Love is our new reality

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Jesus Through John: Love is Stirring in the Hearts of All, December 22, 2023

Jesus Through John: Love is Stirring in the Hearts of All

by John Smallman


As many of you prepare to celebrate the two thousand and twenty third anniversary of my birth, I want to thank you all for the enormous amplification you are each adding to the Tsunami of Love that is flooding the Earth by daily resetting your intent to be only loving whatever arises in your daily human lives.

You have no idea of the power of your intentions as you so positively encourage the flood tide of Love to embrace all of humanity without any exceptions.

Love is stirring in the hearts of all, even those who appear to be most deeply incapable of experiencing or expressing It. Truly, you are all, each and every one of you, abundant receptacles of Love which you keep on sharing and extending freely and continuously.

You are bringing humanity’s collective awakening, humanity’s collective remembrance of its true nature to fruition. Without you it would not happen. But of course your heavenly Father knew that He could rely on you because you are such stalwart, loving, and dependable expressions of Himself, as you constantly intend to align your wills with His. Your success is therefore divinely assured.

As you well know, I spent forty days in the desert in a prolonged meditation to find my purpose, and to awaken and know the Love that I am because I am the son of God. Then I spent the rest of my life, a few short years, extending and sharing that Love freely among all those with whom I interacted.

That was my purpose, namely to live a life of Love and thus demonstrate how to offer Love to all without exception.

You may remember that shortly before my death I told my disciples to love one another as I loved them, and now each one of you has chosen to be on Earth at this moment to do likewise, and you are doing so most beautifully.

You can have no idea how pleased our heavenly Father is with you all, as you live in form through these difficult but unreal times prior to the awakening, and as you share and extend Love freely and generously, just as I did, and as He would want you to.

Please let go of any remaining doubts you my have about your worthiness to engage in and successfully complete the personal tasks you each chose to undertake before you incarnated, they are utterly invalid. Accept that you are each undergoing a state of amnesia that is a necessary aspect of the human lives you are leading.

It is not a fault or disability, it is a major aspect of your awakening process.

As you continue to move forwards so lovingly – along with taking time out daily to enter and relax within your holy inner sanctuaries – invite Mother/Father/God to fill your hearts with awareness of Her Presence and Her Love for you, and accept and allow yourselves to feel that Presence, because you are completely worthy of enjoying and being uplifted by that experience.

As you do you will begin to find your memories of who you truly are returning, and any feelings of doubt, unworthiness, or sinfulness will dissolve, being replaced by totally valid feelings of self-acceptance and unconditional love of yourselves.

Remember that giving and receiving are one and the same, as you give so you receive, and as you receive so do you give, and the knowing of the oneness of that will embrace you, and you will most positively come to know, without any possibility of doubt, that you and your Father are indeed eternally One, in the most beautiful state of divine Union.

Knowing this is what your awakening is giving rise to.

Love is the infinitely vast field, area, space – there is NO word in any language that can in any way define It – in which God and all of Her divine creations are eternally vibrantly alive and present.

As you know – GOD IS! Anything that is not God does not exist. Whatever you may experience as life in your human forms, in however a wonderful or horrific manner it presents itself to you, is unreal. You constructed an unreal and illusory environment in which to experience the impossible, separation from your holy and divine Source.

But, because God, at the moment of your creation, empowered you with All that She IS, you were able to use that immense power to establish an environment that is totally unreal, and yet it is an environment that nevertheless has utterly convinced you that it is real. So seemingly real that many of your intellectually most brilliant human scientists have succeeded in convincing themselves, and much of humanity, that materialism is the only reality.

And from their point of view it does appear limitless and infinitely vast, with life but an aberrant and extremely short-lived event that terminates quite naturally with the death or failure of the human or non human forms in which it appears to exist.

They believe that life is unreal, unusual, and unfree, and that therefore that it should be used while it lasts in any manner that appeals to a person’s fear-driven ego consciousness. Insanity run rampant! No wonder you experience disagreements, war, sickness, injury, and death.

However, many of those brilliant ones are now digging deeper into the physics of the material universe, and discovering that it is vastly more complex than they had thought was possible. They are, often rather unwillingly, coming to the realization that there absolutely has to be a source, a higher power that is guiding and directing it, that it is utterly impossible for it to be a random and meaningless contingency or event that arose, that ‘just happened to happen.’ And some are even choosing, with reluctance, to call ‘it’ God.

Therefore take heart in the knowing that you are and have been experiencing an illusory state of unreality, and that your awakening is absolutely inevitable. You are divine beings who have fallen very temporarily asleep, and Mother/Father/God is gently nudging you awake so that you once more enjoy the absolute fullness of Life at One in endless Union with Her.

As you wait hopefully and expectantly for the grand awakening event to fill you all with intense joy, please celebrate my approaching birthday with enormous Love and goodwill for all of humanity, knowing as you do that All are indeed One, and know that God’s divine plan for humanity is precisely on schedule, because all of you are perfectly fulfilling your pre-incarnational intentions to greatly assist humanity to awaken.

Your LOVE is bringing about wonders way beyond your ability to conceive of.

Trust in Mother/Father/God, and let the Love that you are flow fast, freely, and abundantly as It continues to envelop and embrace everyone without exceptions, and is bringing your awakening to a most magnificent state of radiant fruition.

Your loving brother, Jesus.