Love is our new reality

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Jesus via John Smallman, January 15th, 2023

Jesus Through John: Respect and Honor Yourselves, and Respect and Honor Others

January 15, 2023

by John Smallman

Humanity’s collective awakening process is proceeding apace! Do not allow yourselves to be unduly distracted by world events, although they seem very real, very troubling, and as though they are leading to further pain, suffering, and conflict for all of humanity. Instead, be fully aware – and this why you are presently incarnate – that what you are seeing in the world around you IS unreal!

Humanity IS awakening, there is no going back because you have collectively chosen to open fully to your true nature – LOVE! This has always been your intention, and God’s Will for you.

Finally, after what seems like eons – and in time it has been!– but which has been but a moment, you have affirmatively answered God’s invitation, delivered to you at the instant of your choice to experience separation, to return to Love, to Oneness, and to joy.

As these last few fractions of a moment of your separation experiment unfold, there will be a lot of ‘noise’ in all of your media, and a lot of disharmony where conflict is occurring. But truly this is the end of the end of your choice to experience separation from Mother/Father/God. Your fully conscious collective choice to awaken is coming to fruition – NOW!

You cannot possibly conceive of the wonder and amazement with which you are going to participate fully and freely in this most momentous and rapturous event that has been planned for you since the moment in which you chose to “get lost.”

You are about to be found, welcomed Home, and most gloriously enveloped in God’s divine Embrace, a state of inconceivable closeness from which you have never for even a moment departed, even though, at present, it seems to the vast majority of humans that you have never experienced such a state of intense and magnificent belonging!

In fact to most people, while they are experiencing life in form, it seems that such a state of complete and unconditional loving acceptance could never exist, and yet, it is the only state that has ever existed, and it is, of course, your eternal state of being.

Love is your nature, and to be is your purpose. In being your creative energies can and will flow most beautifully if you permit them to do so. However, nearly every human culture imposes beliefs and standards – familial, religious, national, political, behavioral, academic, scientific, etc. – on its young which very frequently discourages vast numbers of them from allowing their creativity and curiosity to bloom naturally, you could almost say ‘miraculously.’

The result is that they reach adulthood having learnt to conform to the cultural norms of their society, and to obey authority with almost unquestioning obedience. When groups holding a particular belief meet groups with different beliefs conflict frequently arises, as is clearly demonstrated throughout humanity’s history.

Your awakening is the consequence of your choosing to see, understand, and then release all the beliefs that no longer serve you, and very, very few of your unseen but deeply ingrained beliefs do serve you.

To awaken means that you come to full acceptance of your individual selves just as you are, that you respect and honor yourselves and, as a result, you will then quite naturally respect and honor others.

There are very few among you who have not at some time in your human lives met and engaged with someone who lives like this. It could, for example to name a few, be a parent or care-giver, a school teacher, a sports coach, or an arts teacher. And this person will have made an intense impression upon you because they saw you, heard you, listened to you, and then encouraged you to honor your creative talents and your curiosity.

What you experienced in those interactions was the free flow of Love.

As you yourselves let go of deeply ingrained beliefs that you now realize no longer serve you, you will find yourselves increasingly experiencing deep inner peace, and you will also experience your lives as far more gratifying.

Letting go of beliefs is enormously freeing; shoulds will still arise, but you will find that you feel free to respond to them freely without any imposed obligation to discharge them.

To be free is to do what you want or desire to do as opposed to having to do something that you have been inculcated or commanded to do.

It is a reclaiming of your sovereignty, of your divine right to be the independent one that God created you to be, while remaining at all times One with Him.

When you choose to live as the free sovereign being that you were created as, you will naturally be loving whatever arises, and will come to a full and complete understanding that everything you experience as a human in form is as a result of your own intentions.

Nothing that occurs in your life is imposed upon you – although, until your awareness develops more fully, that may well not appear to be the case – therefore, you are not a victim of circumstances beyond your control.

You are following the life path that you so wisely planned, with divine guidance, before you incarnated, and what arise are events that offer you wonderful opportunities to know yourselves more fully. There are no accidents!

Therefore, as awakening draws very close, do not allow yourselves to be too distracted by the drama which the various media platforms are constantly drawing to your attention.

Stand back from that beguilement, be in the world but not of it.

Your daily quiet times alone are becoming increasingly important because they strengthen your faith in the divine plan in which you are each essential, irreplaceable, and very powerful active participants.

You are all on Earth now to actively fulfill roles that are perfectly suited to your differentiated skills and abilities, which come to the fore when you allow yourselves to be just as Mother/Father/God created you.

Truly, you are all perfect creations of God, because all that She creates can only be perfect.

She knows each of you personally, delights in that knowing, and Her Will is for you to fully understand how much you delight Her.

And to delight her, all that you need to do is just be!

Your loving brother, Jesus.