Love is our new reality

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Horus via Elaine DeGiorgio, June 5th, 2017

Horus: You Are The Holy One You Wait For

horusI, Heru speak through the heart of my beloved one to the hearts of you all.

I speak with you of love and of compassion knowing the trials and tribulations that you all face. Take strength, take great strength… You are the Holy one you wait for….

Reach out among you. Reach out now and touch the person next to you, and know that there is no separation, that you are joined, that you are one; a carrot in a row of carrots, separated by the earth between, nourished by the sun and the water and air, always of the One.

Green you are. Green with envy and greed, and ignorance at times. And they are masks. And they are symptoms. And there is apathy, and relief. And we come to aid you in the growing of the wisdom, and the light that shines now upon you all. It shines in a photosynthesis of life that your light may meet it; that your light may recognise it, know it as part of you and you, and you.

And we see you looking, searching, waiting for the Holy one, not knowing all the while that you are he, and she, and in between the spaces, always Holy. Yes you are. Would that you knew such. The world of your material knowing would be different, would appear different to you, would be experienced in a way that harmony would prevail, because there would be no need for else; there would no need for hunger; there would be no need for violence; there would be no need for reconciliation, because you would know the web of light is you and you, and you that is the I, the I AM of the One.

And the Christ force comes now to hold you up, to raise you that you may see this. And you will call it what you will. And you will call it science. And you will call it philosophy. And you will call it religion. And you will call it synchronicity. And you will call it faith. And at times you will call it madness for you recognise it though you do not treat it well. And we know and we see. And here it comes. Here it comes, upon a wave of treasure, upon a wave of guilt for the seeing comes late, but never too late. And the emotion subsides for all is well in the world of this domain. And we raise you up that you would see it, a beacon in the lighthouse, never too many, never too much. Never too bright, and always steering the light course that is this force.

Know it. Feel it. Sit in the silence and turn to look at yourself, and when you do, feel love, feel love for you, for you Blessed being, are the miracle of earth. You star child are the angel within. You, are the one you have been waiting for. Yes you are. Embrace yourself. Embrace yourself and know that you are loved, that you are seen; that you are held in the wisdom of ages and that you contain this within you. You must simply reach for it, ask for it, know it, and it will come. Yes it will.
Open the door as if you would walk through it with your shoulders back and your knowing high. ‘This is who I am.

This is what I do and bring into the world. Yes it is. And I am proud. I am proud and humbled and agreeing, but I am light, and love and loved.’ All of you, all of us, if you could but feel it. Reach out and I will meet you. Yes I will. And others too. And in the meeting of us you will meet yourself, and what a shining beacon you will see.

Hold yourself. Hold yourself and grow. Put aside the terror. Put aside the pain. Put aside the fear and the doubt and you cannot remain in this way perplexed, in this way held back. You cannot. And you will move forward. And you will move, all of you. Yes you will. None will be left behind. None will not shift. The river flows with all and for all. And some will see it and some will know it, and some will not, but still the river flows for them, for those who do not see and cannot meet me in their mind’s eyes, in their vision, in their knowing. It does not matter that. It does not matter what you call it; the river flows nonetheless. The tide comes in and out, and in and out, still upon the moon of your making, and all are affected, and all are effected in the light. It is the way. It is that you will rejoice in the knowing, in the feeling sense of liberation. If you can raise up above the carriage and dwell in that oneness of that love, how can you return to something different? You cannot do so easily. Your will will find a way to bring it into the world.

Remember, you are love, You are Light, You are ONE.

I AM HERU and I speak through Elaine this day.

Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio – Posted per request via email –