Love is our new reality

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Jesus via John Smallman, January 29th, 2023

Beyond God there is Nothing | Jesus via John Smallman


Beyond God there is nothing because God is the infinite ALL.

January 29, 2023

Here in the non-physical realms we are overawed by humanity’s amazing and extremely rapid progress as you move from being deeply asleep and dreaming back into your natural, normal, and beautiful state of fully conscious awareness that you are eternally, and in every moment, One with God. You are coming to the realization that there is no place, space, or state of being, other than of Oneness with God. And to come to that realization is wondrous and amazing, because you have for so long believed that, as humans, you are each an individual, completely physically separated even from those with whom you have the most intimate of relationships possible. As humans it appears that you are born alone and that you die alone. But in truth you are never alone because separation from God is utterly and completely impossible.

Being human is NOT a state of individuality separated from God, it is a state of having forgotten that you are eternally One with God. All life, all consciousness is permanently and eternally in the Presence of God in utter joy, because the Love that is Mother/Father/God/Life, is Consciousness, is complete and constant awareness of who you are as One with God. All that exists, all that has sentient life is eternally alive in the infinite energy field that is God. Beyond God there is nothing because God is the infinite ALL; there is and can never be a beyond what is infinite and has no boundaries.

As a physical being in form, there is an infinite field of Wisdom, of Love, of which you are unaware, and to which you do not have access. The power or intensity of this energy field, which is the life force, would instantly dissolve or dissipate your physical forms were it to enter into them completely, and so you only receive the very small emanations that your bodies need to be and stay enlivened. However, when and if, while in your human form, you actually experience this very gentle and loving Presence consciously within you during meditation, or during an out of body event, It seems vast, and all awareness of your human state of being effectively disappears as you momentarily become aware of being just One; and then your conscious awareness returns to your body. But the memory remains, it is the memory of experiencing the feeling of being enormously accepted and loved as never before. To have such an exposure to Love is a life changing event that you will never forget.

Not everyone has had or will have such an experience, it is not something that you can consciously seek out and experience. It is an event that is part of the life paths of some people, and which can uplift and inspire others if they choose to talk about it. It does not in any way at all indicate that those who have such experiences are better than or more spiritually evolved than others who do not. To even think of comparing yourself to others, let alone to someone who has or has not had such an event unfold in their lives, is totally meaningless, because you are all, without even one exception, the infinitely beloved children of God through whom God is continually expressing Herself. There is NO separation, all are eternally One with and in the Presence of God, always.

Your eternal existence, including any life in form that you may choose to experience, occurs constantly in the divine Presence, the field of Consciousness that is All. There is never even an instant when Mother/Father/God is unaware of you, and your temporary unawareness of Her is just an aspect of living your life in form. To repeat: All Is One. You are lovingly cherished, seen, and unconditionally accepted in every moment of your eternal existence, and the joyful conscious awareness of the proof of this Truth will delight and amaze you way beyond your ability to conceive of now, when you inevitably awaken, as you are now in the process of doing.

All that you need to do in your daily human lives is to set the intent to continuously reset the intent to be only loving whatever may arise in your daily lives, because God is taking care of everything else. Even if you do not do this, you are still being eternally cared for, cherished, and loved, because once God creates, what She creates remains eternally consciously aware of its Oneness with Her, even though this awareness is mostly veiled or hidden from you while you are living as humans in form.

Life in form is temporary. All who are ever incarnate are incarnate by their own choice to experience the lessons that they have, with divine guidance, chosen to learn. Every thought, word, action, or event that a human experiences is pre-planned to arrive at the precise moment in their lives when it will be totally appropriate. However, as you live your human lives it very frequently appears to you that events and situations you experience have occurred completely by chance. This is never the case. You chose to incarnate, you then planned a life path, and then, while you are incarnate, your life path unfolds precisely as planned. There are no accidents, events or issues that arise are purely to draw your attention to the lessons being presented to you. If you fail to notice them, they will be presented again and again until you do notice and respond to them.

You will notice and learn the lessons that you planned for yourselves before incarnating, because that was the intent when you planned your human lives, and no one can fail to do this because your intention is always achieved. In truth it is utterly impossible for divinely created beings to fail. Failure is an absurd concept that can only be imagined by one who is unconscious of or unaware of their divine nature, but it is a state in which many humans do experience their lives in form.

Daily, and even more frequent visits to your holy inner sanctuaries, where you rest quietly and peacefully as you allow any roof-brain chatter to subside, are essential moments on your pre-planned life paths, where you make space available for yourselves to become aware for a while of your unbreakable and uninterruptible divine connection, your Oneness with God. When you do take this time out from your daily human activities, you can feel yourselves releasing judgment of yourselves and of others, and you will then also feel the knowing that you are indeed in the Presence of God, and that you are unconditionally loved and accepted by Her. So go within whenever you have a free moment, and enjoy knowing and being aware of your eternal divine nature at One with Her, and thus be most lovingly uplifted and inspired.

Your loving brother, Jesus.