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Horus via Elaine, March 16th, 2018

Horus via Elaine: The Event is Underway

Horus: The Event is Underway

Dear Children,

I speak through the heart of my beloved to the hearts of you all.

Delight dear children delight! Many shifts are taking place in this system of worlds! All is as intended.

I come forth at this hour to bring you a message of great encouragement.

The Event is underway. Many changes are taking place upon your Earth. You will witness many things over the coming days and weeks.

The elevation of Energy comes forth from the Great Central Suns and the Galactic Core bringing forth a greater expansion of Consciousness.

It is time dear Lightbearers to embrace your ascension, the overlighting of many Souls at this time comes forth a greater sense of awakening. Many Souls at this time are igniting the spark of the Christ Consciousness within.

It is indeed a great time for you all to be incarnated here upon your Earth for you bear witness to the Events that truly lie ahead.

It is of great significance to the book of your lives that you have come forth to the Earth at this time to bring forth a ripple effect of Divine Love, of Divine Light, of Divine Healing to be the cause and effect of the awakening of many Souls upon this hour.

Dear ones, I speak through the Heart of my beloved as I bear witness to many events unfolding, I stand at this hour bearing witness to the Truths unfolding and as they do – many Matrices upon your Earth will fold.

Heightened abilities of my Children are truly expanding as they work tirelessly at this time outreaching humanity with their love and devotion and healing.

We pour upon your Earth the Golden Light as many activations are occurring activating new Sacred Geometric Codes and Solar Portals – New waves are unfolding.

It is time dear ones to rise, many challenges you may face during these days as the shadows fall away as the heightened energies unfold. Feel the magic within… The art of connection and alignment with the Higher Energies is connection with Self. Embrace children the magic unfolding. Enlightenment is the key to a greater understanding.

Brothers and Sisters of the Light are joining together at this time, coming forth Soul Tribes connect and reconnect weaving and forming the Great Flower of Life.

I leave you now with words of great encouragement that we delight with the progress of you all as you are now stepping into the golden light.

I am Heru and I speak through Elaine this day.

Source: Era of Light