Love is our new reality

Hathor via Camilla Nilsson, November 28th, 2021

Message from Hathor via Camilla Nilsson 211128

There is a big energy shift going on on earth. The light workers who have previously worked with energies and energy increases will feel it even more. Also especially the light workers who have explicitly said they want to develop. This shift takes place on many different levels at the same time. What is most obvious to some is that they lose their grip on life. As if time passes between the fingers and the day ends with a feeling of not having things done as expected.

My advice is not to cling to this feeling of loss without seeing that all is well. Everything is just as it should be at this time. Part of this feeling comes from everything you let go of that you should no longer carry. In this experience, one can also feel that the physical body is changing. As if it is being kneaded like a lump of dough that is going to change shape. It is physical adjustments that are made so that it can receive the new, higher energies that it will harbor in the future. If the body does not change, it will rupture. The processes will be most noticeable until the beginning of 2022, but you can get through faster if you allow what is going to happen. If you do not fight back.

You who experience this, have also asked for this. You can regret it, no one is forcing you to go through the process of change, but if you say you do not want to, be absolutely sure that you mean it in your heart. Do you want to say no to your development? What you can do is say no to this right now. You can postpone it until later. You can say that you want to be at peace for a while. You get to take a break. Then carry with you the information that a new, powerful energy wave will once again roll in over the earth at the end of July 2022 and will be active until the end of September. You can choose to jump on that wave instead or you choose to be in the ongoing energy wave until January, take a break and then go on the new one when it comes at the end of July as I just mentioned.

You who choose to continue now, can experience an increasing separation between the outer and inner world. Maybe you can feel that you fit in here on earth less, maybe you can feel that you really do not support the downgrade that is going on on earth now. Know that the increased feeling also comes as a help to stop the aforementioned downgrading of consciousness that is going on in many places on your earth. For you to stand stronger in your truth. Your truth becomes even clearer.

Before I end, I remind you that you have your free will, but at the same time I lovingly remind you of your soul’s contract, what you are here to accomplish. Listen inwards, feel. What does your soul say, what does your heart say?

I cheer for you and I love you so much.