Love is our new reality

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Horus via Elaine DeGiorgio, April 16th, 2017

Horus: When You Are Called To Service

149054254870556Just sat with my beloved Heru – his energy today is beautiful and strong…as I connected with him and my Sacred I AM Presence he came though me blending, and merging as he spoke… He showed me the times of Atlantis and reminded me of the good times and then of the fall… and then told me that we must embrace all… His Message:

I Heru, speak through the heart of my beloved to the hearts of you all.

I Heru, speak to you as my beloved anchored here on this earth plane who connects with me and I her, much work we do at this time anchoring the rays of Ray One The Sacred Blue Flame of the God Star Sirius and Ray Four the Diamond Ray also of the God Star and the Ascension Temple in Luxor, I speak to you from the Dimensions that are not of this Earth Plane but far Higher as we anchor these Divine Rays to your Earth and our mission is to connect many of you now to the 144th Degree Cosmic Consciousness and the Cosmic Lion Consciousness. My love for each and every one of you is unconditional and I live through all my children anchored here on the earth at this time actively undertaking the Divine Plan.

I speak at this time with you all of the much confusion, much conflict that takes place on your earth.

We are working through the hearts and the minds of the leaders of your governments on your earth to bring forth peace and harmony.

We can only do but plant those seeds of thoughts to the minds of your leaders in hope that they take heed of our words, to take on board our advise for the collective benefit of humanity on your earth at this time.

Just as there has been global conflict, I now speak to the hearts of you all about personal conflict.

Many Souls, many lightworkers have gone down the paths of conflict and separation through their actions and through their words and their thoughts.

This is not the paths that we honour, this is not that paths that we bless.

I spoke through my beloved to the hearts of you all earlier this year on your earth about the masks coming off and that all will be revealed, this is now happening right now as we speak.

At the beginning of this year on your earth, we spoke to the hearts of you all about service, about oneness, about love, about harmony, about the release of the old paradigm.

When you are called to service, you choose through your free will to renounce the old ways that you have lived, those expectations and dreams that tie you down to the material matter. When you renounce, you do so that you evolve and grow and expand your consciousness and increase your vibration.

We are working with you all at this time to assist you all to increase your threshold, to raise your vibration and to enter you all into the 5th Dimension. This can only be achieved when you whole hearted renounce the old paradigm of 3rd Dimensional consciousness of the material matter that no longer serves you a purpose.

Those whom have listened are taking heed, those whom have listened are growing, those whom have listened are blossoming.

Many of these beautiful roses are budding and blossoming in my garden now, many blooming in the rays of my Sun. I plants my seeds, I water and I nuture all these beautiful flowers that have accepted the call to service.

For you my flowers, take strength, at this time many challenges have come forth, Many will challenge you, many will challenge your strength, many will turn against you. Many will come into your life and many will go.

My dear ones your lights are shining bright as the rays of my Sun and as they shine so bright there will be many that cannot withstand this likeness, this brightness, for it is those that hath gone off the paths of their making.

We have not given up on these Souls and we encourage you all to extend blessings and healing to these Souls that have chosen through their free will to see the material dreams, desires, and thought forms and to remain in the 3rd Dimension Paradigm.

Dear Ones you have all worked hard and for these Souls they when they decide to come forth and elevate and evolve to the 5th Dimensional Consciousness, they must release and realize the work they must do. For the path is never an easy one, and as your Masters, Angels and Guides on High we are with you every step of the way.

So therefore I say, live bright in your Truth. Live this way honestly and openly, and with love in your heart. Compassion comes when you extend it to your self. Compassion is known when you love your self. Others are understood when you understand your self. This is a time for remembering. How do you care for your self? How do you love another without loving your self? You cannot. You cannot. It is the first rule of universal law: Know Your Self. Then live that Knowing True.

I AM Heru and I speak through Elaine to the hearts of you all this day.

» Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio – Posted per request via Email.