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Josef, the doctor and researcher, via Inger Noren, March 13, 2021


Josef, the doctor and researcher, via Inger Noren, March 13, 2021


It’s time to talk about the vaccines that everyone longs for so much. This is really strange considering that so many warnings have been issued about the effectiveness of these vaccines. They still contain a lot of toxins that do not benefit any human being. The virus has been further activated in the vaccine and this means that many can start being infected again even if they are not sick themselves and this is a nuisance. There are some doctors who dare to question these vaccines and they should be commended for that.

We have heard that now people prefer to leave Earth with these vaccines instead of getting sick from the disease and we have understood that this time on Earth many prefer to leave life on Earth before shifting to a higher dimension. It was something they had decided before they volunteered for Earth. Those who die from the vaccine have chosen this, but it is still dangerous for many who do not die from this vaccine. They can still be very affected in a way that can be very painful with severe side effects that can occur long after vaccination. It can affect the entire population in a negative way.

Researchers should really think about what they are doing and remember that they have an oath as a doctor and that is of great importance for human safety. Unfortunately, it has become too important for everyone with rewards they receive in money for grants for their research, among other things. We say as we have heard many times. Follow the money and you will see who really has a hold of this terrible thing that happens to the people in the world. It is this power they get from their rewards and then it does not matter what happens to the people.

We on this site are still a little worried about how it will deveop, but we know it will get better soon. The virus disappears and people can start living much as before, but expect that nothing is the same anymore. This change is only for the better for all on Earth. Be careful about yourself and everyone else with the knowledge that everything is going according to plan.

With light and love

Josef with other doctors and researchers

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Comment: Josef died in 2017 after a life of work in medical research. Because of his now living family, his real name is not used.




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