Love is our new reality

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Horus via Nancy Tate, October 26th, 2017

Wake up Call: Horus, October 26, 2017


When you feel that you are in a sinkhole and that you are beginning to go under all that you desire to have in your life, know that you are not going under the situation but taking a different route to what you desire. It is a route that will surpass all that you have been waiting for and will give you the ideas of what it is that you have manifested in your life that has directed you in the direction that you are taking. It is a matter of being in the now and following the next step that comes your way when you are in charge once more on a level of awareness that you bring into your life that matches what it is that you desire.

It is a matter of knowing what your thoughts and actions can bring into your life. It is the example of the power you have to create what it is that you desire through your thoughts and actions, even if you do not realize that falling back into the hole of yesterday takes you to where the thoughts and feelings have been. As you then realize what you have been creating, you can go on from there and see what it is that corresponds with what it is that you are capable of creating.

Is it creations of yesterday that worked then for you? Is it the ideas that brought you then what you wanted, or didn’t want? From your answer to that you can go forward and take the actions that you know will bring you what you consider to be at peace with in your life in the moment. It is knowing that you have the power to create what you think of, even if it is not what you desire. So give power and concentration to that which you know is what you are capable of creating from the desire for it to be in your life, rather than what you do not want in your life. You have the power to change that which you do not like.

As you go forward in that strength of creation you will see that you will be bringing so much into your life that you want and that you are seeing to be how you want your life to be in the moment. From there you will be able to bring about the epitome of how you desire to live, even if it isn’t in the time that you hoped it would be. 

Realize that your idea of time is on it’s way out. You are readying yourselves for the evolutionary process of living in the moment in a way that will bring you to the knowledge that you lived your life that way before entering into the idea of time. When you came into this planned evolutionary process of duality, you did so knowing that it would lead you into a new way of expressing the experience that you desired to have. You also will know that you brought with you into this experience the knowledge that it would show you another expression of the power you have to create anything that you desire. It is a matter of following the moment and going on into the next and the next with the knowledge that you are creating it as you give thought and action to it.

I am Horus once again with this one who is my daughter on one level, and we are seeing the process that is being experienced as a welcome access to the creativity that you all have to bring about that which you desire as you become more and more aware of it. As you all are waking up to who your truly are and what you are capable of creating, you are seeing the results in ways that can open you up further to the power of Love that you have and are.  

Go forth in your moments and know that you will find the results to be most outstanding and wonderful as you grow in your realization of your power. Love is all there is, and we all go forth in that power and create heaven in all that we experience on earth and beyond. 

Thank you so much dear Horus,

Much Love, Nancy Tate