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Joan of Arc via Erena Velazquez, May 8th, 2021

I am Joan of Arc and I am coming today through this channel as Father, God wants me to speak to humanity.
Many years has passed since my departure from this plane of existence. I am here to uplift and motivate you in your fight against the Darkness. I was still a little girl, when Father, God came to me and asked me to lead my country France to freedom from the Hundred Year’s of War.
Archangel Michael, Saint Margaret and others showed me exactly what was the truth and what was the Light. I was blessed to help my country in the fight for liberation against the English domination.
King Charles VII immediately accepted my role and understood that me leading the French army was the right thing to do in order to get back the freedom, which was lost during this long and brutal war. I was seventeen, when I met Charles VII, I was lead by Father, God, Prime Creator to be the Light during those dark times, where inquisition still existed.
My involvement in the war gave hope and strength to the soldiers, who were fighting for their independence, as I was the direct source coming from Light Beings that wanted to help and end the war that forced many human beings to leave their physical bodies.
You know from the history that I was captured by the French nobles, who were allies with the English, and burned me to death in 1431. I was only 19 years old, when I was fighting for the sovereignty of my beloved country France. It was a very barbaric death especially for a young woman, who did not even started to live her life.
The times were very dark and suppressed. The church got away with inquisition and didn’t care about the human rights or life at all, only to have more power. I left only my human body, I am still alive and doing well in a different form.
Father, wants me to remind to all of you, that one person can change the world, if they fight for the truth and believe in the cause. You need to realize how much power is within you, and nobody can’t take that away from you, no matter how hopeless things may look to you now, everything can change in a blink of a second.
If all of you now unite together as one, you are going to remove very quickly this long overdue control and manipulation on this planet by the Negative Ones. Please, don’t wait too long, right now is the perfect time for the Light to force out the Darkness from here. The energies, time and Divine are in a perfect alignment for you to be victorious and establish a New Era on Earth.
All of you are Light and very powerful beings, who can accomplish anything they desire. The ones, who have been in charge are not guided or supported by Father or Ascended Beings to your freedom. The Darkness took away everyone’s right to enjoy their life in abundance, health and happiness.
I am Joan of Arc sending my Light, Love and support in your journey to a new life. Nothing and no one can stop the truth from seeing the Light. The whole system has been corrupt for a long time, now it’s coming to the end as the Divine Balance is going to be restored.
I am Joanna of Arc and I happy to give this message to humanity. Please, remember you are Warriors of Light who never give up, you are the Soul and Heart of Mother Earth.
Merci beaucoup.
Stay Strong and Believe In Your Strength
Joanna of Arc