Love is our new reality

Inger Noren Channels Her Higher Self – A New Reality, October 2nd, 2022


With peace in the heart and with a loving sense of peace for all people, there will be an easier transition to a stronger reality that awaits you.

It is the light that shows which path leads to a more peaceful world and it is the strong will of people to convey this light around the world.

Having confidence in a reconciliation between peoples means so much and this path is the path of justice.

Salvation from Our Lord is of great importance for our continued path in life and which is especially important in this time.

The love for the people is constant and the trust in humanity is great from Our Lord, which has significance for the Earth’s ascent to higher dimensions.

The time of difficulties becomes less difficult with the trust and faith in Our Lord who does not abandon his children. The power of prayer is much greater than you think and praying for those who suffer in the world is of great importance for a faster transition to higher dimensions.

It is with the power of thought and with the strong meaning of love for all living beings in the Universe that are affected by the Universe’s growing in all respects.

Blessed beings who are an essence of Our Father/Mother, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, lead the work towards the victory of the light.