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“Hero” – SITREP – GCR/RV Update – Saturday – January 28, 2017

“Hero” – SITREP – GCR/RV Update – 02:00 EDT – Saturday – January 28, 2017

Received via email……


“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.”

— Joseph Campbell


The Chinese New Year began in Asia on Saturday, January 28, 2017 (or noon EDT Friday, January 27, 2017).

Standby, activation and exchange memos were sent out worldwide to banks in the last 48 hours.

All 50 state treasuries did a “final ping” back when pinged first by the Republic Treasury fully loaded with asset backed TRN/USN.

Each state had to acknowledge both the restored Republic’s gold backed currency and Constitutional form of government like the original document demands.

This “final ping” decision was very historic act that few in each state will ever see or know about.  Crazy!

209 sovereign nations are ready tonight at any time, any hour, to receive RV authorization this weekend.  Just think about that for like 17 seconds!

No short cuts or going back now.  The rocket ship doors have closed.  Whomever is in the command module, is in.  And whomever is not, is not.  Sobeit.

General Dunford relinquished control of the Republic military to General “Mad Dog” Mattis on Saturday noon EDT.

General Dunford then immediately flew to HK and signed the last treaty document for the release of our TRN/USN internationally as he’s the only American the Elders trust to release the RV in the USA.  What an honor!  What a hero!  Zero fanfare.  A sacrifice we can all learn from.

No pressure closing the deal, Fighting Joe:). Thank you sir for your career of dedicated and righteous service to our nation.  Dinarland stands in appreciation and salutes your life lived for others.

All banks globally and US banks must now be in compliance with Basel lll asset backed holding percentages as of Wednesday February 1, 2017 or they will automatically (aka technologically) be shuttered.

We believe all major banks have returned their required “final pings” in order to receive authorization codes that freely allow their institutions to participate in the new Eastern financial system out of Beijing.

The banks and states, like us, are all waiting on a 24 hour around the clock watch to begin sometime this weekend.
No one knows final day and time.  Maybe Dunford.  Maybe.

HSBC Hong Kong is the global GCR/RV paymaster at the retail banking level, with AIIB handling initial authorization, money supply oversight and ongoing compliance monitoring duties.

The old Breton Woods Western financial system is completely dead, gone, and kaput when the final codes are entered in China.  So very few in the public sector will even notice its death… but we will!  Talk about a great honor!  Just incredible!

SKR fulfillment came and went all week on the Tier 3 level; paymasters are now all caught up and literally ready to disburse out to their groups / clients at a moments notice, as all with SKRs have long been suffering with stagnant and valuable accounts.  Some for over a decade.

We’re hearing all global accounts on all tiers 0 thru 7 are to be liquid by 12:01pm Monday afternoon.  We shall see.

We’re also hearing private exchanges are considered Tier 3 transactions, with public redemptions being placed in the Tier 4 category.  But because they “backed up” the private exchanges to the public exchangers, all currency exchangers will appear to convert simultaneously.

Hearing that the NPTB are anticipating a top end number of 5 million private exchanges over the first 72 hour period, with 75% being IQD redeemers and/or senior citizens 65 and older.

Republic deep cover agents are now in place and ready to implement the final release protocols required by the Chinese. This group includes private package couriers.

Dinarland would also like to thank these brave and noble men and women for their unknown and faceless service that we shall never know or see.  We are truly appreciative and humbled by your selfless commitment to humanity.

We know too that ZIM was SKR’d in the USA and HK today with a 12.01pm Monday liquidity time stamp.  This demonstrates private exchanges have indeed begun on American soil–as well as face value ZIM exchanges.

We know also that Trump & Pence are on DEFCON 1 level lock down status tonight hiding somewhere safe in the D.C. area.

General Mattis was sworn in as a cabinet secretary today over the Department of Defense, but we understand he’s actually replacing General Dunford as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.  Perhaps this why Vice President Mike Pence swore him in and not President Trump.

We believe General Dunford will still be inserted as Vice President when Trump steps down due to scandal in mid-March.

The real question is will Pence or Ryan be the President, and for how long?

Amazing the Chinese, Russians and White Hats let Trump actually become President and even ride around in Air Force One, meet foreign leaders, sign Executive Orders, etc..

But hey, I guess everything is possible in the new golden age of possibility!

God is with us.