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“Re: James’ Further Questions” by Ron Giles – 7.29.18

Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 9:23 PM EDT on July 29, 2018

“In Response to Ron Giles” by James – 7.28.18

Again, James your questions are to the point and relevant. Here we go.

1. As for the QFS accounts, may we have more than one QFS account such as one for personal, one for project 1, one for project 2, etc.?

Response: Yes…. The QFS is designed to be of service in support of all your personal or business financial transactions.

2. You stated, “Light workers whose heart is pure will get the higher rates according to their projected use.” Who is (are) going to determine the rates and how are they going to do it?

Response: It is incumbent upon all currency holders to have thought through their intent for the use of the money. If you meditate and open your mind, your Spiritual Guidance system will help you feel to ask for the rate that will support your intension. It will be a, “Knowing,” that just feels right. When you are in your Knowing, you are working in harmony with the collective of who you will give assistance to. This guidance system does things for you, not to you. It is a designed for you to be in the right place at the right time. That’s synchronicity at its finest.

3. Continuing with the rates, if the ‘base rate’(for those without project?) is 1, what would be the maximum rate for those ‘light workers’ with projects, 10?, 100?, or?

Response: There is no limit for Light Workers. Thousand or hundreds of thousand may be appropriate. The amount of Zim or other currencies you have, and the rate you will get will be in harmony with your intension. When tapping into your Knowingness, you are tapping into Spiritual realms where everything is known. Your projects came by thought, your thoughts begin the creation process, and your faith in this process brings what is wanted into manifestation. It is Universal Law. Persist in faith and it will come to you, and it will be perfect. This process is not for those that doubt or need proof. Doubt and needing to have proof are resistance to what you want. To the degree you resist is the degree that what you want is kept from you.

4. People on this site talk about 90/10 or 80/20 regarding usage of the fund for projects vs. personal. What say you? Will there be some kind of guide lines for this?

Response: If you have a 100 T note and get a rate of one dollar you will receive $100 trillion dollars. You would never be able to spend $20 Trillion, $10 Trillion or even a Trillion on yourself. This formula had to do with the exchange of Dinar, Dong etc., but not Zim. The bottom line is this – you must create the Abundance Mentality in yourself first and then help others to do the same. Lack mentality is Anti-Christ and does not serve any useful purpose. Spending money on yourself, your family, and even your friends should never be a regrettable event. You are the Sovereign Steward of these funds and the money is your friend. There is no wisdom in shorting yourself or not buying something you want. Buy something you want and then see how you feel. If it doesn’t feel good then adjust your thinking. If it does feel good, you’re right on course. Your intensions are honored.

5. You brought up the subject of ‘med beds’. Do you know how long we may (or expect to) live with the help of med beds? Obviously, that will influence our plans for life, projects, and everything else.

Response: Med Beds are a crutch to use until you know you can heal your own body. They will be a transition technology that as Humans transition from 3D to %5D, may be used to help us through the transition until we need them no longer. As you come to know who and what you are and connect to that inner knowing, you will also know when it’s is time to leave the 3D body behind and move on to a higher vibration with new experiences. No limitations, no outside expectations. Your life span will be your choice in harmony with your family and friends, who will also know and not give any resistance. Being in Oneness, you can never be separated from anyone.

6. Other than med beds, they say other higher technologies will be disclosed and made available. IF such things as free energy, anti-gravity, and/or replicator become readily available, what will happen to many projects (to be applied when the funds become available) such as solar or other renewable technologies, anti-virus or anti-cancer studies, transportation and distribution technologies, etc.?

Response: There is so much waiting for us in the future that will affect our plans today moving forward. The road has many turns but you don’t make the turns until you get there. We can only do our projects with the technology we have now. I know there will be many, many changes to my projects that may even need to be scrapped for something better. We will have all the money we need to invest in today’s technology and still have all we will need to adjust and implement the new technology that may replace it. Keep in mind that hundreds of thousand of Zim holders will be out doing projects all over the place. Remaining flexible and pliable will be important for us.

7. You say that “there is only one QFS and every Human on the planet will have their own personal account in the QFS” And, people say that everyone will receive certain amount each to their QFS account when GESARA becomes effective. IF everyone gets ‘enough’ money, would we still need certain projects related to individual well-being such as housing, food, education, etc.?

Response: This is a very good question. With out going into a lot of detail on each subject, our emphasis will shift from providing food, shelter, and clothing to education and enhancing personal opportunities for growth and development. Each person will have their learning curve to assimilate all the many facets of life and technologies that will be presented. Encouraging each person to seek out their own uniqueness and talents and use them to enhance the living experiences of others is a leadership opportunity we each must reach for. Finding ways to do that will be our challenge. It is important to us to be on the leading edge of technology and be available to foot the bill on manufacturing and distribution. All the while creating communities that support the Family Unit which is the most basic and fundamental creation of God. Helping God do this is our opportunity and privilege. We will do well.

I thank you, James for the questions and the opportunity to share my knowing with our IDC family.

Bless you dear brother