Love is our new reality

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Horus via Nancy Tate, September 20th, 2017

Wake up Call: Horus, September 20, 2017 


I am Horus, and I wish to share with all of you the upcoming presence of the beautiful beings who are coming up from inner earth. They will be coming and being a part of several events that will be coming your way in many ways. These events will be in place to remind you of the power you have to bring about what it is that you desire to have happen. It will be as if you had long ago forgotten to bring what you desired into your life, because it was something that you had to rely on others to do for you.

I am telling you now that the reminders are already in place and you will be shown how and where to find them. There will be many events that will be the epitome of how you have once been in the power to bring about what you desire in the instant that you desired them. You will begin to realize that your ability for manifestation is within, and it can be activated in a second.

As you begin to see this in your lives and others you will know why you have gone through the evolutionary process that you chose to experience. You will see how realistic it is now to bring about that which you used to regard as being everyday, and everyway in a place of sameness for you. What you chose to do in this duality experience is to show yourselves how you can get caught up in an everyday kind of life, rather than being able to go forth from your inner ability to create anything that you get inspired to do. 

It is a matter of bringing the truth of your power to the front once again, and being able to go forth in the universe and create in a way that is unleashed, and has the ability to create anything that has purpose in your lives, even if it seems to be just another way of creation. It can mean that you have given yourselves a new beginning in your expression, and you can go forth from that and create whatever you feel inspired to do. It is a matter of seeing the openness of what can be in front of you, and going forth from that. Take your time and make it open. Take your sleep and awaken it to a new awareness of what it means in the space of no time. Look at it in a way that speaks of your ability to go forth and materialize that which you may not even have pictured as the thing that you saw in your inner thoughts and feelings. 

It is just the beginning now that you are all in. It is the beginning of what you are capable of and what will be materializing from the actions you take, from the choices you make, and from the creativity that you choose to use in your movements and thoughts. It is a matter of those events that are coming giving you back the ideas you once had of how to be the Loving beings that you came from. It is then going to bring to you the inspiration for the next moves and creations in your lives to send you on a flowing journey into the next phase of your lives. 

I go now and sit to observe what it is that you bring into your lives in the instant of the next thoughts and feelings you have. I look forward to the occasion in which we will all be re-united. Till then, we are already back in the oneness that we shared in the Inner and Hollow Earth, as the progression toward the duality came into place. We are now on the outskirts of returning to your knowledge of your true selves.  I am smiling as I communicate to you through this one to give you an idea of what you will be creating in the coming instances of your power of Creation. Love is the greatest thing there is to activate the power of creation forever.  

Thank you dear Horus,

Love to you and all of Life!


Much Love, Nancy Tate