Hatonn via Nancy Tate, December 16th

Wake up Call: Hatonn, December 16, 2015


There is a time for everyone when it is perfect to move forward with the inspiration and trust in yourself that spurs you forward. These days are in harmony with that, for with all that is taking place outside of you there is a calm before and without the storm that cannot be denied.

I am Hatonn, and I am here today after watching so many of you begin to open up to the oneness of your connection with the Light of Love. I see how you are bringing forth into your world the brightness of Love along with the solidity of truth. It is unmistakable for those who observe you and feel your energy. As you bring forth that which you resonate with in your lives, you present the example of how wondrously it works. This gives others the opportunity to see and feel for themselves where they are coming from in their decisions and thoughts in the moment.

I see that there is coming for so many of you, that which you have let go of, in the way it is coming, and when. It is becoming so clear to you that there is a mountain of resistance that is gradually melting away. That is bringing the truth of what is important for you to pay attention to. It also shows you where to store your thoughts and how to present them in a way that is not binding, and not closing other doors that may be on the pathways to that which you intend for your lives.

You are beginning to remember the energies that sing to you and reverberate throughout your beingness of how you were able to manifest that which you knew would bring you the perfection that you desire. Yes, I speak of when you lived in the moment constantly, and decided to come to this planet and live what you have created here. You came as a Wholeness that would bring more of an example to the rest of creation. This is what you have been in the process of Creating, and which you will always welcome as another eye-opener for you in what you will be experiencing in the times to come.

We are here now to tell you that your completeness of what you are focusing on now is right around the corner. It will be interesting to observe what steps you and others in the universe take with what is just around the corner. As you realize, the corners of your existence are varied in size and expression. This brings about the harmonic movements that are flowing through your expressions, and have been since time began. You are seeing what the idea of time has been, and how you can change it to suit the removal of the idea of time in your journey to the living of the moment in choice and creativity. 

As you go through the expressions that you create and see your power you will be able to appreciate what is with you right now as well as what you desire for the coming expressions and experiences in your life. Take the moment of appreciation for what you have created. Then give yourselves a pat on the heart in wonder and gratitude for what it is that you have expressed for all of existence. Go from there and create in the moment that which is who you are. You are the example that all of Creation Loves. Go your way, and dance through life in a way that rings through your heart.

Merryness is You. The celebration of these times is the expression of your Love and Power. Rejoice and flow on through Life with the magnificence that you are.

Thank you so much Dear Hatonn

Much Love, Nancy Tate





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