Love is our new reality

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Horus via Elaine, November 5th, 2017


Dear Ones,

I speak through the heart of my beloved to the hearts of you all.

I come through this day to speak of love to speak of peace and to encourage harmony in the hearts of you all.

There are many shifts taking place in this now bringing forth a new wave of love and prosperity to your earth.

Many shifts have taken place throughout this system of worlds that have brought forth great waves of energy and shifts to your Earth.

We understand the plights of many Souls at this time that have found the energy to be of great challenge. We are working with you all, assisting you all, nurturing you all.

Many of you are undergoing a great shift and I have come through this day to let you all know that you are all doing well with your ascension process. 

The Earth hath gone through a great shift bringing forth a wave of natural disasters upon your earth. We ask in this now to set your focus on healing and humanity. For in the wave of great challenge comes forth great strength. We encourage you all at this time to remain steadfast.

We encourage many Souls at this time to take care of the Earth Mother, we are aware of the impact of technology, emissions and chemtrails that have great impact upon the Earth Mother at this time. We are working with you all to increase the vibration of the planet even at times where it seems to be of great struggle.

We are planting seeds of thoughts to the hearts of Man and to the Hearts of the Governments upon your Earth. And in planting these seeds we encourage you to do the same… it is like a ripple effect… for the seeds of love of hope and of peace will grow and flourish.

We are working at this time to bring forth a great wave of abundance and prosperity for the needs of humanity lies at the top of our agenda at this time.

We have prepared you all for the day for Eons past and there have been recent shifts over the years to bring you all together in love and in harmony. 

Major shifts in 1997 2000 2010 2012 and this year upon your earth bringing forth a greater awareness once more, just like in the Golden Ages of Lemuria and Atlantis. 

Many Chakras and Vortices and Gateways upon your Earth connecting with the other systems within this Universe are indeed undergoing activations.

Shifts and alignments are happening at gateways in Egypt, Peru, Tibet, Mexico and Australia.

There are shifts taking place with Inner Earth at this time thus affecting the Energy levels in the United States. Great alignments are taking place at this time to raise the vibration of the Earth Mother. 

My Children of the Sun are being born at this time bringing forth a new and renewed energy upon your Earth. Their Codes and DNA structure are unique… they are Ancient Souls that have been here and carried out great works for Eons past. They are coming in with great awareness. 

The carry with them a blueprint of Eons working with different kinds of systems, systems for the Animal and Plant Kingdoms and Mineral Kingdoms, they work in somewhat of a different way and knowledge that exceeds the knowing that is normally brought into your Earth. Their promise is the promise restoration. Their task is to prepare for the Golden Age upon your Earth.

Many Light Warriors are being awakened and coming forth in great knowledge. You will know them, you will feel them, you will recognize their light. 

It is time now dear ones to come forth out of your slumber, do not hide behind screens or fancy pictures, it is time to shine your light and your love. Many conceal themselves at this time, what is there to hide? Know that you are loved know that you are protected.

It is time now to radiate, radiate like the rays of my Sun. 

Dear ones, it is time to step into your power, do not allow others to hinder your path. Take charge of your ascension and know that you are loved and supported every step of the way. 

We are paving the way of new energies coming forth to assist you on your paths and your journey of ascension. 

Many timeline activations are taking place in this now and many of you working alongside your Teams will find their Soul Star Chakra activating at this time assisting in the awareness of timelines of signs and of symbols coming forth to assist you on your path of Ascension.

Soul Light Journeys come forth at the top of your agenda now as the past is being healed and you step into the now. For it is now that brings forth great opportunity for you all. 
We are in the phase of bringing for great abundance and prosperity to your earth. For we desire to bring forth the Higher Energy to your Earth to ignite to enlighten to heal. It is time now to connect with your hearts and with the abundance of the universe. 

I leave you with this dear ones as we take time now to reflect on how your earth once was and how it is in the Higher Dimensions…. We come forth together as one.

Let this now come forth in to your remembering for now let me speak now of matters past, of time gone, when pyramids were a plenty and the land was flush, and the green of sand that wove its way in the hearts of men, and women and children alike.

We knew then. We knew then the urns were filled with the love and the elixir of life. We knew then. We knew then that the hearts and the minds of people were one, and we did not question, and we did not doubt. For we were one with the land, and one with the wind. We were one with the sky. We were one with the elements all. And we rose in the day and we slept in the night. And we knew we would rise and sleep with the rising of the sun and the setting of its beacon on the horizon.

And when the moon rose and the moon set, so too our crops were sown and harvested. And we knew this too. And we knew the way the rivers ran were the way that we were settled. And we knew where our crops would grow and our sheep would graze. We knew because we were one. We knew because we felt this oneness. We rose with it, and we slept with it. We awoke with it and we parted with it. And when our cycle ended, we took our knowing into our transitioning state and we returned again with our knowing.

It is now time dear ones to go back to the beginning to bring this to your hearts. For there is great work for you to do upon your earth… To bring this reality back to your Earth. 

We hold the Earth as our priority as we now anchor the Divine Light for we are now beholding the Krystos Energy to the Sacred Sites the Vortices the Chakras and the Leylines upon your Earth.

Know now that we are hear to assist you all now to wake up, to help you rise up in your unity, in your knowing of the land and the wind, and the elements all. In your knowing of each creature, of each sunlight, of each moon ray, of each star in the night sky; in your knowing that you and it are one.

Reach out in this knowing in a way that understands it within your heart. Feel what it would be like to run with the sands, to build a pyramid with your mind knowing that you command the elements because you are of them.

We ask you to remember this, to fill your vials and urns that you carry into your next life, that you carry with you, with the knowing of this greatness, this truth, that you do not die, you are not alone, your life continues, and you build creation with your thought and your love. And your compassion is key to unlocking these doors, these truths that you once knew. Fill your urns, fill your perfume bottles, fill them with the essence of this truth.

Connection is the key, and you connect through your senses, through your understanding, through your knowing that is compassion, that is love. Fill yourself with this: you are the urn of life. Bring it into your transition that you will remember and awake with this knowing. Bring it in to your remembering.

Great timeline shifts are happening across the system of worlds many of you will now connect with timelines, parallel lives and other realities. This is as intended for your evolvement, healing and growth. 

I leave you now with peace and understanding for I Heru, have come forth this day to ignite, to enlighten and to overlight the hearts and souls of you all.

I AM Heru and I speak through Elaine this day.