Love is our new reality

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Hatonn via Nancy Tate, October 13th

Wake up Call: Hatonn, October 13, 2015

There is coming to your town a new paradigm of choice and desires. It is a time for you all to see the changes in your towns and to see what it is that is coming into being as well as the changes that will fill everyone with hope, and with the promise that their homeplace is taking the steps that will lead everyone to the promise that has been living in their hearts and minds for so long.

I am Hatonn, this day, and I am here to give you a new sense of direction. It is one that you have been keeping in safe storage for all of these millennia and it is now time to allow it to flow freely forth and interpret itself in your lives. I speak of the new ideas that you have even, as I speak, been allowing to wander through your perceptions of how the ideas pertain to your lives, and where they are coming from.

I tell you now that they are coming from your innermost libraries of data, and they are now being brought forth because of the energies of change that are descending, while at the same time ascending through your beingness. I say descending for they are filtering down through your energies and recognizing the energies that have been lying in wait for their freedom to come forth and envelope your lives with the Love and joy that will not only fill your lives but those around you. It will be a new way of perceiving your daily lives and how to flow through them in a way that is not only fulfilling, but also musical in a whole different way.

First you will feel a tingle in your brain. It will bring about a feeling of happiness, and a knowing that the secret to the innermost sanctions of blessed life are coming forth to your present day reality. It will be as if The Creator is speaking to you, while at the same time through you. That is because it is the way it is. You are even now as I speak feeling that, for my mention of it has uncovered the blanket that was keeping it in restfulness.

Now it is ready for exposure and the giving of life to it from you. As you allow it to come forward in further expression, it will follow your inner guidance as to how it will unfold in the present energies. You are the creator of the times, and therefore you are the one who is giving this energy the path through which to flow into manifestation.

Now that you have seen and heard these words from me, you recognize their potential. You are the ones who created the thoughts that have been resting in place. You are the one who is now beginning to manifest that which is in keeping with what it is that you have designed for your lives at this time and onward. It is all about the present moment, and where and how you are living it. It is for you to see how it is unfolding to suit and correspond with the life you are living now. You will feel and see the ways that your actions and interpretations will flow into the oneness that is with you now and forever. It is a matter of being in the flow of Love for yourself and for all of life on the planet. It is going to flow with you throughout the coming expressions of life and how you choose to live it.

Go forth now into your day and see the power you have to create it in a way that makes you sing with joy and love. Dance through your lives in a way that brings about a village full of dancing people and joyful song in harmony with the Oneness that you all are.

Peace, Joy and Love are with you in this day of new beginnings for you all. I am most pleased and in harmony with you all. I too am singing and dancing with you for it is one of the expressions of who we all are.

Thank you dear, wonderful Hatonn,

Much Love to you and to all of you, Nancy Tate