Love is our new reality

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Hathor via Elaine DeGiorgio, July 1st, 2017

Hathor: Crystaline Bodies

hathorsDear Children

Be blessed for many blessings are upon thee, for I Hathor come forth with great joy in my heart for many events are forthcoming within this universe. As you are entering the stages of bliss that we experienced in the Golden Age of Atlantis you are now entering into a new paradigm of Light and Love now.

Many of you are now aligning into new crystaline bodies and those of you that have already achieved this will have fully activated the Diamond Light Codes within your DNA Blueprint with this you will be a shining light for all to see.

You are shifting and transitioning to the ability to utilize the dimensionally superior skills of telepathy, bilocation, teleportation, and all the skills we have talked about in the past.

Sounds glorious sounds of the universe is abundant now as many of you have been attuned to these frequencies.

Everything is manifesting, including your talents as a dimensionally superior telepathic artist and receiver, Golden Light … notice that your telepathy is increasing, now you can hear conversations among people about you: You can listen to them because you can tune in to the sound waves to capture their thoughts and words

Hu-mans are now anchoring the God/Goddess Energy within again.

Golden Light is coming forth the Golden Ray Children of the Sun. We are now anchoring the Golden Diamond Light Codes of Unity Consciousness – 144th Degree Lion Cosmic Consciousness this Blessed Lions Gate Event forth-coming.

Ray 3 Golden Ray of the Great Central Sun hath been fully activated and aligned with the Diamond Light Energy bringing forth a wave of love, transmutation and a bringing forth of Unity Consciousness to your earth.

This is now needed for the next wave of events taking place on your earth. For there is much work to be done. Many are still remaining inside the matrix of their making and many efforts are being done at this time to pull forward those whom remain stuck.

The tasks of you my beloved children is to create and co-create a ripple effect like it has not been seen before and this it to shine your light and love to all.

Be of great discernment at this time for there is much confusion that still exists, as the energy on your earth is now amplifying and many have entered the final stages of purging. Be strong now. It is all as intended.

The Feminine hath finally aligned and anchored on your Earth this Solstice just past bringing forth waves of love and compassion.

The Masculine hath now entered the stages of great healing and alignment now.

The Sirius Star and the Orion hath aligned paving the way of the Sacred Union to come forth on the Earth as the Sisterhood and the Brotherhood are coming forth to pave the way of the collective 144th Degree Cosmic Consciousness and the 144,000 that are currently anchored on your earth.

Many of you have been tasked to enter into great works to align the earth, to grid, to activate, to heal. Remember humanity at this time dear ones as there are many that are in need of your assistance and love and healing.

I come forth this day to bring you love, to bring you healing, to bring you peace.

I AM HATHOR (HET HERU) and I speak through Elaine this day.

» – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio