Love is our new reality

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Horus via Elaine DeGiorgio, November 21st, 2017

Sitting in the Sacred I AM Presence with my Main Guide Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message come forth:

I speak through the heart of my beloved to the hearts of you all.

I Heru, come forth this day to bring forth great encouragement form many of you withstand great challenges at this time.

The Cosmic Energy is changing as we prepare to bring in the new. The Portals of Love and Light from the Great Central Sun are indeed anchoring the energy of Divine Love.

We ask you all to connect with your inner being, your Essence as your journey unfolds. The connection with your Consciousness and with the Omniversal Consciousness is open to you.

Many find great difficulty as their journey unfolds as much is coming to light now. It is a path of healing for all are on the path of great healing.

As the Timeline Shift unfolds, you will be shown areas of your life that you need to work upon, areas of your life that you need to shift, to mend and to heal.

Dear Children you, yes you are all dearly loved, many have gone off the paths of their making, but do not despair, many learn from their pathways and through learning, much evolvement comes forth for the Soul.

Divine Cosmic Shifts are occurring at this time we are working and preparing you all for the next Divine Steps of your Journey.

As you embark on the New Year upon your Earth we want to remind you all the keys to the Universe… the keys are Divine Love. For this opens the Doors to many opportunities.

Self Mastering Love Thyself is the beginning, know that you are all loved by Prime Creator, by your Masters, by your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Helpers and more importantly your loved ones.

As you Love yourself, an overflow of Divine Love comes forth and fills your Hearts.

As we shift into a new paradigm, you will all be gifted with the assistance of many Star Nations at this time who are working with you all to anchor that healing energy.

As you shift through your timelines, your Ancestral Lineage, and Cellular Memory and shifting all those patterns that no longer serves your Soul Essence, you will begin to grow and to evolve and ascend.

Therefore I tell you this dear ones…. Hold to each other. Hold to known joys. Release past hurts. Cling to what is now only, in the Light. Brother and sister, mother and father, child, elder, younger, between, all One.

United you must be in your likeness. United you must be in your difference. Embrace both. Embrace all.

Remember in your knowing that we are of the same web. We create different currents in the same web. We ride different streams in the same web, the great Web of Life, of Light.

This is what we bring into our knowledge in the year that comes, in the turning of a calendar, where one’s wisdom will be called upon. Look deep. Look within. See your Truth. Know it for the wisdom of ages. Know it as a link back Home. Know it as a thread upon the web, and do not doubt it.

The wisdom comes from ages past, from lessons learnt. Its voice, often soft, unspoken, it needs to shout now. It needs to be heard. Crying in the dark alone, silenced by your ego, your thoughts, your manifest world. Turn to it now. Turn to the wisdom of ages that you hold within, and live that Truth. Bring it into the world. Bring it into your life and your relationships.

Bring it into how you love, and who you love, and why you love, in the understanding that you love because you can, because you are Love.

Know the I of yourself. Know the I of the One in yourself. Know the I of Oneness from which this wisdom stems. It is all One, the same wisdom. We know it through our lens only. Yes we do.
Celebrate this unity. Celebrate it in a look, touch, a feel.

Celebrate it in a thought. Celebrate it in a way that the Prism of Light, refracting the Love of currents that are the Rays upon which we communicate and you vibrate, know that they are seen and heard and understood, and brought into oneself.

With wisdom you see. With wisdom you look and you hear, and you know that the Christ force is within. It is the wisdom of the Age. And it is you.

Be you… all knowing and true… go forth and radiate your love and your light for this is in manner that you have come forth to Service to do… Be you.

I AM Heru and I speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio