Love is our new reality

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One Who Serves and Ashira via James McConnell and Susan Sammarco, December 13th

“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here with you.

What a wonderful time we are in NOW. You may not feel it. You may not experience it. Things may be a little off for you at times. Things may be moving a little too quickly or maybe a little too slowly. Whatever it might be. It may not be exactly the way you want it but it is exactly the way it is.

We would say to you, and always remember this, as we have said many, many times all of this has been orchestrated. You, yourselves, are a very large part of this orchestration that is happening here. You, in this group, you who are listening here and you who would read these words as well. You are all part of this.

And all of those you come in contact with in your daily activities are a part as well. Even if they have no conception of what you are speaking of or what you are ranting on and on and on about. And yet, this is getting into them. It is getting into their consciousness and they are experiencing it at one level or another.

And we gave it to the James earlier that you, in your discussion here that you are having an effect on the entire planet. In your discussion, having those types of ideas and ideals in this space here you are putting that out into the collective understanding, the collective consciousness of man. The collective consciousness of man is taking this in, it is pulling it in and it is having an effect.

One single individual with the right intention, with the intention to create the change, the intention to Be the change can have an entire change on the entire planet. It has been shown many times that this is the case. But you, yourselves, in many respects ask, “What can I do?” “What can little me do here?” “How can I have an effect on things?”

We are telling you now that you are the effect! It is not us who speak through this one or through the Susan or any of the various channels. It is not us who are doing this, it is you are who are doing this. You ARE the ONE. You are creating a new understanding, a new level of consciousness. It is seeping into mankind little by little across the entire planet.

When you do a meditation such as you have done here today, and this needed to be recorded and we understand that it has been recorded, we wish for this to be included with the transcription at this time. Tell the James to do this. That must be included, the audio portion of this. Many will listen to this, the vibration that is in this meditation.

It is not only the words but also the vibration that is included here. People will resonate to these vibrations. It will change them as they listen and interact with this particular meditation. It was designed for this group to emanate outward from this group. And for this entire experience to spread across the planet first across the unconsciousness and then it will spread across the conscious, knowing state. But if anyone will take these words from the entire meditation each week when you do your meditation, or something very similar, or a facsimile of this, it may change a little bit each time but we expect you to re-enact this particular meditation. Not that you can’t do another one or if you are guided to something a little bit different that is fine but we wish for you to stay on this channel. OK?

We also wish to add to the message here of letting go, how important that is, in whatever terminology you want to use here for letting go. But the idea of letting go, the idea of moving on, the idea of creating the new space, this is what is important. It is not important to hold on to all that you have had, all of the comfort levels, all of the familiars in your life. For if you do that it will hold you here. It is very simple. We cannot say it any more simply than that.

If you are feeling an inclination to move away from a particular place you are finding yourself, if you are finding an inclination to let go of a certain relationship, if you are finding an inclination to move away from a job that no longer sustains you, no linger brings you happiness and joy, if any job still does that, if anything is holding you back then it is time to release it! Let go and release it! Release it and be the new vibration that is coming into you.

It is so important in these moments now. Because of where you find yourselves now. Because of where we all find ourselves now. Be ready! Move on! Go with the flow. And experience all that you are in this very moment.
Take questions now for “OWS” and “Ashira” who is standing by.

Question: I am having a tough time at my job. I know I don’t give it my all. Is this a good time to leave it?

“OWS”: As you are asking this question it is important to look deeply within you and find the answer, it is there. It is not for us here, “OWS” or “Ashira” or “Ashtar’ to say whether you should or should not. You know how we feel about the idea of should.

So, in this situation, let go and listen deeply within yourself. Listen to that whisper because it is sending you a loud and clear message even if you may not be hearing it yet. It is coming and if it is telling you it is time to move on, we know you are moving geographically and that is a change that is certainly happening, but if it is a change to let go of that which has given you employment, that which has given you the financial condition that you are in now then it is time to do so. But you must also look at the situation you find yourself in with your family as well. If it is going to create a hardship for you then that is also something to look at. You see?
Anything to add to this, “Ashira”?

“Ashira” : We would. We would just add that as you are thinking about, “Is this a good time versus is it not a good time to leave.” We would say that this is who you are NOW and you will know the right moment and the right time. The meditations will give you the answers you are looking for. You are thinking about the moment and you will find a release about what the future brings. Bless you!

“OWS”: Wonderful. Further questions here?

Question: I have a question about the crystalline bodies. Where are we in the development of those?

“OWS”: We would say it is happening right now. You are already into that process but you may not be aware of it. It is not like you can take your blood out and look at this. You will not have the crystalline structure there. You will not have this yet. It is coming at the higher vibrations within you. That has already changed into a more crystalline structure that way. It only needs for you to move up. You will move up into that
crystalline structure that is waiting for you. Does this make sense to you?
Other questions here?

Question: I talked to you a couple weeks ago about my Pit Bull. My life has changed since we talked. I am in a new job and he is crated for fourteen hours a day. I am thinking about finding another home for him. Do you have a follow-up for me?

“Ashira”: Yes. I would be happy to answer this.
Thank you for bringing this up again and letting us know how you are doing.

So you have fourteen hour days and he is crated. First of all we will share that this is a long time in a crate but we will share that the crate is a cave for a dog. It also provides security for him.

If you can find a family that can take care of his needs, his very special needs, perhaps a single person, his could be beneficial for you. This is not for you to feel guilty about. This is not for you to be a state of recompense about this. You have done everything you can to help him express himself. With this we give our permission, if you want that, to find another home that will allow him to experience and express himself. In a yard, by himself, with a family or a new single owner.

You have done the very best you can you can for this dog. We would say that this may be the time to find a new location for him to reside. Does that help?

“One Who Serves”: We would add something here. There are times when you love something or an animal, and then you need to let it go.
Any further questions?

Question: Are you happy with us and to see things developing the way they are now?

“OWS”: We have to chuckle at this for this was something the James asked a long time ago in his understanding in time. He asked the question, “Are you frustrated with me?” Because I am not doing exactly what you want or some terminology such as this.

Our answer to him at that time and our answer to you at this time is that we do not become frustrated, we do not become disillusioned, we do not become unhappy or anything of this nature because we do not have any direct purpose in what you do. See? We are not purposely involved with you and your individual lives.

It does not mean that we do not care, we love you greatly. Beyond what you can possibly imagine at this point. We wish for all to happen and occur but we know your saying though that you will “wish in one hand and spit in the other”.

We want you to know that all is happening as it needs to. There is nothing that is not happening as it needs to. You are in the present NOW. You have always been in the present NOW. It is only in the mind, in a controlled type of situation, a programming type of situation that has taken you away from this understanding of being in the NOW.

As you come more and more into this conscious awareness that you are in the present moment and that you are in joy in the present moment then everything will take care of itself as you move along. See?
Anything to add, “Ashira”?

“No. You are brilliant today!

“OWS”: Any further questions here?
Thank you for asking the questions for when they are asked the questions can be answered. And know that when you ask a question that others may not ask, they want the answers too.

Question: You can choose between an enlightened path and a dark path. Is this true?

“OWS”: This is true but it depends on what direction you are peering into this.

Question: I feel that I listened to one of the other’s questions that I have been there. I experienced that when I was with a company that no longer stimulate I felt like I was going to darkness. I believe we get trapped into thinking the job is the provider but I know we are the provider. Do you agree?

“OWS”: We would certainly agree with all of the above. As you are moving in your enlightenment you are moving toward that. But you must understand that you have never left it. This is what we have been attempting to get across to you is that you have always been exactly where you are now. You have never strayed off the path as you understand it. It is only that you think you have moved off the path that you have moved off the path.

We know that this can be difficult to understand because you have to understand it from a three dimensional point of view in terms of time and space and all of this. This no longer works for you. Speaking to all of you in this room, all on the phone and all who would resonate to these words. This no longer works for you!

The old ways of thinking, the old 3D understanding are no longer working. We have told you this. You have moved up. You have moved up to higher vibrations. You stay there longer and longer each time. And you are moving through an entire transition through the 3D into the higher four and five dimensional space. As you move into the higher vibration you become the higher vibration. You see?

As you become the higher vibrations nothing from the lower can bring you down anymore. is a major difference. The optimal word here is as you “become” the higher vibration. As you BE the higher vibration. There is a major difference here from Being it to want to be it. See? Do you understand this?

I am not sure.

“Ashira” can you assist here?

“Ashira”: When one looks into the belief system that one has it is important to know that your belief system does not need to be shared by everyone. It is one that is yours. We would say that when you spoke of the darkness that could apply to any of the people in this world today who have not yet awakened. This is intentional for them. They are waking up in their own time and in their own way.

Whether or not one makes a decision about staying with a job or leaving a job, about being open to allow the newness to flow in, that is enlightenment. In your words and in your truth. Does that make sense?

“OWS” : Any further questions here now?

Question: Can you explain about timelines? Last week you answered a question about timelines like the change from the Revelations in the Bible. Can you elaborate on that?

“OWS”: All you are speaking of was in the predictions of the past. This particular timeline that you are speaking of has run out in the past. It has run its course because of mankind’s consciousness. Mankind’s consciousness has written the script for the new timeline. You are in a certain consciousness that is creating this new timeline. As this continues you will remain on this timeline you are on.

This is not the timelime that the dark forces, the Cabal wanted to happen here. They wanted to stop here. They wanted calamities, catastrophes and floods. They wanted this. They wanted to survive and be the ones in control. That was never going to be allowed because man’s consciousness will not allow that.

Those of us, those coming from the ships are not allowing it. All of these are making this new world that you are creating. They are not the ones creating this new timeline. It is your consciousness that is creating this. You are on it NOW!

And it cannot be stopped as Sananda and others are saying now. It cannot be stopped. It cannot reverse back to the old timeline even though they have tried to do this. Even though they are trying in their small, feeble ways to create chaos, to create fear, to bring it out into the collective consciousness as they have always done but it is no longer having that effect. It cannot have that effect because you and the collective have moved up in consciousness. See?

Question: I have a question about timelines. Aren’t they made up of past, present and future?

“Ashira”: When we speak of the many timelines that have taken place in the past, they have taken direction from many peoples around the planet. It was a variety of timelines. When 2012 came it was a decision to move forward as a group. All of the timelines that existed in that moment before 2012, were past, present and future changed.

This timeline became the one timeline. Every experience from the past was moved into this timeline. It was a commitment of all on this planet, in the solar system and the universe to commit to this timeline to clean up the act of those who had been acting in certain ways. To move them into other places. To move forward. NOW.

All of those in this room and upon the planet, all of those on the ships as “OWS” said earlier, all of those NOW move forward.
You know that you are multidimensional beings experiencing lives in other times, other places and other experiences. This one is for you NOW!

“OWS”: We speak all the time of being the One as we end each of these sessions. This can be interpreted in many different ways, in many different understandings but it is all coming together as One collective consciousness together. Not only here on this planet but on all of the planets of the Solar System, all of the planets in the Galaxy and so on and so on. Its all about Being the ONE.

Even in your movie, “The Matrix”, was not “Neo” meant to be the One? Did they not say that many times? You are the One and sooner or later he began to believe he was the One. You see ? So, you, yourselves, are bringing this together on the one timeline, as “Ashira” has said. All of this is coming together as it must.

Question: Are there still other timelines even though there is a commitment to this one?

“Ashira”: There are other experiences that you experience. The timeline is in the 3D realm. The timeline that we speak of frames the experiences that you have. The other multidimensional experiences are not locked into a 3D timeline. They are all experiencing their experiences. You are here now in this experience, in this planet, in this time is a one-time timeline experience.

Question: Why more than one timeline?

“Ashira”: We are not going to give anymore. What you have been given is about the timeline you are affecting now.

Question: Can you help me understand release and let go and make this easier. My heart does not want to do that.

“OWS” : We cannot necessarily make it easier for you. You are the only one who can make it easier for you. We can give understanding. We can give guidance. We can give nudges here and there. But it all comes back to you as an individual and how you handle anything that comes to you. Where ever that may come. It may come from these channelings, it may come from the Internet, it may come from watching a movie that brings a particular expression to you that brings a new feeling, a new understanding. All of these things can bring new ideas to you.

We cannot directly answer your question because it is your direction, your experience. If it is a letting go that is needed, whether it is a letting go of a pet you have, or if it is a letting go of a spouse, or a friend or a brother or a sister or whatever it may be, it is a process you must go through. It is the leavening of the loaf now. It is movement away from that which is no longer serving you. If it no longer serves you it is no longer needed to be in your life. See?

If there are no further questions here, first we wish to share that when you find yourselves in the next Sunday group, there will be the Annual Christmas message from Yeshua, known to many as Jesus. He will share his understanding of that particular time period. Not the day itself but the period of time and what it represents, what is was meant for.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am “Ashira” and I am so pleased to close this today.
We love how each you picks up on the topic for discussion each Sunday. We love to be a part of this. To be inspiring you, to be sharing with you. To be encouraging you.

Know that these Sundays are important, a good re-set for the week. A good time to come together sharing love, understanding and share in laughter. Know too that “One Who Serves” and our self are with you sharing closely during the week.

We know that this is not an easy time on the planet, not that there was an easy time to be on the planet. Not for many thousands of years we would say. Our commitment to you today was to urge you to look at your lives. Look at yourselves. Look at what serves you well and what is not serving you any longer.

That which no longer serves you is indeed, part of the past. You are in the midst of being in the NOW. You are in the midst of manifesting new lives of peace and reality upon this planet. All of this for the good of all.

And we would share to those of you who still have concerns about family members. About children. About friends. As I share earlier, in 2012 it was decided that this would be a shared experience for all. Do not worry about family and friends. This was a commitment to take all.
There is a time when you shall see those of the Cabal come before you. You will see that they will be moved to another location where they will exist.

All of us have the light. As was shared in the meditation all of the people on the planet have their light on. All but a small handful have their spiritual chakra opened. We will celebrate with everyone.
We bless you. We give you peace. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated