Love is our new reality

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Jahn Kassl – Are The Ascended Masters Demons?, August 2nd, 2023


The Ascended Masters

The yardstick of all bright messages is their inner content of love.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

JJK: Yesterday, someone whose background analyses on world events I basically appreciate very much said in a video that the occultist and founder of the Theosophical Society, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, is said to have said shortly before her death: “All Ascended Masters are demons.” That still concerns me today. Have I been communicating with demons for almost 20 years now?

THE ASCENDED MASTERS: Greeted and embedded in love are you, Jahn, and are you people who open up to this question.

We are demons when we reflect our own demons to people. We are everything and for every human being something different, since the light is received differently by each person or rejected in a specific way.

The yardstick of all bright messages is their inner content of love.

The content of dark messages is logically stringent, but devoid of love. To feel this is up to the individual, because this is the only way to distinguish demons from light beings, a work that is always left to the individual and that goes hand in hand with processes of knowledge and growth steps.

Sai Baba

JJK: We always receive a lot of questions about SAI BABA. He is accused of sexual abuse and his miracles of materialization are said to have been only cheap tricks. I myself know many “students” who were always at SAI in Puttaparthi and came back like newborn. In one, a “tailor-made” silver chain manifested itself out of nowhere on the wrist. There are whole books of wonderful events with SAI. But what matters to me is my closeness to SAI BABA, it is the many messages I have received in all these years, and are healings concerning myself. I don’t doubt for a moment! But there is also skepticism and accusations.

THE ASCENDED MASTERS: Even in this case, people could not grasp the light and so they began to hate it.

JJK: So all-clear?

THE ASCENDED MASTERS: Warned are those who stagnate in their internal processes or develop backwards, warned that suddenly the assignments are no longer correct, as the look in the mirror is avoided. If you courageously get involved with yourself and rely on your omniscient soul, you will never fail. What do you see, what do you perceive, that is the only relevant question.

Demons exist on a low-swinging plane. To develop beyond this level means to be able to distinguish truth from false and darkness from light!

JJK: In summary, this means working on myself – and everything comes to me …

THE ASCENDED MASTERS: Everything is given into the hands of those who are ready to receive. Is it YOU?

In perfect love