Love is our new reality

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Jesus via John Smallman, September 1st, 2023

Every Sentient Being is an Expression of God | Jesus via John Smallman

Every sentient being is an expression of God.

September 1, 2023

Love is Life. You are Love and therefore you are Alive. Life, just like Love, is eternal. Every sentient being is an expression of God as She individuates Herself in joy through that being who then joyfully experiences beingness – Life/Love – a very powerful and conscious awareness of being, a knowing that she is. Love is the power, the energy that expresses Itself and is known by each individuated or differentiated expression of the One as she relates with Herself through that individual being, a being who is also always in union with Her. There is no separation, separation is impossible because there is only the One. Every conscious sentient being is eternally alive within and as the One. Every being was created in Love through Love as an expression of Itself, and is utterly and eternally free. Some used that freedom to construct an unreal environment in which to experience the sense or feeling of separation, and that unreal environment is shortly to dissolve back into the nothingness from which it arose.

The unreal but seemingly extremely real experience of separation has caused humanity immense pain and suffering over the eons, even though in Reality it has been only ongoing for a micro-moment. Time as you experience it as humans is a major but unreal aspect of the dream state constructed in order to experience separation. In truth there is only NOW! Most of you, if you choose to be aware of it, feel the same in this moment as you did five, ten, even thirty years ago, you have the same feeling of being yourself even though much time has passed and you have experienced many events during those intervening years. Yes, you are well aware that your body has aged, and you are very aware of changes that have occurred in relatives and friends, but unless you see a reflection of yourself in a mirror showing you how your body has aged, you still feel yourself to be the same being that you were yesterday or years ago. And of course you are! Time is an illusion that frequently – even continuously – distracts you from just being.

By setting the intent to just be, and by allowing yourself to be mindfully aware of your beingness, you will find within yourself an intense sense of peace developing and enveloping you – the Love that each one of you is eternally. It is there for you always, and you can access it by letting go of time and all the demands that time makes upon you. But of course time does not demand, you just choose to engage with it and, as humans who do need to work and earn a living, it often appears totally impossible not to engage with it – and it does appear to demand your attention!

In today’s world it seems impossible to escape the need to pay a lot of attention to time and its seeming demands upon you. You have a schedule – a meeting to attend, a train or a plane to catch, to collect the children, to visit elderly parents – and it often seems to require more time than you have available. To find time just for yourself to be quietly alone is extremely difficult, and even when you do manage to find that moment your mind is racing as you worry about the next item on your busy schedule, so that even attempting to be quietly alone only aggravates your sense of urgency, and your ego will maybe insist that you are just wasting much needed time.

Therefore, remind yourself regularly that time is unreal, and that you cannot waste it. You can use it or avail yourself of it to get things done, but the only Reality is you yourself, if you are not present nor is Reality. When your body is asleep your awareness of Reality is turned off as well. So honor yourself as the divine being that you are, as God expressing Himself through you in joy. Acknowledge your Oneness with Him, and let go of any and all feelings of unworthiness, not good enough, or sinfulness, because they are utterly and completely invalid. What God creates is eternally and everlastingly perfect, what you experience as counter to that is just your unreal and frightened ego trying to deal with the state of separation that is its constant experience.

When you go within and allow and invite God to merge with you, deep in your heart, and then also allow the unreal – Time! – to fall away you will feel the peace of Reality, even if only momentarily – NOW! A daily visit to your quiet and holy inner sanctuary at the depth of your being is essential if you really desire to know yourself as you truly are, a most beautiful expression of God in form. It is God’s Will for you to know yourself as One with Her, and because it is Her Will it is also yours. All you have to do is to allow yourself access to this eternal knowing of yourself as you truly are, the beloved child of God, by spending time quietly alone regularly, allowing yourself to actually hear the quiet voice within you. It’s always there, patiently waiting for you to listen. When you do you may well be amazed at what you hear.

Two thousand years ago I told you that unless you became as little children you could not enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and that remains true today and for as long as you remain as a human in form. Little children, when they are not unduly restrained or restricted, enjoy each moment as it unfolds because they are delighting in just being alive. When you make a point of just delighting in being alive you are effectively becoming as a little child – beautiful, innocent, happy – and by doing so you are entering the Kingdom, or more truly, becoming aware that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. There is nowhere else that It can be. You and the Kingdom are One.

So, on a final note, let me remind you, that whatever may be going in your life as a human, you are in every moment infinitely loved by your heavenly Father. He knows you, He knows the perfect unique being that you are because He created you that way for all eternity. You are, each and every sentient being, the ever-beloved child of God, and that can never change. Trust in God, She created you so that She could love you and be in a permanent and unbreakable relationship with you for all eternity.

Your loving brother, Jesus.