmoniously create expressions of the Creator within my being and reality.’

(Experience the energy of this statement until you feel an embodiment and activation of the words within you.)

‘I know every intention or request I create is greeted by and formed from Divine Abundance; numerous energies harmoniously creating my manifestation.’

(Experience the energy of this statement until you feel an embodiment and activation of the words within you.)

‘Therefore, the Divine Abundance I experience is the unity of the Creator in manifestation.’

(Experience the energy of this statement until you feel an embodiment and activation of the words within you.)

When you have taken the time to experience the statements above you will recognise that collectively they are a beautiful meditation which can offer greater understanding of Divine Abundance while individually they offer a unique insight into your truth. Everything and everyone is a beautiful expression of harmony, unity and oneness. It is often a person’s inability or resistance to recognise the unity, harmony and wholeness of their own being and their connection to other beings including the Creator which results in experiences of lack of abundance within their being and reality. When you recognise that Divine Abundance is the unity of expressions of the Creator creating form, then you realise this must also be the truth of your being and your creations. A belief, acceptance and recognition of unity dawns, therefore, a perspective of plenty rises. You realise that if a belief in separation dissolves then a belief in unity and connection emerges, this means all walls, blockages, resistance or experiences of lack begin to be erased. The only belief is of constant flow and connection, constant support and nourishment, in truth a constant supply of plenty. Practising the above meditation will aid you in developing and remembering your natural and inner sense of unity with all. With the consciousness of unity within your being you naturally and automatically allow yourself to connect with and recognise Divine Abundance. Not only do you realise your divine right to experience Divine Abundance you also empower yourself with the understanding that you have the tools to direct the Divine Abundance into your reality. Your tools are your intentions, requests to the Universe of the Creator, recognition of Divine Abundance and ability to express Divine Abundance, thus form will take place.

To support the key of Divine Abundance, which is the unity of many aspects of the Creator, it is wonderful to use the affirmation, ‘I embody and experience ……………… in plenty.’ Examples of this affirmation are: ‘I embody and experience love in plenty.’ ‘I embody and experience peace in plenty.’ ‘I embody and experience the Creator’s support in plenty.’ ‘I embody and experience loving friendship in plenty.’ And so forth. You can create numerous affirmations which describe your reality as plentiful blessings of all aspects of the Creator harmoniously united and manifesting in beautiful forms within your reality. Thus you will embody and experience the Divine Abundance of the Creator. Allow yourself to be creative, allow yourself to recognise how lovingly connected you are to the Creator and all aspects of the Creator. This brings forth a new enlightened perspective of your being and reality with divine experiences of fulfilment and abundance.

It is time to awaken Divine Abundance within all aspects of your being and allow your soul to live a reality of fullness, compassion, love and truth. Free yourself from limitations with the sacred flow of Divine Abundance. It can manifest into anything you wish to experience. Call forth the energy of Divine Abundance from within your being and the Creator, let it flow through your being and enjoy the energies and shifts you experience.

You may wish to call upon me, Goddess Hathor, to support you in your explorations, understanding and experience of Divine Abundance.

With Goddess Blessings, I will always be present to guide you,

Goddess Hathor

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