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Health, Longevity, Rejuvenation, and Relationship with the Body, January 16, 2024

Health, Longevity, Rejuvenation, and Relationship with the Body | Liberty

Health, longevity, rejuvenation, relationship with the body

Question: “Is it possible to learn to love and accept your body no matter what you look like or how old you are?”

Darling, if you saw yourself the way God sees you, you would not ask this question. If you knew that you are forever beautiful and forever young…

Yes, you are talking about the physical body, the biological shell, I understand your question and your interest in this topic. But do you know that your biological shell is directly related to the state of your Spirit? Your Spirit is capable of influencing the biological shell. He is able to bring into it his beauty, the beauty of the Spirit.

And if you look at yourself with an unbiased look, you will see this beauty in your appearance – visible, material appearance. This beauty manifests itself more and more clearly every day. As your body accepts Divinity, rejuvenation occurs. And now you look younger than a year ago. You notice this, right?

Please know that your body can become as young and beautiful as you want. You can transform yourself together with the Spirit. There is nothing impossible for the Spirit. Just don’t forget to tell him about your intentions!

But the main thing – when it comes to love, about true love – is that you can love yourself and your body completely regardless of anything. Don’t put conditions on this love! Don’t tell yourself that you can only love a young and outwardly attractive body. This is wrong.

Your body is a unique vessel for your Spirit.

It is always beautiful, no matter what it is. See this beauty. Appreciate her. Look at yourself through the eyes of love. Not with those eyes that condemn, criticize and look for flaws. True love sees only perfection. Maybe this is not very clear to you now. But start seeing the perfection in yourself and your body.

Take it day by day. And very soon it will become clear to you what I am talking about.

Affirmations for accepting your body

I am the Divine Spirit experiencing earthly life in a human body. I have been given this beautiful body, thanks to which I can live on Earth, move, breathe, see, hear, feel, think, transform reality. I am grateful to the body, this magnificent instrument of the Spirit, for giving me so many possibilities and allowing me to have exciting experiences of life on Earth.

I accept my body as it is, because it is this body, as it is, that is ideally suited for me, for fulfilling the tasks of my Spirit, for obtaining the experience I need. I love my body and would not trade it for any other, because for me there is no better or more suitable body.

I love my body, I respect and honor my body, I take care of my body, and thanks to my love and care, my body blossoms, becomes younger, transforms, and feels the potential of beauty hidden in it.

My inner beauty, the beauty of the Spirit, manifests itself in my body. I am a beautiful part of reality, I am beautiful both internally and externally.

Everything about me is harmonious and balanced. Body and Spirit are in unity and close cooperation. My body is the perfect instrument of the Spirit. I easily solve all the tasks of the Spirit with the help of my body. My Spirit is ideally manifested through the body. My body is the container of Divinity. I am the light and love of God, and from now on I no longer divide myself into body and Spirit. I am a beautiful Divine being creating a new reality – a Garden of Eden on the beautiful planet Earth.

Question: “Dear Kryon, I have chosen the path of enlightenment, and I feel great progress and changes for the better in my inner, mental state. But the body does not heal from diseases. What am I doing wrong?”

Honey, you’re doing everything right. The progress you are talking about occurs on spiritual levels, but the body, which is related to the material world, has much greater inertia. All processes proceed more slowly than at the levels of the Spirit, and sometimes are greatly delayed – from the point of view of earthly time. In addition, it can be difficult for the body to adjust to new levels of vibrations of the Spirit. Your physical ailments are connected with this.

You can speed up the passage of this difficult stage if you express a clear, precise, firm intention to heal the body. Do you have confidence that you are worthy of healing? Do you really want healing with all your heart? Are there any limiting beliefs that are preventing this?

Find the answers to these questions and you will discover the path to health. Be sure that you have a powerful source of healing powers within you. You can turn to the Spirit with a request to help you turn this source into action.

You will see that your possibilities for self-healing are limitless.

Everything depends only on you.

Affirmations for Connecting to Your Inner Source of Healing Powers

I ask my Divine nature to manifest its action in my biological body. I will consciously and creatively harness the healing and rejuvenating power of the Spirit. I express my intention to be healed. The light and power of the Spirit fills every cell of my body and works for healing.

Healing occurs in my body hourly, every minute, every second. The healing processes are smooth, gentle, irreversible and non-stop. My health is improving. My cells are getting younger. I intend to live long and keep my body young and healthy.

My Divine Spirit is so active and strong that it neutralizes all diseases. No external influences or infections have any chance of affecting me. The health matrix works in my body at the cellular level. She constantly keeps my health in perfect condition.

All systems and organs of my body, by the power of the Divine Spirit, are establishing their ideal functioning. My spiritual and physical strength is getting stronger day by day.

Question: “I feel the potential of a healer in myself. I want to help people heal. But I don’t yet have confidence that my strengths and capabilities are enough for this. Can I be a healer?

Dear, you will be surprised, but healing is a new age gift that is available to all people who are ready and willing to receive it. Having accepted your Divinity, you accept all its gifts. One of the gifts is the ability to heal ourselves and to help others heal. But start with self-healing. The healer must first claim healing abilities for himself. And only then can he help others with this.

Without healing yourself first, you cannot heal others – this is the law.

Remember one more important law: you are not healing – you are only helping others discover their own abilities for self-healing. Do not give your strength to those you help, but do not take their strength, even if they offer it.

Your job is to show the other person his own abilities and his own responsibility for healing. Your task is to help another person discover his power, his strength. If you begin your healing work with this intention, you will be successful.

Affirmations for opening a healing channel

I am a Divine being of Light. I rightfully belong to my Divine family, being its equal and full member. Like every creature of God, I receive His love daily and hourly. I rightfully accept this love, bathing with pleasure in its soft and warm waves.

The power of Divine love is healing. I gratefully accept the healing waves of energy sent to me by God. I heal in these waves. My body becomes lighter, lighter and younger. I gain health on a cellular level.

By right of the Divine Being of Light, I am endowed by nature with powerful healing potential. I ask God to bless me to awaken and activate this potential. Healing powers awaken within me. I express my firm intention to use them to restore and strengthen my health. I express my firm intention to use my healing powers for my benefit and for the benefit of all.

My healing channel opens to allow the most powerful Divine healing energies to pass through. The healing powers are growing every day. I trust Spirit to do the healing work in my body. I am the Divine Spirit in a healthy, young and renewed human body on the new Earth.

Question: “How to achieve harmony of body and Spirit?”

You are all dual beings, earthly and cosmic at the same time. You are both people and angels, and this is a unique situation when the Spirit can manifest itself in a biological shell. Remember that both the Spirit and the body are worthy of honor and respect. While you live on Earth, take care of both the Spirit and the body.

And most importantly, take care to manifest the Spirit through the body, so that the Spirit can be realized on Earth precisely through the body.

Remember that on Earth there is simply no other way for the Spirit to realize itself other than through the body. Everything that the Spirit desires, everything that it wants to do, you do only with the help of the body. Listen carefully to the desires of the Spirit – and express them in material form. This is how you spiritualize earthly matter, bringing its vibrations closer to the Divine level. This is how you create heaven on earth.

Now do you understand why it is so important not only to dream, desire, express intentions, but also to embody these dreams, desires and intentions in material form? You can write down thoughts, draw, build, grow flowers, sculpt with clay, sing, dance, create beautiful things, and do many other things that are nothing more than the material expression of the Spirit. To do this, you pass the energies of the Spirit through your heart, brain, eyes, hands.

If you do this, harmony of body and Spirit arises. And not only the Spirit, but also the body becomes stronger, stronger, healthier from this. Remember this. The creativity of the Spirit is the best healing for the body.

Affirmations to help you achieve harmony between body and spirit

I am a bright Divine Spirit, called to Earth to live and act in the human body, enlightening and spiritualizing earthly matter with every step, deed, decision, thought, desire, intention, feeling. I honor and accept my dual nature – angel and human. I respect and honor my body – a biological shell designed to become a temporary container for the Spirit.

I thank my body for allowing me as a Spirit to live on Earth, move, breathe, use all my senses and enjoy the exciting journey that is my life.

Being both Spirit and human, I am the Divine bridge between Heaven and Earth. I am a link called to connect Divine energies with earthly ones. I thank my biological shell for the fact that, while fulfilling its intermediary functions, it is capable of accommodating a huge amount of Divine energies into each of its cells.

Every day I become a purer and more perfect conductor of Divine energies. I am the channel through which Divine energies come to Earth. I own a perfect mechanism for transforming earthly energies into the light energies of the Spirit. I am the point where Heaven and Earth meet. I honor and respect myself as a being of dual nature – Divine and earthly at the same time. I accept the unity of Spirit and body, which allows me to manifest the highest expression of the Divine plan. I bring Spirit and body together, uniting their energies in order to return to God as a renewed, perfect being, raising my vibrations to a Heavenly level.

What should you do to prolong your life?

Three important components in this process:

• the first is to fulfill the tasks of the Spirit,
• the second is to express the intention to prolong life,
• the third is to take care of the body by providing it with quality food and the necessary amount of movement, the opportunity to breathe good air and drink good water.

All this is within your power. But let the tasks of the Spirit be a priority, since it is impossible to extend the life of the body if its existence, from the point of view of the Spirit, is not filled with meaning.

And one more thing: take care of these three components not occasionally, but daily.

Don’t stand still, develop, move along the path of the Spirit day by day. And even if sometimes it seems to you that you are taking one step forward and two steps back, do not despair and do not stop. Where there is movement, there is life, there is its extension. And this applies to all levels of your being, both Spirit and body.

Affirmations for Extending Life

I am the Divine Spirit traveling on Earth in human form. The task of the Spirit is to bring the light and love of God to Earth. From now on, my life is subordinated to this higher meaning. I am determined to ascend to the next steps along the path of the Spirit.

I choose the light and love of God. From now on, my whole life is aimed at increasing the light and love of God in myself, in the space of my life, in the world around me.

I turn to my Divine Self with a request to guide me on the path to solving the highest tasks of the Spirit and help me move along this path in the best way.

I choose the tasks of the Spirit. I choose the path to light and love. Always, everywhere, every moment of my life, to spread the light and love of God on Earth – from now on this is my main goal and the main meaning of my life.

I choose life to follow the purposes of the Spirit. I choose to live a long, fruitful life to be fully realized as Spirit in a human body. I choose life!

Question: “How to become vigorous and strong, and maintain good health for many years?”

Your Spirit is cheerful and strong. Your Spirit knows how to maintain good health, since it is in this state of health all the time. You can transfer these properties of the Spirit to the body. You can put these Spirit programs into your body at the cellular level. Why at the cellular level? So that your DNA feels this “touch” of the Spirit and perceives it as a call to activate its own programs of strength, vigor, and well-being.

These programs are embedded in DNA, but to awaken them you need a catalyst, which is the corresponding programs of the Spirit – these are the programs with which you came to Earth precisely in order to remember them and manifest them. When you express the intention to accept Spirit with your body at the cellular level, you activate these programs. Then you just need to keep them active. This is done with the appropriate intention.

You know how to do it! Get started right away and you will see results.

Affirmations to Create Perfect Health at the Cellular Level

I am the Divine Spirit who came to Earth to gain experience in the human body and bring Divine energies into the material world, thereby contributing to the construction of heaven on Earth. As a Spirit, I am endowed with perfect health. As Spirit, I am endowed with the knowledge of how to create perfect health at all levels of my being, including at the level of the biological shell. Now I reveal this knowledge and let it work. Now I am discovering the ability to embody the health of the Spirit in my physical body.

My perfect Spirit transmits health information to every cell of my physical body. Cells at the DNA level perceive this information of the Spirit. The light of God is lit in them – the light of perfect health.

My perfect Spirit includes healing processes in all cells, organs, tissues and systems of my physical body.

The processes of restoring spiritual health cover my entire body. The processes of restoring physical health cover my entire body.

Spirit and body in unity and harmonious interaction acquire ideal health, rejuvenation, and prolongation of earthly life.

Question: “How to recover from a serious illness?”

You need to go back along the path that led to the disease and choose a new path, starting from the first step. Your Spirit knows the reasons that led you to illness. You can ask Spirit to clarify these reasons for you. If you do this with sincere and pure intention, the answer will come to you in a form that is accessible and understandable to you.

Or maybe you yourself already know what mistakes you made and where you deviated from the path destined for you by the Spirit? Have the courage to admit that you have not followed the path that could lead you to happiness and health. Have the courage to turn back and choose a different path.

Oh, dear ones, the Spirit knows how difficult it is sometimes for you to admit your mistakes, how difficult it is for you to change. But your thirst for life and healing should help you. If the illness is really serious, then the changes in you and your life should be very serious.

Dare them, because there is no other way.

Let me give you a little hint: for many who suffer from serious illness, the path to healing can begin with simple questions: Do I know how to love and forgive? Can I do this for real – without pretense, without self-deception? And if not, how can I learn to do this?

Dear ones, learning to love and forgive, learning to live in the light and in love is a worthy task, and a compelling reason for the Spirit to prolong your life and heal you from illness, provided that you set such a task sincerely and with all the passion possible for you follow it every moment of your life.

Affirmations for defeating a serious illness

I have been given strength by nature – the strength of my Divine Spirit. This force has power over matter. This force has power over my physical body. This power has power over illness and health. Now I am mobilizing all the powers of my Spirit to defeat the disease. I’m healing spiritually, I’m healing physically.

The disease was given to me as a test, as a test of strength. I accept this challenge. I have enough strength to win. I do not give up and will not give up under any circumstances.

This is my life and only my life. I accept responsibility for how I live. I accept responsibility for my health and my illnesses. I and only I make choices in my life. I make the decision to heal. I decide to live a new, healthy and happy life. I choose to follow the laws and purpose of the Spirit.

I ask my Spirit, my Divine Self, to be my partner in recovery. I ask for help and support, and at the same time I actively seek and find ways to overcome the disease. When I work in partnership with Spirit, nothing is impossible for me. Healing energies cleanse my body and bring me health. I’m healing. I am reborn to a new life. I am becoming completely healthy. Let it be so.

Question: “Is it possible to completely eliminate diseases from your life?”

Can. This process is already underway – humanity is moving towards a healthy life, towards victory over diseases. The creation of an earthly paradise also presupposes the complete restoration of health for each person. But so far this process is still quite slow and not very noticeable.

I will tell you how you can speed it up on an individual level: stop perceiving illnesses as the norm, as something that no one can live without. Start to perceive only perfect health as the norm, because this is the norm – the norm of the future humanity, the sprouts of which you are creating now.

Considering illnesses to be the norm, you put yourself at their disposal without even realizing it. You allow illness into your body and into your life because you are used to living with illness.

Stop exposing yourself to illness.

Start opening yourself up to healing.

Start giving yourself health. Begin to expose yourself to the healing powers that your Divine Self carries within you.

The more you give yourself to health, the less chance there will be of illness. Dear ones, be persistent, believe in yourself and your power, and you will come to complete relief from diseases. You are stronger than any disease. Just establish yourself in the knowledge of this and reclaim your power to gain complete freedom from disease and restore perfect health.

Affirmations for freeing yourself from illness and giving yourself health

I am the Divine Spirit experiencing life in a human body. The body was given to me to become a continuation of the Spirit – my Divine essence, disease-free, harmonious and perfect.

Now I am returning to that original perfection that was given to me by God. Now I am freed from all diseases, both hereditary and acquired, both known and unknown to me, both from severe and chronic and from mild ailments. With my strength and authority given to me by God, I no longer allow illness to reside in my body and in my soul, in my energy structures and in the space of my life.

From now on and forever I refuse to expose myself to illness.

From now on and forever, I place myself at the disposal of the love and light of God, and the Divine healing and Divine health that flow from them.

Let every cell of my body hear and accept this call for liberation from disease and restoration of health. From now on, I put myself at the disposal of the health programs written in my DNA. Health programs work and gain strength, freeing me from all diseases and restoring health at all levels of my being. Let it be so.

Question: “What to do if you need to quickly heal from an illness?”

You can speed up your recovery as much as you want. Moreover, you can even heal instantly if you want. In your body, in the DNA molecule, there is a matrix of ideal health. Give the task to Spirit to help you bring yourself into full alignment with this matrix. Ask the Spirit to check the state of the body with it and correct this state so as to restore it to health.

But keep in mind that an instant correction can go through a crisis. Therefore, dear ones, try to correctly assess your strengths. It is true that you can heal instantly from a minor illness, but if the illness is more severe, it is better to give yourself time to heal.

Trust your body and do not overload it with too intense healing processes if it is not ready for them.

The spirit can heal instantly, but it is more difficult for the body to do so. Therefore, even when asking the Spirit for quick healing, add: “I ask you to do this at the pace that is most appropriate for me.” This way you will save yourself from possible complications and discomfort.

(Translation from book “Kryon. The answer to any question. What to do so as not to miss happiness”)

To be continued…

With Love, Liberty

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