Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart, August 12th, 2020

The Storm is Part of Ascension | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

August 12, 2020

Ivo: The Storm is part of a collective Ascension process for humans on earth.

Unless you go through this process of awakening and not complying with the evil agenda, you will not ascend.

When the deep state is arrested and ousted from your world, and you return to the world you were living before 2016, what is there to stop another set of people from taking over your world again? Nothing. You must go through this pain in order to evolve. It is the evolution of the human mind and release from the dark’s grasp over you that will lead to your eventual freedom. But it is a choice that each individual must make: to be free to ascend or to stay in the lower frequencies.

What you perhaps seem to misunderstand is that your world was created based on corruption. It is entirely based on theft, lying, cheating, manipulation and control. That is the Matrix world and your current life is part of that. The fact that you have surrendered your god-given world to beings who are foreign to it bears that out. You have given your world to thieves who claim to be its leaders when in fact you are its leaders, not they. You were born here.

It would be difficult to return to your pre-corona world without falling back on lying, cheating, stealing, manipulating and controlling as the basis of life. To suddenly declare that all will now be transparent, authentic and of service to others when all are incapable of that would be absurd.

Also, the lives you live now bear no resemblance whatsoever to the true life of a multi-dimensional human.

So the Storm is necessary. You are all becoming socially involved in your political system because now you are all personally affected. You cannot ignore it anymore because your pre-corona standard of living, which was acceptable to so many, is being threatened. This is necessary to make you realize how fragile that way of life was and how vulnerable you are. Many realize that now. In feeling these states of vulnerability, you are taking precautions so that you are less vulnerable. And this is good. You are reacting to the stimulus affecting you.

What you need to be living is a lifestyle that is not vulnerable, and that is the true fashion that the human being lives in – because in becoming invulnerable, by living an invulnerable lifestyle – you are empowered. The problem is the earthling is so disempowered now. You need to gain your power back.

Power begins, as I said before, when you say no to those claiming authority. When enough people do this, the authority has no power over you.

You must understand universal law at work here. This is your planet. Yours. You are the governing power of your planet, not the dark ones, not the deep state. They are pretending. They are lying when they proclaim to be your authority. Universal law stipulates that those native to the planet are its benefactors and hold the power of authority over anyone who visits. In other words, what you say, goes. All must comply with your will on this planet. You make the laws and they relate to universal law – God’s laws.

Me: So what do we do when they don’t comply?

Ivo: My love, do you remember the time you turned off the CD on your computer with your mind?

Me: Yes.

Ivo: Imagine millions, if not billions of humans directing their negative intent towards the world’s so-called leaders. Do you know what will happen to these people when all the people of earth wish them to be unseated, released from duty, or publicly hanged? This is much negative energy that is being thrust at the world’s leaders and there is no other alternative for them but to suffer the consequences of the dark energy you foist at them.

Me: I thought it was better to love the solution?

Ivo: It is, my love but right now your people are waking up and reacting by hating on your world’s leaders. This sends much negative energy their way and leads to their demise. Some send positive energy to resolve the problem positively.

Me: Isn’t sending them hatred empowering their agenda?

Ivo: To an extent. When it goes beyond a certain amount then it is overwhelming for the entity that the negative energy is directed to. We believe their clones are failing for this very reason: there are enough aware that realize they are clones, so they do not operate properly. Their technology is not flawless but the negative energy your people are sending to the clones is making them glitch worse.

Me: So they want loosh, but they don’t want too much loosh?

Ivo: Yes. Remember we are removing many of those who were taking your loosh as a food source so now it is all being directed at others instead of partially. Humans are gaining in power as we remove the entities eating the loosh you create. However your power is negatively charged.

We prefer that you send positive energy to create your positive solution, yes. It would work much more quickly. However people are not doing that. They are directing their anger, fear and hatred towards your world’s leaders and it is beginning to cripple them. My love, I understand that you do not understand, however why do you think that they have always attempted to appear as if they are your benefactors? That they are doing good for you?

Me: So that we would believe them.

Ivo: If they were to appear as if they are not, then you would dislike them and they would experience a reduction in power, with all your negative energy directed at them.

Me: Don’t we want that?

Ivo: Yes, but your people are also ascending. They need to embrace the positive to change the timelines.

Me: Ah. Okay, so it’s about jumping timelines to get yourself out of it, or staying in it and killing off the elite with your mind.

Ivo: Yes. Eventually all will have to find a positive timeline to begin their ascension. Those who engage the deep state with hatred are staying in the lower timelines. They are not ascending, which is what the deep state wants. When you stay in the lower timelines, then they can inoculate you and microchip you. The answer is for everyone to undergo ascension to the higher dimensions.

Me: Ah, I see. But we can create an effect by hating on these politicians?

Ivo: Yes, but it does you no good. It keeps you stuck.

Me: Got it. Thank you Ivo.


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