Love is our new reality

Hathor via Robert J. Carpa, September 17th, 2022

St. Germain, what message do you have for me to share with Humanity?

Greetings beloved it is I Hathor with you now and I am delighted to step forward today with a message for you.

            Beloved please understand that not all will adjust in time for the changes that are set to occur as many will fall short of the mark and simply choose to remain in a lower vibrational reality. So many refuse to look within for the Truth and continue to spin in circles systematically. The propagation of fear on your planet is tremendous and there are those who are addicted to the energy even though it begs for them to go deeper into the misery and despair of a life on Earth with no hope. This is totally contrary to the Truth. Each and every individual has the opportunity at any given moment to choose Love and invite in the happiness that is all around you in the ethers. It is simply a matter of remembrance. This Human experience is just that and nothing more. It is not the end all that is the final experience, it is just one of many lifetimes chosen and when all the potential’s were reviewed prior to reentry the Soul/your Soul believed that it could master this new life experience this time around not realizing that the forgetting gets thicker and thicker with each incarnation. So the further down the path to Ascension the more difficult it has become until now. Because the Light of the Great Central Sun has been turned up so to speak, this has made it much easier to remember who you Truly are. So as Divine Beings of Light it is important to remember your Divinity and purpose. Recognize the game that you are all participants in and accept the choice to step out of this current reality and settle into the 5-D experience for it is the next step on the ladder to True Freedom. There are no restrictions once ONE recognizes the power of Creation held within each incarnate and the ability to manifest anything so desired.

            Beloved know this you are a master at this form of communication and it would behoove you to continue to receive the transmissions from outside of your reality and spread them far and wide for the expansion and upliftment of all of those who are ready to listen, learn, connect and expand.

No worries dear one all is right in your world.


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