Love is our new reality

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Apollo via Valerie Donner, February 5th

A Message from Apollo

About one and one half years ago Apollo came to me when I was meditating one night before going to sleep. He came in oneness and love. I began channeling him.

Apollo was the father of Pythagoras, served as a crucified Savior for humanity; he was at Delphi and worked with the oracles, was a healer, and is considered a personification of the sun.

On February 5, Apollo gave me the following message:
There is great destruction occurring in the global financial systems. It is in proportion to how much destruction those who have controlled the finances have cheated the earth and humanity. It is payback time in terms of the karma they have created.

It is becoming increasingly painful for the cabal since they have lost the control. The financial system is slipping through their fingers. They will begin to realize the consequences of their lack of regard for earth and humanity. Every day it is becoming more visible to humanity of the gross negligence and lack of regard for others.

This is the time of awakening. Your role is to standby and be on hand to serve those whose worlds are falling apart. For those of the Light, a whole new financial system and world lie in the waiting. Everyone will be served instead of a small minority. You will watch it unfold and will have many surprises along the way.

Help those in need and remember there is a divine intelligence at hand. There will be new rules to live by that will serve all. You will triumph because your world is in need of repair. We are with you.