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Historic Overview of Private Placement Platforms & Historical Bonds, February 7th

Historic Overview:

Private Placement Platforms (PPP) & Historical Bonds (HB)

Historical Bond

(Education Purposes Only)


Several revolutionary humanitarian central banking mechanisms were embedded into the modern financial system after the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference. A benevolent hydration system was created by the Sovereign Elders (Keepers of Global Collateral Accounts) along with all Allied Forces governments (controlled at the time by Dark Nobility families of Eastern Europe … aka the “cabal:); in order to rebuild the world after two very brutal wars–WW1 & WW2.

Private Placement Platforms (PPP)

PPPs were created primarily to initiate and facilitate the trade of Sovereign Bonds (SB) between two good standing nations backed by third party gold (Sovereign Hun & European Elders)–in order to generate infrastructure, reconstruction and humanitarian capital for all of humanity.

In good faith, the Keepers kept their end of the bargain and physical placed gold bullion in variety of central banks worldwide in the fall of 1944 through the summer of 1946, depositing over 11 metric tons of Au (temporarily via a 50 year lease agreement, with a 5 year grace period ending on September 11, 2001).

The PPP / sovereign bond liquidity system was successfully used to rebuild Europe, EuroAsia and Southeast Asia under the Marshall Plan, as well as fund all ever growing infrastructure needs of North America thru the late 1960’s. But everything was not as harmonious as it appeared, and when USA/USD officially was taken off the gold standard in 1971, it signaled a diplomatic and sovereign schism that has lead to the all out currency war for control of the world’s financial system.

In fact, this is precisely why the US military casually advised, then invaded Korea and Vietnam because their presence covered up an invisible war being waged by the Dark Nobility “cabal” to plunder Sovereign Elder gold holdings throughout Southeast Asia–with and end goal of absolute control of planet earth.

Now to accomplish above said goal, they would need to fund a prolonged war strategy, so the Dark Nobility decided to mimic the PPP system by using their own European private banking system, which begin in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, and Bavaria beginning in the 1970’s, then in Hong Kong and Japan in the 1980’s, finally arriving in United Sates in the early 1990’s (also known as two terms of deregulation thanks to the Clinton Administration).

They created the appearance of a legitimate private bank leveraging pathway to trade on government platforms, allowing their cabal brethren to generate “endless money” utilizing the existing central banking laws without any hard asset backing. Quick side note: this bogus private bank mimic strategy was also how the cabal funded all black military, medical, media, research, education and space budgets are all funded.

Now to better understand how PPP’s work at a micro level, think about applying for your own personal bank loan and offering up something tangible as collateral. If the bank accepts your collateral, they in essence monetize your hard asset issuing you paper money via their fractional banking system. Meaning, your hard asset gets leveraged as much as ten times its value and you are issued a loan/credit line. And if you pay back the loan with interest at or before the agreed upon repayment time frame, you get to keep your hard asset. If not, the bank repossess it.

On a macro level, the central banking system operates much the same way but with more zeros than a normal mind can fathom. Thus, sovereign nations apply for loans to central bankers who agree to leverage the sovereign hard assets for financial debt instruments known as sovereign bonds. This is how all nations generate large volumes of needed capital to build infrastructure, such as roads, ports, airports, technical infrastructure, etc… and sometimes even are forced to defend themselves against attacks from other nations.

So just as the PPP system that was originally good for humanity, it quickly became very bad; as sovereign nations who had been trading their very valuable gold backed sovereign bonds via these special government private placement platforms (PPP) suddenly found it much harder to generate the same amount of return due to all the bogus fiat assets now flooding their once exclusive financial arena.

Individuals with as little as 30M USD begin pooling their monies with other investors to get in on all the profits, however most lost all their money or never got into a trade because there was so much fraud occurring. Why? Because Dark Nobility central bankers & cabal traders began mixing good sovereign debt with bad private bank and corporate debt (also known as commercial paper), as none had any gold backing their liquidity.

Thus most all sovereign debt being pumped into the modern financial system was in fact fiat. Yikes!

Well, this went on folks for over two decades, until the Sovereign Elders offered a pathway out of the darkness in 2009, when they began to implement the BRICS, AIIB, CIPS, Yuan, SDR strategy capable of recalibrating humanity back to the gold standard, and globally resetting the economic system on a sustainable course moving forward.

However, to make matters worse, the cabal began getting even more aggressive to hold their fiscal edge, introducing exotic insurance derivatives that kept their “great fiat money lie balloon” in the air for nearly seven more years. And then came central bank Quantitative Easing, which basically is glorified derivatives debt in reverse… or buying old fiat assets back with new fiat assets… that don’t exist and never will.

How can this even happen?

Well, traditionally these types of sovereign bonds are issued at well below market value in order to create natural profit arbitrages for tiers of trades down stream. Meaning, the actual value of the hard asset is severely discounted before it is leveraged, which creates as much as a 70% arbitrage against its true value. So even though sovereign bonds are supposed to be 100% gold backed, the private bank mimic system only need the promise of gold collateral to generate money. Below is an example of how money is created from nothing to something:

Say you have 1 ton of metric gold, valued at say 1B USD. And instead of getting a loan for the full amount, you only take 300M USD against a 100M USD credit line then issue your sovereign bond debt, which other nations and investors buy very quickly. This begins the origin of money as the sovereign bonds are bought and sold daily, both at the exact same time in order to prevent fraud. Now the next tier of trader of this platform, buys said asset at say 350M USD, and sells it simultaneously at 400M USD, making a 50M profit, and releases the original issuer from their exposure. This tiered buying and selling system is how platforms really operate, until they end up selling off the initial sovereign bond at 95% to 99% of it’s true value to pension funds, bank annuity investments portfolios, down to short-term CDs at credit unions. Everyone makes money, especially the sovereign nation originator who originally created the sovereign bond off of their hard asset resources. But no one creates anything new of value… so money creating money is in essence pure myth. But these PPP trades were readily available to any country in good international standing, never intending to inflate individual or private family wealth–which is exactly how they ended up.

You see, PPP’s are how money is literally created, as well as how debt is also created. Sadly, both real value and real debt have been driven into the same ditch, and this is precisely why the world is in such a desperate situation. We need to return to that original gold backed system, and to do so the old system must be forced to suffer–so that a global reset / revaluation can occur. Because lets face it, without something of this magnitude, the Dark Nobility will continue to enslaved with the debt/usury model even more so than they already do.

What the Sovereign Elders have done is take all real money out of the corrupted system (backed by their gold) and simply let the air seep out of the current system, all be it very patiently and slowly for our liking. This is why so many central banks have been forced to turn to negative interest rates; where as the US Federal Reserve Bank and European Central Bank continue using Quantitative Easing tactics in order to mask their insolvency.

​ Know that ​PPP trades are not, were never, and shall never be​ intended for public access, let alone public knowledge​. Because the minimum investment/trade amount at the Tier 1 level ​was ​initially set at ​500M USD, and now is reported to be over 5B (unconfirmed)​.

Mercifully, the Sovereign Elders have already done the heavy lifting when it comes to cleaning up the old system, and we are soon to understand the depth of their intelligence, benevolence and countless sacrifices to humanity when we stroll into a redemption center with funny colored currencies, hybrid bond/currencies and historic bonds.

So when you are redeeming your currencies this week, remember to say “thank you” to the invisible but critical Sovereign Elders and Keepers who have humbly and courageously allowed you to bath in this blessing for the rest of your lives, and the many generations of your seed that will follow.

Historical Bonds (HB)

The minting of every metal coin and printing of every paper currency, financial instrument, treasury note, sovereign bond MUST BE settled in raw assets per universal law. And because we now are getting this fancy new (but ancient) gold backed system, all monetary instruments (including TRN digital credits) MUST AGAIN HAVE HARD ASSETS BACKING THEIR EXISTENCE.

This is an economic commandment set in stone by Creator Almighty, Sovereign Elders and Benevolent Keepers of the world’s wealth since King Solomon began amassing his fortune. There is no slick alternative to escaping this fact, despite what the cabal has attempted to lead humanity into believing. Money is not God. Only God is God. Money is just an empty promise or blatant lie.

Look, everything must come from something… as nothing real is threatened, and nothing unreal exists… therein lies the truth of God.

Historical Bonds (HB), therefore, are simply man-made money contracts (lies) gone astray or sovereign bonds issued prior to settlement terms set forth at the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference in New Hampshire. What makes a sovereign bond historic is three fold: A) They were once sold as sovereign bond against the hard assets of a sovereign nation in good standing, B) They have in fact defaulted (gone bankrupted) via judgement from an international court, C) They are still unsettled due to diplomatic regime change or military war. Be advised, some historic bonds have gone unsettled for several hundreds of years, dating back to the every late 1600’s.

Just take solace in knowing that all man-made debt instruments every created MUST EVENTUALLY BE SETTLED BY UNIVERSAL LAW, and thus, all have been since an international gold treaty was signed, concluding in 2015–in essence settling all sovereign debts in all forms and allowing for the resetting the global financial architecture.

210 sovereign nations and their leaders freely choose to accept God’s commandment, and follow the pathway laid out by the Sovereign Elders. These nations can now again participate in the the humanitarian PPP system and collateralize their sovereign hard assets to create new pools of development capital, all be it on a new and improved digital financial system with benevolent algorithm oversight.

This golden jubilee or “global reset” will now return humanity back to the gold standard and harmonize long-term economic sustainability, eliminating all fiat debt, and allowing the financial system to be re-capitalized with gold backed central banking debt against very real hard assets .. no more fiat paper allowed. Praise God!


The Dark Nobility / cabal won a few battles over these many centuries, but ultimately they lost the war–and may never return to overseeing human affairs by Heavenly decree. Their days of devious secrete treachery and cold blooded murder in order to replace governments and steal sovereign assets has ended for good. Now if a country now defaults on their sovereign commitments, they are automatically absorbed into the AIIB and their debts settled right on the spot. No longer will predatory international creditors be allowed to impose harsh austerity measures in an attempt to seize/steal national sovereign resources. There’s a new sherif in town… and Homie don’t play that!

To God be all the praise and glory… because at the end of the day, it’s all His anyway.

Be at Peace. All is well. Enjoy our blessing. Share with others.



Threshold Processing Analysis

80/20 Breakdown – 1 Trillion TRN – United States of America
Tier 1 Paymaster Program – Global Reset / Revaluation of Foreign Currencies 2016

Beta – 320,000,000 Citizens – Total USA Population (2015) (100% population)

80% – 256,000,000 Citizens – Unaware of GR/RV (80% population)
20% – 64,000,000 Citizens – Casually aware of GR/RV (20% population)

80% – 51,200,000 Citizens – Discussed GR/RV publicly (16% population)
20% – 12,800,000 Citizens – Researched GR/RV privately (4% population)

80% – 10,240,000 Citizens – Holding currency: 0 – 9.9M TRN (3.2% population)
20% – 2,560,000 Citizens – Holding currency: 10M – 49.9M TRN (0.8% population)

80% – 2,048,000 Citizens – Holding currency: 50M – 99.9M TRN (0.64% population)
20% – 512,000 Citizens – Holding currency: 100M – 249.9M TRN (0.16% population)

80% – 409,600 Citizens – Holding currency: 250M – 499.9M TRN (0.128% population)
20% – 102,400 Citizens – Holding currency: 500M – 999.9M TRN (0.032% population)

80% – 81,920 Citizens – Holding currency: 1B – 4.99B TRN (0.0256% population)
20% – 20,480 Citizens – Holding currency: 5B – 9.99B TRN (0.0064% population)

80% – 16,384 Citizens – Holding currency: 10B – 24.9B TRN (0.00512% population)
20% – 4,096 Citizens – Holding currency: 25B – 49.9B TRN (0.000128% population)

80% – 3,277 Citizens – Holding currency: 50B – 99.9B TRN (0.0000102% population)
20% – 819 Citizens – Holding currency: 100B – 249.9B TRN (0.00000256% population)

80% – 655 Citizens – Holding currency: 250B – 499.9B TRN (0.00000215% population)
20% – 164 Citizens – Holding currency: 500B – 1T TRN (0.00000051% population)

5,000 Estimated Bank Redemption Locations
(off site, private banks, mortgage & wealth management facilities)