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Hatonn via Nancy Tate, March 20th

Wake up Call: Hatonn, March 20, 2016

I am here today to let you know about a recent transformation that took place around the world. It was a part of what has been taking place in the shadows of the earth energies and it has to do with the encumbrances of what is being told to various people who are in the movements of the global systems as a whole.

I am Hatonn, and I speak now through this dear one who has been in my shadow since she was born into this physicalness and since she was created from the seed of truth. Now is the time for all of you to step forth from the shadows and show yourselves for who you truly are. All of you were created from the seed of truth, for that is where you were destined to begin this venture into the selfness of your potential.

As I continue with what it is time for you all to realize, it is that there is coming a group of beings from where I am in this moment. They will bring to you all the recognition of who you are, as a mirror of who we are. You will see us not only in your inner mirror, but also on the physical plane. We will be showing ourselves to many of you, and as we do it will be a reunion that will speak to you of why you are here in this knowledge of what is taking place, and also of what your part in it has become. It will give you the clarity of what you will be doing from this present moment, and how you will see the signs of the steps to take in the progress of the movements you will be making.

As you do this it will be in an ease of what is needed to take the measures that you will be taking. It will be self-evident as to why you have experienced what you have chosen thus far in this lifetime, and where you will be going from this moment to assimilate it all into the coming times. It will be as if you have written the book and are now remembering how it will come to pass that the book will never end.

Yes, my dear ones, the various aspects of your life here on earth at this time are in the progress of moving forward in a way that is representative of how you can live and create in the moment. You have seen examples of that as you have lived your life thus far. Now you will live it in a way that is instantaneous from the knowing that you have, to be able to create in the moment that which is applicable to the complete story.

I give you now one piece of the puzzle that is at your fingertips. It is about the monetary system that is in progress to be released to the world. It is coming to a place where it will be free flowing and open to anyone who chooses to engage in it. It will be in the forefront of how to bring about the means by which the physicalness can bring about that which is in order for you all to bring forth that, which will begin the freedom of all of life on the planet. This monetary system is but an item of the whole of the systems that are in change now. It is going to lay the groundwork for all of the rest of the systems to come to a freedom that will be in harmony with all of life on the planet. First there has to be the example for the people to awaken to what it is all about now, and how they can be a part of bringing it all back into the ideal way of expressing who you all truly are, and why you are here.

This change is just around the corner. As you who are involved see the beginnings of it come into the open, you will recognize why there has been the delay in what you thought would be the immediate transformation. As I speak, and before this moment, the transformation has been in earth time. Now it is beginning it’s revelation into the freedom of no time. The beginnings of that concept are, as I speak, coming to the front. There will be a clarity amoung many of you as to why there has been what you consider the delay. You will find that you are indeed ready for it to flow forth. It will be clear as to why it was in the works for the time it took to show its freedom.

This is what I choose to share with you all on this day. I am so pleased to be in communication with you again through this one. It is time now for so many of you to begin to live that which you have been in waiting for. It is time for you to see that it is always the right time to live your dreams, and to share the example of that with others. I love you all so much, and I am always with you. Have a wondrous day now and on through eternity!

Thank you so much, dear Hatonn,

Much Love, Nancy Tate