Love is our new reality

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James Gilliland Report, March 3d, 2021

James Gilliland: You’re Going to Have to Choose


It is now increasingly obvious even to the most socially engineered critical thinking and research impaired that not just  America, the whole world is in trouble. The take down America plan fueled by the CCP and the global elite carried out by corrupt politicians is in full swing. The lame stream news is in full compliance. The Constitution and your Bill of Rights are like toilet paper to the tyrants, a cog in their wheel on the path to total enslavement, world dominance and the removal of about 80% of the global population. Keep them sick, poor and stupid is a plan in which they so arrogantly boast. What is sad is so many are participating in their own enslavement and eventual demise. This is not unfolding without opposition.

People are waking up to this Kabuki Theater globally. Are you ready for March madness? We are undergoing a major solar storm. More than one storm is upon us, or is it back up? March is known for change in a very big way. The sun is fueling this change. It begins with changes in consciousness affecting the bioelectric fields of the body, Earth’s body as well. This is followed by severe weather, earthquake and volcanic activity. People will rise globally creating major resistance and the eventual demise of the tyrants. The masks are coming off and coming down.  The tyrants have had thousands of years to dig in so don’t expect a drive through the golden arches where freedom is handed to you in a bag. If you are unaware of the Great Awakening all I can say is research, research, research. You are far behind. Apply critical thinking and trust what your heart and gut are telling you. Nothing is what it seems. Some will lose friends and family, relationships will grow further apart if you are not on the same page. Everything will be accelerated and amplified. The polarities will grow stronger.

Love of self, others and the planet demands action. Know that you are not alone. There are seen and unseen entities involved in the awakening and healing or planetary liberation of Earth. Label them as you wish just know this is greater than your be lie fs. Everyone bought the Earth ticket for the ride of their lives. We can all be part of the solution, many incarnated just for this event. News flash, there are other Spiritually and Technologically Advanced off Worlders, Ancient Ancestors returning, and a host of Masters, Saints and Sages participating in this event. It is multidimensional. We are returning to Universal Law, the law of the ancestors. A Republic, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights best exemplifies Universal Law. This is why the tyrants want to do away with them replacing them with socialism, eventually communism. Know your history socialism and communism are the choice of the tyrants and always end in a loss of freedom and genocide. The true republic where the power rests in the people, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights stands in the way of global domination. There are those fighting arduously to Restore the Republic, bring back the original Constitution and Bill of Rights thus insuring Freedom and those trying to destroy the Republic, take away our constitutional rights enslave and depopulate the planet on a grand scale. Of course it is never them when it comes to the depopulation program it is usually carried out on a race or culture of their dislike. What it all breaks down to is Good and Evil.

It does not matter what color you are, what religion, what political party. Tyranny has but one goal and that is to enslave and diminish, divide and conquer, keep you sick, poor, and stupid which is where the social engineering comes in. Serfdom. The power and wealth in the hands of a few. If you cannot see this plan unfolding God help you. Actually, God can’t even help because of free will, the divine right to stupidity which many are exorcising to the max. This is all unfolding in plain sight.

Universal Law in the simplest form is Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. How many of you leaders are operating from Universal Law? How many are in service to others? The vast majority would fail falling into the self-service category. We need to ask ourselves are we applying Universal Law in our daily lives? Where do the bio weapons fit into Universal Law? How about forcing what they call vaccines on the unwilling and uneducated which in truth are operating systems that change your DNA? How does forcing you to wear not one but two masks? Masks that create bacterial pneumonia the main cause of death during the Spanish Flu. Now the reduction of oxygen is creating an unsafe working environment in some cases brain damage and organ failure according to neuroscientists. How do the lockdowns, closures of businesses, forced mandates align with your constitutional rights? Why are mostly draconian democrats enforcing these unlawful dictates with a heavy hand? Why do some states say the mandates, which are not laws, the lockdowns, social distancing, the forcing of masks are unconstitutional and do more harm than good? Why does their science go against the science of those standing to make billions and those lockstep with the globalists and the CCP?

Here is the big question why are you being forced to take a vaccine, that is not even a vaccine, it is a RNA modifier and operating system, no one has an isolate to make a vaccine, major labs and universities cannot find it only the usual influenza A/B, not even the CDC has an isolate? Did you know most of the test animals died soon after the jab others died later because their immune system went into hyperdrive?

Your risking all this for what turned out to be nothing more than a bad cold with an average 99.98% survival rate. It is less dangerous than any other flu which seemed to disappear along with a myriad of other causes of death. Where is the logic? What is the real agenda and who is carrying it out is the big question that no one is asking especially the main stream media that fueled the hype and fear with extreme prejudice, false science and statistics? How does all this fit into the take down America plan, keep them sick, poor and stupid? When you figure this out just follow the money. Who financed the Cov research, who financed the Wuhan Lab? Who had the patents on Cov19, the vaccines, the test kits years in advance? Who is standing to make billions, are they eugenicists, tied to the globalists, China and the CCP? Are the WHO and the CDC also funded by the same people, the globalist, CCP and other eugenicists?

Again, if you are going along with or participating in this deadly charade, being a willing participant in your own eventual enslavement, forced into abject poverty, allowing yourself to be a guinea pig with severe often deadly consequences shaming those who are awake trying to educate and save you God help you. You may make a lot of money but the price of karma is far beyond any short-term gain. Let’s not forget the Nuremberg trials. Ignorance was not a defense. Remember those who perpetuated and participated in this atrocity, Treason does not fare well in any court and there are and will be trials. Doctors remember your oaths. All ill-gotten gain is not sustainable. The backlash is inevitable. The mansions, luxury cars, yachts, will all be for naught.

James Gilliland