Love is our new reality

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Illusion of Proper Conduct via Suzanne Lie, December 10th

Vacation Message and the Illusion of Proper Conduct – Suzanne Lie



Suzanne Lie 
This is actually one of the first days of my vacation that I have been able to really relax, and did I ever relax. I slept as much as I could, and I pulled through some messages. In fact, this time I could really feel how these messages literally come through me.

In fact, we need to relax so that our consciousness can expand into a high enough frequency so that our multidimensional perceptions can download into our 3D brain. However, in order to fully receive our inter-dimensional messages, we need to merge our multidimensional mind with our 3D brain.

Then our multidimensional mind acts like an extra hard-drive for our 3D brain in that it resonates to, and can compute, the highest frequencies of messages. Our higher states of consciousness are able to commune with our “higher SELF/ higher dimensional expression”, until our 3D the brain is able to maintain high enough brainwaves and states of consciousness to recognize, receive, integrate, store and project the higher messages embedded in the higher frequencies of thought forms and energy fields.

Then, it is best to document what we have received via writing, artwork, music, or some physical task so that we can SAVE that inter-dimensional information to our physical awareness. Of course, we will not be able to fully access this information again until we return to the frequency of consciousness in which we received it.

We are so new at remembering fifth dimension and beyond information, as these types of perceptions and communications are NOT normal in our third dimensional states of consciousness. Unfortunately, all the time/space bound third dimensional issues that confront us each day can make us LOST IN ILLUSION.

Freedom from third dimensional illusion is what we have been searching for during our myriad incarnations. That freedom was always there, but we were looking outside of ourselves rather than inside of ourselves. NOW we are beginning to look within.

We are slowing remembering that WE are really are HERE. That statement sounds ridiculous to our 3D self, but when you hear your fifth dimensional SELF say, “Greetings, We, the members of our fifth dimensional SELF are HERE within YOU,” we want to cry for joy.

At first, our 3D brain will place our fifth dimensional SELF in front of us, or floating just above us because we have been trained that “thinking we are special” is wrong and conceited. However, we are breaking our programing now and consciously looking,





and accepting

Messages from our 5D SELF to our 3D self. We are even realizing that we are not weird. Better yet, we are realizing that we are awake and ready for Active Duty!

We are accepting that WE are volunteers who took an earth vessel to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension. We know that for many, if not all of us, this has been a difficult assignment that we chose to take.

NOW we are remembering the process of saying good-bye to our dear friends on our multidimensional Starships or Home Worlds. We are remembering and accepting the assignments that we wrote before we came here.

We also remember many of our alternate, parallel realities that we have taken on other timelines. We knew that clearing the “present” for Gaia would not be enough for Her to ascend. Therefore, we took multiple earth vessel across many differing 3D timelines.

We took embodiments in fourth dimensional astral bodies to assist our self while our earth vessel slept. Often, our astral self took us home during our higher consciousness sleep cycles where we could enter the ONE of the higher worlds.

Since we were not in “time” during those visits, we could slip back and forth into and out of our 3D time-bound bodies. Due to the challenges of a third dimensional reality on the cusp of great change, we often forgot those excursions, but they have, and continue to, rejuvenate us immensely.

Many ask about how to best assist Gaia, Mother of Earth. Gaia lovingly accepted your mission and wishes to assist in any manner that She can.

This is where your 3D thinking says, “What are you talking about???” Most of your 3D friends will think you are crazy if you say that, but for some reason you don’t care anymore.

You have crossed an invisible line that says, “I came to assist Gaia to ascend.” This is a very important sentence because it is an admission that you officially remember your SELF. You are thinking, “Why don’t I understand more about what is happening?”

The inner voice says, “I do not speak third-dimensionally.”

“What does that mean?” you ask yourself, but wait, who is your self? When you remembered your mission, something woke up inside yourself. For some it will be different. Some will wake up inside and then remember their mission.

“But wait,” you ask your confused newly activated fifth/multidimensional thinking. How can you ask yourself about your self? That question will soon fade.

As the boundaries between third/fourth and fifth dimensional realities continue to merge, we will have more and more experiences of:

“Which reality is the REAL reality?” asks our physical self.

“All the realities are REAL because ALL the realities are YOU,” whispers an unconditionally loving voice.

At first, you may be frightened because unconditional love is very rare in the physical realities you have experienced. But we know you will accept our unconditional love because you are remembering that WE are YOU.

“As you accept our messages, and their carrier wave of unconditional love, you accept the higher dimensional carrier wave of unconditional love into your life, which greatly expands your consciousness.

“Your technological life has taught you that energy wave messages can be sent instantly from computer to computer. Therefore, you know that you can receive messages that are instantly sent from dimension to dimension.

“Furthermore, our multidimensional language is based, not on words, but on thought forms and energy packages. Hence, your physical brain cannot understand these messages, but your physical body can understand and accept their carrier wave of unconditional love.

“Since love is often very conditional in your 3D world, the feeling of unconditional love is blissful, peaceful and deeply comforting. These higher dimensional messages are experienced, not by your 3D brain, but by your physical body.

“Your physical body is the resonating device that will perceive and accept our messages. With practice, you will notice the physical feeling of our messages and center your self into a higher frequency of consciousness so you can translate them into your third dimensional language system.

“We remind you to trust your body, as it lives within the reality of feelings and sensations rather than the reality of words and sentences. It is your body that first recognizes our unconditional love. It is also the part of you that first recognizes the warning of fear or discomfort.

“Your present reality has taught you to primarily focus on your thoughts, to command your body into the socially acceptable shape and to ignore your emotions, or to allow them to take control.

However, many of you are expanding your consciousness into higher and higher frequencies so that YOU are among the US who is within your body. In fact, more and more of you are remembering that this YOU is multidimensional.

Hence, only your lowest frequencies of expression actually reside inside your 3D body. Your body is the “planting mechanism” which allows the inner portal of your Multidimensional SELF to be grounded into the Core of Gaia.

“Then the ‘YOU’ that is ‘WE’ expands in frequency in a manner that encompasses YOU from the Core of Gaia to the Core of your ever-expanding SELF.”



Veil Six

“The Illusion of Proper Conduct”

I am here again.  I see the door behind me, and I remember a place with lots of people and a small boy.  It is a celebration of something.

“Hello, my one,” Lady Astrea welcomes me.  “Remember what I said before, be calm in your remembering.  Accept what you remember and that will build a foundation to remember more.  They await you now.  Come.”

As I follow her, I feel a calmness that I could never achieve by effort.  I am beginning to understand what she is saying, but I cannot yet express it in words.  As I enter the circle, the Ladies greet me with a smile.  They carefully remove the veil from my face as I hear Lady Leto speak, “Dear one, the veil that is being lifted this evening is the ‘Illusion of Proper Conduct.’

Proper conduct is a very elusive term as it varies with the judge.  Inevitably, of course, the final determinant is your ability to bypass the judgment of others and be yourself in all situations.  Of course, you can only be yourself if you know yourself.  This factor is the key in determining proper conduct.  Therefore, proper conduct is truly based on the knowledge and security that comes from knowing your Self.”

The Brother takes the veil and Hilarion speaks, “The energy field of this illusion resembles that of a lost child.  Each molecule is moving randomly about looking for a direction.  It appears as a tribe with no leader, no true course is laid as movement is so highly dependent on exterior manipulation.  No riverbed has been established, so the waters flow randomly, seeking a course without knowledge or understanding of their direction.

“While bound in this ‘Illusion of Proper Conduct,’ you are like a ship without a compass.  The ship is constantly being tossed about at the whimsy of each wind while the unknown currents from the depths below battle with the forces of the wind above.  The ship has no tools to determine its course and, therefore, is unable to move with direction.

External agents push against it in opposite directions to cause stress within the system and erratic movement.  Without an internal direction, the many external agents war against each other and against the mechanisms.”

The veil is passed to the other Brother and Apollo continues, “’Proper conduct’ is the inverse of self-direction.  When you are aware of the true self, you then have a reference point against which to measure propriety.  As a representative of the Sun, I understand and can assist in determining and maintaining a strong core structure.

“Your personal use for this illusion began as a guard against old, chronic patterns of arrogance.  As you gain more confidence in your ability to use your power in a clear and truthful manner, you will be less in need of the proper conduct versus arrogance balance-structure.  When you are strong in your ability to balance love and power, you will know that there is no danger of arrogance and, therefore, no need for the external pressure of proper conduct rules to safeguard against misuse of power.”

Misuse of power, yes, I know of what they are speaking.  I remember how I have allowed outside structure to gain power over me to guard against misuse of my own power, and I dared not admit what I felt within.  I am leaving now.  I am returning to my own power.